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What is True? Math. Responsibility!

I have been very restrained for the ministry’s sake, but you know I have been warning against the v”accinashuns.” Since we had Dr. Wakefield on back in January 2009, I figured more conversation on “vacciNasions” would be tolerated. I knew people were so afraid they couldn’t think. When people are that afraid and feel under attack, often they attack. Others, knowing what was going on were simply happy to have some reprieve; they were coming for help for their child’s problem, after all, not more info on the … current news. After a conversation with a friend, I just had to speak and GIVE YOU A SUMMARY AND BE JUST A LITTLE MORE CLEAR. Some people still have no idea! This week, much is coming out. What some of us have known all along, is being more widely shared. The conventional news media and even FB, the worst of social media has had to admit that there is a bug crack in their previous “story.”

So, this episode is what I would say to my sweet but clueless friend. I give you just the top highlight, the simplest math, and the most obviously encouragement about what being a responsible mother/citizen would mean. Our previous episode on how to tell what is true is here. We are also offering a FREE document of 20 questions you can ask to ensure you are not snookered in any circumstance. (This comes out of my long study of logic, many years of managing controversial conversations in a college classroom, fearless devotion to studying theological doctrines from every angle, and handling business as a single woman.) Just email me and I will send you the document. It is just about 3 pages long so you can fold it up and put it in your purse. Then pull it out, when you need it. Or memorize it. Never be fooled again. Complete with at least one Scripture verse for each of the 20 questions. )

Then, also, I have just put together 2 long audio episodes to help you, especially if you are bewildered. One is a summation of what happened and when in the “pandemic.” The other track is a compilation of how to ensure your family’s health and safety. The problem isn’t over. It will never go away. Similar problems may continue to show up. The greatest danger is NOW — not a year ago. Inform yourself, arm yourself with knowledge, and have a tool kit, or a box of herbs and supplements at the ready. I point you to an array of resources, some traditional and others replete with citations to peer reviewed journals. Let me be your Mensa girlfriend, your wise old relative, the momma gorilla who helps the rest of the band have good babies!


As I think I mentioned, I am seeing that now people are willing to listen, as more facts are being exposed, and more lies are shown for what they were.

Here is what others are saying.

Flashpoint, a news analysis from ministers on govictory.org gives a summary:


Elijah steams interviews Johnny Enlow. This is very deep stuff. Enlow has a great batting average, helping heads of state, opposing spiritual tyrants, and getting it right. I respect him.



OSHA had reservations but was bullied out of them Update: Gov Abbott of Texas bans vaccine passports. Let me give you the Gov’s site. We have learned not to trus conventional media, have we not? https://gov.texas.gov/news/post/governor-abbott-issues-executive-order-prohibiting-government-mandated-vaccine-passports
We Have no Choice (in sending our child to a college and thus getting a *) WHAT?!

Doctors Sue Against Giving Children the Jab
Covid V*x Implicated in Heart Problems for Youth
Homeschooling is Tripling
Requiring an Untested, inlicensed Vax is Illegal in the US
Reair of One of Our Most Important Moments: Dr. Wakefield Please hear this, from 2009. Hear how reasonable he is. Compare this to the atrocious words about him. He was exonerated. His science was impeccable. But he withdrew in dismay. Why would someone be so vicious against him. Was it just their profit? Or did they know that 2020 was coming up?

Wow! I apologize if

I blew it! The last 2 episodes were posted on the website — but maybe not sent out as podcast episodes. Eeeek! Here they are:
1. Zero Percent Chance of Living This is the story of when we got a miracle for my grandson who was smashed in a car accident.
2. Overcoming Learning Problems thru Innovative Methods This is the story of how I helped another grandson with his learning problems.

Doctor Sue Against Giving Children the Jab

Doctors are suing the FDA for injecting children. It is illegal, for sure, to experiment on children, with no reasonable benefit.
Called reckless. Compared to Tuskegee or Nuremburg.
Here’s the lawyer.
https://home.frankspeech.com/tv/video/frontline-doctors-file-motion-stop-fda-approved-covid-vaccines-minorsIntervew of Lawyer for Doctors Suing FDA
Informed consent is a legal requirement. Clearly, most of the population are not informed about what is in this injection.


