Water filtration system, and alkaline water  (take out any contamination, bio-weapon, and possibly prevent cancer that thrives is an acidic body environment)  BE SURE THEY KNOW SHARON SARLES SENT YOU

Air purifier –  personal, based on negative ions, rechargeable  $149.99  (brand may vary depending upon availability)   See this link for comparison 

Room sized Air Purifiers – superior, with mild ozone emitter

GS 75  – disinfectant that keeps on working – used in football stadiums and The River Church during the shutdown


GSB Audio explanation of Life Extension Article on wiping out viruses such as the flu and colds

More information below; please scroll down.


You know I am not a doctor. I would never practice medicine.

It is general knowledge now, I think, that Vitamins A, D, C and Zinc are helpful for health insults like colds and flu.  During the recent scare, the South Koreans were very early successfully using hydroxchorliquine, which is related to quinine which has been popular against malaria for a very long time. Some people were finding ivermectin helpful. Yes, it is used for horse deworming, but it has been used for human medicine for many decades. Although most normal pharmacies couldn’t sell these substances, they were available in unusual places. Of course, I neither sold nor had any special access.  However, I did find it appropriate to curate what good doctors said — based on their real science and/or their successful clinical practise. Likely, my numbers have been suppressed. Yes, my podcast suppressed for what I put on the website. hmmm


Given that the v@x is a change to RNA, I am not sure it possible in the natural. The power of Jesus’ blood is more powerful than anything. We know, with God, all things are possible.

Here is what I consider the most reputable physician on the topic:  Dr. Lee Merritt was president of the AMA!  Now retired. I saw her talking on

She said that the “v!x” goes 64% times more to reproductive organs than to other tissue. So, extremely serious.

On the same day, an ex-Pfizer employee reported that in 2015 a study was done on mice, vaxxing mice, who then infected other mice from what was in that vax. Then those mice also infected others. Fortunately, in that case, it petered out — because the scientists didn’t want to kill all mice. Also, she said that the the vax to the new (Nov. 2021) variant from South Africa was developed by Pfizer March 2021.

Possible home detox: (Given that there does seem to be something live in the vax, and since Ivermectin, which is used for horse de-wormer – as well as for a number of human maladies– some vermifuge detox might help. I am NOT certifying this as a cure for the v*x! However, those worried about being infected from v$xx$d people, maybe this might help. I am saying these are possible helps. No one suggests that short of a divine miracle one can take out the vax. We do expect divine miracles, based one Jesus’ merit, God’s grace, and godlly faith.

Hot bath with borax and epsom salts. (Might this help with drawing out nano-tech?)  Other sites are now saying to use bentonite clay.

Eastern  White pine needle tea (has Vitamin C, A, and has been used as a restorative for a long time. Has shikimic acid, which is a precursor to tamiflu.) This should help with the spike proteins. Has been traditionally used for flu and colds.

Wormwood – well-known vermifuge  My experience shows that alone, it is not very effective. I am now using a combination, purchased at a health food store.

I am now seeing Dr. Robert Malone of various channels speaking of advice from more doctors. Also Dr. Stella Emmanuel in Houston.

I find it quite a shame that decent information was not available when needed, and courageous doctors were suppress and persecuted. “Misinformation” is a term coined by the Nazis. “Infodemic” was a term coined by the CCP. There needs to be some widespread repentance given the behavior of Pinky and the Brain, and lots of minions.


Dr. Malone reporting on results of the jab.

Edward Dowd is now publishing information acquired from Life Insurance companies, as well as government sources. He says that deaths among the employed are up 13 standard deviations. He says for for every one of the 14 Billion dollars that the drug companies made in this thing, that 87 were lost to the general US economy in death and disability. That is what I remember. Check it out. However, it has been suggested that not profit but a great culling was intended.

Hospital Deaths due to “Run Death is Near”

For More Info: By now, everyone except those with heads firmly in sand holes knows that covid was a bio-weapon, and the jab and the inappropriate hospital protocols (like not letting people eat or breathe) were what killed people. CDC stats, as cooked as they are do show this.  Epoch Times, Frank Speech, Rumble, Rebel News, and any other reliable news source has been publishing this since early 2020. We are no longer going to post info; you should know. Do not let people continue to push the vax on you. The World Court has been investigating toward prosecuting this whole schmeel as genocide since June 2021.  The US Congress will investigate Fauci and senators have already grilled him. If you are jabbed, please please please stay away from everyone for 4 weeks at least, and better 6 months. You are the spreader.


News about  our favorite cupboard pain killers! Scientific study says we are risking a heart attack if we take this for only a week. WHAT?!?! Link to citations to peer review science.

But, if you shop for aspirin, check out the inqredients. The cheap bottle has more, and poor ingredients.

ADVICE ON MEDICINES AND SUPPLEMENTS TO DEAL WITH COVID-19 from courageous doctors along with practical testimonial from leaders I trust. From Restore 7, Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow.

