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New Consensus on Covid Injections

A new scientific consensus is forming about mRNA injections. The article here cites as many as 25% of people are incapacitated immediately. Further, another study shows that about 25% of recipients develop heart problems  in a short time. These are just two studies and do not address death, cancer, stroke and other problems. However, there is an admission that the normal safety precautions were not conducted.

Now, one state, Idaho is considering making mRNA injections a punishable offense. Read about it:

Last week, Gov. Abbott of Texas announced that it would be illegal for any government or any business in Texas to have any covid mandate, whether for injections or for masks.

Atrocious and probably shouldn’t publish  which was reported by Alex Jones by 12/21, extends genocide to untold proportions

time to end pointless mask mandates : has been done in Texas: they are illegal, as are mandatory eyz mandates

Our children have sacrificed enough: It’s time to end pointless mask mandates

Jul 24, 2022 … with the United States military, has testified in court that she was ordered by a superior to suppress Covid-19 vaccine injuries following …