Pay attention to the questions. These are reasonable questions. Then pay attention to what the lawyer says. He must be careful not to be sued for slander, so he mentions only things he can prove. Pay attention.

If that wasn’t enough, check out what Dr. Mikivotz has to say. https://home.frankspeech.com/tv/video/vaccine-remorse-got-shot-judy-mikovits-what-do-about-it-ledger-report-1129
Not just heart problems, not just reproductive problems, not just brain injuries.
She says what to do if you have had the jab. Important. Clearly could save your life. Your children. Let’s pray for grandchildren!

If you ask questions about the injection, inarguably dangerous, Facebook will target you. We know that they collude with Twitter and Google. WHY?
Check out the comments below from a mother.

Related news.
https://rumble.com/vhlbsp-james-okeefe-reveals-bombshell-docs-showing-facebook-demoting-users-based-o.html>Fakebook Targets “the vaccine hesitant”
https://rumble.com/vhm8jh-tony-robbins-exposes-media-manipulation.htmlTony Robbins on media manipulation

History and Questions about V*xZns — you know… that v word we can’t talk about!

I just raise questions. I review common knowledge history and current events, and do some actual logical thinking, and come up with some things to ask about. Maybe you should consider these things, research these things, and come to your conclusions. I don’t presume to be an epidemiologist, a medical doctor, or a lawyer. I am a minister of the gospel. What I do know is that Jesus said, “Take heed! Let no one deceive you!” I do know that deception runs rampant today. I care about you and your children. Witness this work. Please take heed.


The idea of vaccines have been with us for a while. Luis Pasteur is credited with inventing vaccines, which is not entirely true, as they were in use before his promotion of them. However, there is reason to think that on his deathbed he did agree with his friend and challenger who said that gardens are better if made healthier rather than merely poisoned. In other words, making the human system more healthy in order to strengthen its own capabilities would be better than artificially creating an agent to kill one germ.

After decades of trying, we have not been able to create an HIV/AIDS vaccine. While we have many flu vaccines, they are not entirely effective. We have to guess which one/s to use. For some people they are a nuisance; for others a boon, even with the small risk of death. The stats, or the probability of death, however, from the new covid-19 vaccine is much higher than that of the flu vaccine. The stats on the contagion and death from the covid-19 vaccine are inflated and certainly nothing near the perception given by the sensationalistic media. Fortunately, few have died from covid. Most of those were older or had other serious problems. Viruses are part of the brokenness of the world; they are hard to stop; they mutate toward weaker.

And who would have created such a thing in the first place?


Doctors are weighing in on the subject, but you might not know it, due to current pervasive media and social media policy of permitting only the official view — no matter how unscientific or unAmerican that view or that policy might be.

https://kellyvictorymd.blogspot.com/ Dr. Kelly Victory has been actively questioning the covid response, and has good credentials for doing so.

Dr. Don Colbert is very popular in faith circles, and loved by GSB. He has said some things previously about flu vaccines. We are not aware of his having weighed in on covid-19 specifically.

Oh! Where did all my links go. Ohhh. Things are getting really really spoooky.
Here is how and where to report if you or your child has been injured by a vavccine: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/injured-by-a-vaccine-heres-how-to-report-it?utm_source=LifeSiteNews.com&utm_campaign=87a46d9826-Freedom_1_28_21&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_12387f0e3e-87a46d9826-409856862 I have no experience with this myself; looks good, but use your own judgement.


There is a strong push to discredit anyone who asks questions or who had an actual scientific criticism. Anyone who distrusts “medicine” or “the media” is crazy. Right. You judge that. But here is a study about the breakdown. If you actually read it and sort out the facts you will find that both Republicans and Democrats have serious reservations and those who are more educated are more concerned — and have been. https://harvardpolitics.com/the-new-anti-vax/ So, please conclude then, that anyone who smears those with serious fact base questions as mere crackpots are themselves engaging in very dangerous bullying if not life-threatening tyranny of Biblical proportions.

NEWS AS IT BECOMES AVAILABLE – level of “comments”

Consortium of doctors suggest pushing the covid vaccination in most cases is unethical.

