HOW TO GET SAVED: get the benefit of all blessings that God has by exchanging your life for Christ’s life.

THE GOSPEL IN FOUR POINTS: Please understand that “being saved to the max” includes everything, including healing, prosperity, and a decent life here and now — as well as heaven for eternity

Under construction. Thanks to young mother’s advice, we will attempt to make an index to what resources we have. For instance, you wonder if you are facing ADD. Or maybe you wonder about this faith message. Has GSB got anything on that? Yes and this will help you find it.

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Series of 4 from 2008, plus 2 interviews
Passing on The Blessing in parenting and mentoring, Pastors Reddy,
How to Bless Your Child’s Teacher with Bob Long
How to Bless your Space and kids by singing over them

Legacy series and study guide
Dr. Brett Champion Says Ethics/Moral Values Can be Taught in Public Schools Interview with Leander Superintendent
July 4th series from 2012 on Godly heritage, New England Primer – series of 8
and 60 minutes audio of New American Audio Primer
American Primer Hear about American’s educational foundations. Go to Listen Now page for whole series
Clothing 160220
Encouragement to be dignified, respect yourself and not harm others.

Curing of colds GSB4G April 1, 2016

How to Get Your Children into College – Jenifer Price
How to Not Lose your Faith in College, Rather Loose it – Book and 1

Series on Christian schools, with genius ideas from each. series of 4, 2009
Dyslexia – Pat Sekel
Testimony of improvement through better lifestyle measures and innovative education.

Encourage Self one in a series
Rescue from the Hell of Having a Messed Up Kid

Interview with Children’s Pastor Phillip Biles 2008
Interview with Becky Fischer on Children’s programming in the church
Interview with Doug Wiesenhutter

Food Freedom
Lessons from the Exodus series of 3
Holiday Foods

God Wants … set of 9 audio messages GET THIS — IT IS THE BEST. God wants the best for you.
God Wants You Healed book (covers major Scriptures and give healing testimonies)
Isaiah 53 set of 3 available from ministry for
How to Pray for Healing series of 5 from 2008
How We Know God Wants to Heal us set of 8
Jesus Heals All set of 2 10/12/2012

Isaiah 52-54 Three part series in audio, began 4/30/2016

It is finished 130609

Testimony Day: Betty tells about a miraculous physical healing and Melanie talks about how turning toward God improved her life. Testimony of dramatic healing (brain injuries, salvation)- Betty and Melanie
Testimony of dramatic healing (brain and other fatal injuries) – Cynthia Bride of Christ Music Ministry
Testimony of dramatic healing (brain and other fatal injuries) – Cynthia
Testimony of healing Dramatic healing of severe injury and learning problems. Testimony of dramatic healing (fatal brain injury) – my grandson
What’s up – explanation of this ministry

Health Measures
EMF series of 2
ADD/ADHD How Parents and Educators Can Address series of 4
ADD/ADHD Interview with Dr. Tom Schnorr, Compounding Pharmacist
ADD/ADHD Interview with Linda Classen
How to Have a Smarter Baby – 1
How to Keep Your Children Well in Flu Season – Interview w Dr. Ensign, DC
Red Dye Out series, one posted
What to Feed Your Children – 2 Interviews with Yvonne Lewis
1 Interview with Dr. and Mrs. Colbert
Cure for the Common Cold/Virus/Flu from an article by Dr. Wm. Faloon April 2, 2016 posted under GSB4G

Home education

Learn at Home for Great Shalom How to Teach your whole child for entire success, including healing of learning problems. How to choose which curriculum, everything.

Series of 4, including legal with Homeschool Legal Defense Fund
Interview with Bob Salzman 2009
How to leave a legacy of character in our children, set of 8 and turnkey study

We have not done a program on Islam, per se. We did review the book, Princess February 9, 2016 – following a discussion about manners, women’s roles, and how to dress.
Sharon does teach a 16 hour course on comparative religions

3 part series on the most important manners to teach your children 160123

Interview with Jeff Myers 2008
Passing on the Blessings with Pastors Reddy
Series on Manners in January and February 2016

How to Have Abundance 2 Cor 8&9 2013
Blessing Economy 5/24/2009
What to Teach Your children – Jewish Success Secrets – series of 8

Returning the Hearts of the Sons to the Fathers – Will Bibee

Interview with Dani Johnson from Jan 2009 (Also I recommend her book for examples on how to talk with children. This includes plans for talking about dating.)

Contend in Prayer for your Children set of 8 and turnkey study guide
Prayers – a booklet
Prayers for schools, interview with Fern Nichols 2010
Singing over your children January 16, 2016
Interview with Superintendent Dr. Brett Champion about how Leander School District teaches character to children

Contend – and series of 7 on how to pray for your children
How Prayer and Healing go together interview with Ted Edwards, M.D.
Singing over Your Children 160106

How to Raise Supernaturally Able Children – Interview with Apostle Simon Okwayo
Interview with Becky Fischer
Interview with Doug Wiesenhutter

Study Skills
How to Win the Game of School

Singing over Your Children 160106

Dangerous Times Secrets for Parents and Educators available as boxed set for $50.00 from ministry
covers evil times, advice for both home and professional educator
not quarrelling but patiently instructing those who oppose themselves

Prayers of blessing for teachers – Interview with Bob Long
Testimony of improvement through better lifestyle measures and innovative education.

Toxicity/Autism Interview with Andy Wakefield, M.D.

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