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Well, I know Mothers’ Day has passed, but I felt moved to give you a blessing. It is from Psalm 112. God is interesting in blessing you. And your children. And your grandchildren. Did you know it? So here is your Mothers’ Day Blessing. Just listen.

I have been working now for 12 years to give you a blessing. Are you getting it? All? Kind of like God’s blessing … you have to partner to all of it. It just works that way. I can prove it by Scripture or by logic. Either way.

Getting More to You

I’d like to get more to you. So, I’ve worked out some levels of partnership. Please check these out on the “Join” page. Lioness level for minimum, but gets you connected. The Lioness Pride level gets you something every month that really has the value I believe exceeding the best program I know of, and it takes $64,000 and time and years and commuting, etc. I’ve distilled down lots of summarized help. A mom level protocol on what to do when you kid has a problem. An explanation of which professional does what, so you know which profession to seek out — rather than just get sold on whatever it is they have to sell. Then you could waste years and untold money. Get things solved. Knowledge and wisdom help. That is what I have to give you. Please receive!

Join Your Faith with My Faith

Anyway, please receive the blessing from Scripture — the one with the best claim to authenticity & biggest results. Look, I believe reason & faith go together. Maybe that makes me unique. I hope it helps a lot of people. This ministry is all about getting help for kids who need it. It starts with some faith. The alternative is to not start. It is founded on the revelation that God (Almighty Creator) wants total well-being for all children. The alternative is to resign yourself to whatever brokenness you are facing. I say I believe in miracles and I will take them any way they come. The alternative is to demand whatever method you accept, and do without if it needs to come in some other way. I am not talking about “oh well…. God will send it later” kind of different way. I am talking about cast a demon out when a demon needs to be cast out, eat better when better nutrition is needed, and teach differently when that is needed. Whatever it takes… but see that child whole, healthy, happy — and doing well in school and in life.

Partner with me in faith to get to your child in total well-being.

The Great Rescue

Did you notice that God made a great rescue for us this Passover season? Please notice this and consider it during the time between Passover and Pentecost. It is one thing to be rescued. Another thing to take and keep the land. Don’t let your rescue go to waste.

The rest of “Call to Arms” is available in the store on the website, tab at the top labeled “store.”

The Truth Will Out! How GSB Brings You the Truth for Your Family’s Health, Prosperity, Happiness, and Holiness

It is astonishing to see, in this year, how pervasive and mordant and well received utter lies are. In the realm of food and education it is the same. The Great Shalom is here to bring you the best, in Biblical Faith, mother level health and education practices, and peeks into real science.

Science, unlike the Word of God, does change. Good science is modest in acknowledging that it can deal only with the empirical and temporal. It is further humble in that it knows it must be replicated, as it is a probablistic venture. Further, it expects to be build upon. What counts as our best science today is that which is in a peer reviewed scientific journal.

The next couple of we are going to take a dive into research on MSG. You will be surprised. This knowledge will help your children who have ADD, ADHD, or learning problems of many kinds. It will also help older people who are afraid of losing their cognitive powers and memory. Come back the next two weeks for that.

Today, we talk about how I got into this and my perspective about how science and revelation work together. We also talk about the role and work of The Great Shalom Broadcast.

Please be part of it all!