Life site will host an upcoming conference.(This ministry has no connection with Life Site. This is passed on as news or related conversation.)

Healthcare workers avoiding the vaccine. This is reported by many conventional news sources. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/covid-vaccine-health-care-worker-reluctance/

Politicians on both sides are delaying getting vaccine — but the story on Fox is that they are deferring to others. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/lawmakers-refusing-covid-19-vaccine-health-care-workers-seniors-get-it-first
However, it is also reported that they are making the greatest effort to ensure that “blacks” and “browns” get the vaccine. This link is to a program that covers news in a way they think is amusing. Played over many times is a clip of President Biden’s comments on efforts to reach lower income segments and then a cartoon that appears to be an effort to do that. https://www.revivaltoday.tv/check-the-news/season:2/videos/rush-limbaugh-tribut-2021-02-17-23-00-03-4628kbps See what you think.

Apparently, military personnel are avoiding the vaccine. https://www.oann.com/report-military-members-resisting-getting-covid-vaccination/ seems to be front page 2/18/2021

Most importantly, reliable news organizations outside of the country question the usefulness of the vaccine, given the variations around the world https://www.jpost.com/health-science/pfizer-south-african-variant-could-significantly-reduce-vaccine-protection-659362

Covid-19 Facts

We have heard far far too much on this subject, but most people are still listening to false sources, and anything new they write off as “opinion” or as “conspiracy theory.” This shows the serious lack in general education if nothing more.

Here are some rather indisuputable facts. As insufficient or corrupt as the data may be, still, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) is the go-to source of data. Here is what they say:
https://www.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#cases To date of publication: 157K deaths in the US attributed to Covid-19 (altho indisputably somewhat inflated. Hospitals and states were getting paid more for covid deaths, so many were attributed — included George Floyd, for example. )

For comparison sake, here is some history:

1918 Flu 675K deaths in US
1957 H2N2 116K
1968 Avian flu maybe 100K
2009 H1N1 12,469

Predicted was 20 million. But at no time have we had an overwhelmed medical plant. All the 20 auxiliary hospitals, set up each at the cost of over $10 Million, none of them had covid-19 patients. New York and New Jersey had a high death rate because patients were forced to go to nursing homes!

BTW, reports here in Texas are the “cases” are inflated at least by 20 times, if not more. Further, I heard a news report that in response to federal attempt to clean up data reporting, 20 states are partnering with…. the Rockefeller Foundation to given statistics.

When you look at or hear statistics, do not pay attention to “identified cases” because 1) at best this number would be based on testing and 2) we have abundant evidence of grossly cooked stats. Instead, look at the RATE of death per population. You would expect a larger country or a larger state to have more raw cases, but the point is what is the rate of death (deaths/population)? It is an open scandal that “news” organizations CONTINUE to obviously try to trick you with such “numbers.”

Today, nearly everyone who dies is over 85 and/or has underlying conditions like diabetes or heart disease. We have numerous options for treatment, unlike the days of Spain and Italy. (And ask why “authorities” deny treatment options that have been known to be save for decades and that are recommended since early on by other countries, and by many American doctors (who are often censored off social media).

To here, all facts. Now, for some reasoning.

I understood the precautions when it looked like Italy and Spain were overwhelmed, but given Farr’s Law that viruses always mutate weaker, I kinda wonder about the obvious political use both here and in other countries. Political use like rather obvious attempt to steal an election, given no real risk of going to the polls in November, and like people starving to death in other countries — starving to death — so that elections and church services can’t be held (some African countries). But not all nations are going along with this. Neither Sweden nor Ghana. But you won’t hear that reported. (Sweden did show up in a news report on PBS pushing chipping for other purposes. Ghana’s President did show up on Youtube on NigeriaTV.) Get news and information beyond the usual sources that are verifiably lying to you. Don’t make decisions based on panic. Time to start thinking.

For this, we shut down our economy. For this, we isolated people, in some cases causing suicides. For this, we attempted to close down churches and ministries. For this, we are rushing an unsafe vaccine. How well does the flu vaccine work? How quickly have we gotten a vaccine for HIV-Aids? How reasonable is it to put hope in a vaccine that will kill people or disable them for life — for something that doesn’t very often kill people?