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CDC Adds Covid “Vaxx” To Recommended List


Given that we have known that children almost never get covid since before the jabs were out,

Given that we know that the jabs never were safety tested,

Given that we know since Spring of 2021 that many are falling over dead, that cancer, deadly blot clots, strokes, and myocarditis have risen exponetiaLly because of the jabs,

Given that many women are now disabled because of reproductive issues, many children have been aborted, and men are affected also, in short that the toxic affect of the jabs go disproportionately to the gonads,

WHY would anyone do this?



We recommend Texans for Vaccine Choice as a moderate but effective method to talk to legislative representatives to get this to stop immediately.

Because so many of our community has had serious problems related to health and learning because of actual vaccines that were at least partially safety tests, it seems appropriate that GSB would particularly take on this global health crisis/genocide. Please be a responsible citizen.


Bill Gates’ Global Agenda and How We Can Resist His War on Life

Robert Malone MD, inventor of the MnRNA gene therapy

Dr. Peter McCullough, interviewed by Alex Newman , long time advocate for children and freedom

May 7, 2021 … Dr. Peter McCullough, in a 32-minute interview with journalist Alex Newman, said if this were any other vaccine it would have been pulled …

Dr. TenPenny “Vaccines are Not Safe or Effective”

Dr. Naomi Wolf

Dr. Naomi Wolf is an American feminist author and journalist who joins Jeremy Stalnecker on this episode of Situation Report to share her perspective on …

Funeral Director: Mass Vaccine Deaths, Child Danger, COVID Camps, Genocide Planned: With Stew Peters, John O’Looney.

Sep 3, 2021 … FULL SHOW! September 3, 2021 “The Stew Peters Show” welcomes:Bobby Piton: Expected “leaks” coming from GOP may be intended to derail the …..

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.   on Stew Peters

R F Kennedy Jr’s book on the Real Anthony Fauci

Andrew Wakefield, undeniably a world-class researcher, gastrointerologist, and now early whistle-blower on vaccines, makes rare comment on covid jab :

May 5, 2020 … The new push by Andrew Wakefield, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and other activists worries vaccination proponents, who are already contending with …

Alex Newman :

Nov 25, 2022 … Alex Newman The collapse of the Covid injection narrative is accelerating and has now burst through the censorship into mainstream …

People are saying, “Why didn’t you tell us!?!” Doctors risked their practices and their lives to do so. There are suits against censorship everywhere. Notice, there is still a great deal of suppression. Pubmed is online and you can look things up. Try “spike protein.”

Yes, there are still “fact-checkers” and there are links to old, but now discredited “scientific” studies that lied. Newer actual science studies, along with just plain observation, should tell you. For instance, a hospital in one town I know of normally had 1 to 2 strokes a week. By May 2021, they were having 5-7 a week. Why? I can tell you that the nurses I know in that town surely wouldn’t take the jab. They knew. Older friends who watched the news would tell me that the hospital was over-run, but driving by, you saw an empty parking lot. If I told them, they would deny I was telling them the truth. They would then change the story and say that was in the larger town. But reports there were the same: empty parking lots. Covid was not as bad as reported. But now, the situation is reversed. Check out SCI’s stock. Three great quarters. Why? SCI is the largest holder of crematoriums and funeral homes in the country.

Remember who gave you info — and how good it was — evaluate and remember.


Okay folks, the problems are bad enough that it is time — well not to worry — but to act. Act now. Given the problems, and given the pervasiveness of the problems, you need to be educating your children at home. Three safety issues are each grave: sexual depredation, gun violence, and cognitive restructuring substituted for learning. After briefly pointing out the problems, I tell you how to go about solving by educating at home. Don’t go off, do things incorrectly or in the wrong order and get into trouble. I give you a short, practical list of what to do, in order. You can. You must.


No matter how many smiley faces in send in lunchboxes, or how many texts you send of “I love you” … if you let your child be sexually groomed for depredation, shot in a situation where it will predictably happen, or manipulated through deceptive language and marxist pedagogy in a way that ensure that he or she will never be able to think for themselves or have the skills to have a successful life… if you do this… she or he  will eventually figure out that you care more about convenience and money than you did about him or her.


James Lindsay’s Marxification of Education  T

to buy book on Amazon :


Introducing The Marxification of Education

James Lindsay: The Marxification of education

Marxification of Education – Dr. James Lindsay


Kevin Kookogey’s  An Apology for Liberty


Sarles Learn at Home for Great Shalom    in paperback or ebook format

Dr. Marlene MacMillan speaks on the Dialectic Process — or how language is used deceptively throughout society to bring bondage

Look for her book, Mountains of Deceit.



Good News is the Fight Against Porn in School

Probably by now you know that there is some controversy because schools — as  a policy — are teaching children what they call “inclusive sex education” at ages there no sex education would be appropriate and what would otherwise be legally defined as pornography. Not surprisingly, those enforcing this are attempting to keep it secret from parents. And then accusing parents who object as being domestic terrorists. And not surprisingly, anyone not directly involved does not about it and when told can not believe it.  Same thing in public libraries.

Dani Johnson, because she was plugged into the marketing industry warned us about this push in the marketplace back in 2009. No one expected this to be in schools. But we know for sure it is now. We have had some disappointing losses in elections such as for school board. I am happy to pass along some good news. One example that I know of is from Tennessee. I tell you about the case briefly, but here is the full interview:

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and same story from a Tn newspaper

New Maury County Commissioner Aaron Miller Talks Power and the Authority to Help Guide the County

While we would not expect Christian schools to teach porn, as such, we are hearing that accrediting agencies are requiring a pro-homosexual stance.

The bad news is that a few, very dedicated people, with no shame and some strategy can make a whole nation turn. The better news is that with the help of God, 12 fully dedicated people can turn the whole wicked world right side up again.