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Dr. Stell Immanuel Analyzes Likely Coming Viral Threat and Urges Preparation

Dr. Stella Immanuel MD stood strong during the scam—–, retorting to authorities who tried to shut down her helping patients, that they did not have the authority to tell her how to conduct medicine. She is a Nigerian American Christian believer who practices in the Houston, Texas metro area.

She is analyzing what is happening in the gl)b*l!st and medical world to see if she can predict the coming threat. She predicts it will be a hemorrhagic fever, like Marburg or Ebola. You may remember that ebola was very big, or expected to be, in Africa. People were falling dead. You may remember that the president of Liberia prayed and thereafter the hospitals were empty.

As she has done before, Dr. Stella has some preparations for sale that are helpful in preventing viral infections.

I can not be surety for Dr. Stella. I am no doctor. I respect her Christian commitment, but I am not of the same denomination. Nevertheless, I think that her analysis and recommendations are worthwhile enough to bring to your attention. As you know, I am a propoent of vitamins, supplements, and herbal preparations for health, and I do not deny that in some cases actual medicine is helpful. Check this out.

She cites:

  1. The Federal Register recently published a notice for public readiness against Marburg and Ebola. (See link below)
  2. A Texas bio lab has begun clinical trials on vaccine Marburg (See link below)
  3. In November last year, a team of medical professionals became among the first to receive what they are reporting to be a live Ebola vaccine in preparation for a future pandemic (See link )

A video:

Her website is  

I believe that she has a store on that website. I am not affiliated.

Circling Back on Masks

For anyone who has not figured it out yet

  1. Viruses are too small to be strained out by fabric
  2. Masks were created so surgeons didn’t accidentally sneeze or spit on patients
  3. Masks, worn next to the mouth and nose encourage the accumulation of bacteria
  4. Especially when worn all day, masks are just plain dirty
  5. Some people apparently experienced a diminishment of breathe or oxygen


Therefore, there was never any scientific reason to have everyone wearing masks. Anyone who paid attention in Intro Biology and used their noggin knew this. However, apparently, as I am told,  wearing a mask over the mouth in satanic rituals is often required and indicates a willingness not to speak up against the hurting of the victim in that ritual!

Thank goodness, as of posting this, there is conversation about consequences to the people who did this. In the meantime, if you want to wear a mask so you don’t share your cold, just like the Japanese do, fine. But do not make your children wear masks.

More Authorities Call for Removal of the J^b

How is it, at this late date, that these sorts of headlines are needed? Given that we see immediate death much exceeding any previous permitted limit, excess all cause death off the charts, and extreme neo-natal morbidity, WHY would these “products” still be on the market?

I surely do not know. But you, mother, protect your children. Or you for sure will not have grandchildren.