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Summer Activity : Introduce the Bible

Last night I was at a presentation by a very bright young woman who mentioned along the way, that even though she was going well in college and career, she was embarrassed because she had no idea how to find things in the BNible. Of sure, she had gone to church growing up, but when Bible passages were mentioned, they were at most shown on the screen. She had no idea how to look something up.

Well, let’s fix that! Bible introduction: generally New Testament, and Old Testament: introduction to the ooganization, what the various book topics are, how to find an index (concordaqnce.) — all in 30 minutes.

Summer Activity with Lasting Impact — More than Most VBSs

All over the country there are advertisements for Vacation Bible School right now. signing your child up is a great idea. I knew one daycare owner who bussed her children to several. With permission, of course.
But, how about a program that has lasting impact, one that provides for the child to have a direct encounter with God. Finger plays, Bible stories, and raft time are all great, assuming developmentally appropriate, but check out what Becky Fischer is doing.

Her curricula is deeper and more real than any I have seen. Yes, it uses realia, but if fosters a personal relation between the child and God.

Children are not just the church of the future; they are today’s church. Children are not some fifth wheel just to be relegated to babysitting. They can really do things. Check this out.

Thanks to Becky Fischer, who gave us this interview maybe about 10 years ago. I took grandsons to an event, and although they are grown now, they still remember it fondly.

The 8th Circuit has unanimously ruled that anyone claiming a religious exemption as a sincerely held belief may do so

The 8th Circuit has unanimously ruled that anyone claiming a religious exemption as a sincerely held belief may do so, and that failure to honor same is criminally discriminatory. This ruling holds with all precedent previous to 2020 scamdemic.
Courts and employers are not permitted to judge one’s religiosity, nor may they fail to consider it because it overlaps with political and medical or scientific opinions. In Texas, a philosophical belief holds the same as a religious one.

Repeat: this ruling was unanimous and holds to all previous precedent, all understanding of how the First Amendment worked. Anyone who tried otherwise was criminal or extremely mistaken.

Wall of shame :

The Great Shalom Broadcast Ministry, of which Overcoming Learning Problems is a ministry, has always been a healing, miracle believing ministry. We have always taught healthy lifestyle, such as “eat food like God made it.” We do not promote or take vaccines. We have a long term, sincerely held religious belief. We also have some scientific and statistical arguments against the more recent mRNA injection, which is not a vaccine. We don’t control others, but we do teach and promote what we believe — as a charitable gesture.

Help Thinking About School Vouchers

Next week will be the GOP state convention in Texas. Because of this, all my friends involved in issues like vaxx choice, homeeschooling, school vouchers, pro-life, and liberty are all caught up in preparations. So, while we wait on the tech to be fixed so I can upload my audio files, how about if I make some documents available to you about “vouchers” or “school choice.” This very much goes along with the series we have just been running about thinking better. Both sides stick to one or two points, very emotionally, and almost no one is considering all the issues or having really investigative conversations. And social media certainly doesn’t lend help to making that so!
First: here are the documents.
Vouchers without Choice
Vouchers Poison

Also see very important :
UNESCO is pushing the idea, because they like more central control!