First Email covers :

*Vitamins A, C, D & zinc (GSB: It is possible to have too much zinc and Vitamin A. This is not likely under normal circumstances, but is if you are doing mega-doses. Life Extension recommends that their giant zinc lozenges be taken several times a day but for only 4 days. See specific instructions.)
*Aspirin for preventing blood clots. (You may have pain symptoms but the anti-christ pastor at First Baptist Dallas has suggested that most other pain relievers contain aborted fetal cells. This needs to be investigated. Various groups have trouble with various pain med, including aspirin, so ask your wellness professional. Otherwise, take aspirin while you have covid19/variant symptoms; aspirin has been on the market for many decades. )
*For lung inflammation, Budesonide.
*For pnuemonia, certain anti-biotics are recommended.
*Several steps to deal with oxygen levels.
*Links to interviews with doctors. (As long as Youtube, etc doesn’t suppress. Continue searching on other platforms if you don’t find the interview you are looking for. Try Rumble, BitChute and others. )

First addition:
*Monoclonal anti-bodies. (GSB: Obviously a better choice than a vaccine, especially one that is not an immunization!!!! Really makes one pause and think why the government would suppress this. See news elsewhere re Biden admin reducing amount that Florida could have. )

SECOND ADDITION from Restore 7

Second addition to Restore 7 newsletter re how and and where to get help.

Based on strong science complete with cites to peer reviewed journals

On the path to not having colds or flu, here are some suggestions. First, on the non-scientific homefront side, I have always used onions. If I felt a cold coming on, a good slice of onion on rye bread with mustard and some non-milk fat would normally do the trick. Secondly, for flues that had a respiratory component, I would always cook up a skillet of onions and garlic. This would clear my sinuses and give me relief. Fortunately, I found it tasty. I haven’t had to do that for years, because I found an article in Life Extension magazine for supplements to take if you feel a flu or cold coming on. Wow! it really works. The dosage is high, and I used that once when I contracted a really bad virus, surely a hanta virus, because I was rehabbing a very dirty, mousy house. Since then, I have never taken as much as is prescribed — but I have never missed an hour of work, either. Again, the garlic plays a role. Check this out!

Oh, btw, there is something to chicken soup. Here is a new recipe: leeks, pumpkin, and chicken stock. Great for a light lunch or a appetizer for a Thanksgiving Dinner.

GSB Audio explanation of Life Extension Article on wiping out viruses such as the flu and colds

Original article from Life Extension Magazine, complete with scientific citations. An updated article is found in the February 2019 edition that adds that Tamiflu. a prescription drug,  may be useful for those over 18.  Further, there seems to be some evidence that French oak wood extract supplementation causes quicker recovery time. Mention is also made of Xofluza. We expect this edition to be posted online by Life Extension, as they have posted past editions.

I get no commission for letting you know about this. Of course, there would be nothing wrong with doing so. Take a look at Dave Asprey and notice that he makes a bunch of money and at the same time evangelizes for alternate spirituality. The Christian community, by contrast, impoverishes itself and insures that it remains old and sick by their unreasoning accusatorial attitude. I am a customer. I just try to share info for health and healing and longevity


Here is a website that suggests that healthy living has long been connected with the life of faith: From LeSEA, founded by Lester Sumrall I can say that my own bout with the the sickness I got from others’ vax shedding was worse when I was afraid (news of Afghanistan pull-out) and dramatically better when I shifted into faith/worship.)

Here is a link to a product, which I have no connection to, but suggests the supplements that can help memory and cognitive longevity.

There is a very lucrative video sales letter. I make nothing at all for sharing it — but the doctor makes a lot. He reveals 5 brain killers in our standard American diet. Of course, he will sell something. And you will spend time finding out what it is. You will be strong or poor if you don’t succumb to the adroit selling techniques. His point, however, is true. I’ve said it all along. No one so far has paid me, or even given me a lot of credit. Although, maybe a lot more credit these days. Simple rule: eat food like God made it. Don’t trust stuff that came out of a factory.

We have an album for Grands including rest, cortisol, supplements, exercise and a full explanation why there is no such thing as false hope (in reference to hoping to get your memory and cognitive functioning back or optimum.) This is a favorite saying of Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa MD, founder of Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation or Tuscon, that there is no such thing as false hope, and why shouldn’t we adopt that, being Christians full of faith? We will try to get this all online asap, but in the meantime, please email if you want this on CD. 8 Messages for $40.00.

New June 2021: COVID PACK 2 tracks, one “Does the Timeline Reveal the Good, Bad and Ugly?” and “How to Protect Your Family.” Please find them in the store. ON SALE NOW. Also FREE document “How to Tell What is True – 20 Ways from Sunday.” This is a 3 page document that gives you 20 questions to ask so that you can sort our truth from falsehood in any situation. Just email me, or use the form on the front page. be very certain to use real name and real email.

I wonder if any modern practices increase strokes? Oh! Here is a recent article:


So often we hear of an aged parent now who has ‘fallen and broken a bone.” Someone asked if they are not breaking bones and so falling. Also, we should ask if we had reports like this in previous generations.

Here is an article that suggests modern practices are leaching calcium from bones. No connection with source and no recommendation other than info provided.

Notice also, that previous generations would get calcium from mild products, but we can not because the pastuerization process binds the calcium. Other foods have calcium including black beans and most dark leafy greens. Sesame seeds also have a lot of available calcium.

Most calcium supplements are insufficient at best. One needs calcium citrate malate ,  Vitamin D3 and K2 and magnesium in combination. Please consult your wellness professional or health supplement provider.


I have had so many requests for information on health and healing for the grandparent generation that I am wondering if I should make an audio for them. Let me know if you are interested in
* How to improve short term memory
* How to prevent or reverse dementia
* Why you don’t have to hurt anymore
* How to have better oral health (that your dentist likely will not tell you)
* Lies you are being told while your pocket is being picked
* How to pray for healing powerfully and get answers
* Why you don’t have to wonder if it is God’s will to heal you

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