Dec 2014

Beautiful One, Follow my light which scatters the darkness. Tune your ear to the frequency of My heartbeat and My song. Let me resonate within your own heart the rhythm and poetry of My song that I never cease singing over you. The vastness of my love for you cannot be measured in human terms or words. When our hearts become one, then you can hear my passion for you and my longing to draw even closer. I am here to remove all hesitancy and mistrust. I am here to heal your wounds and cause you to soar upon the updraft of my tenderness and mercy. Un-named prophet/intercessor from the Ladies Bonsai Intercessor Group in Cedar Park

Dec 2016 A healthy community that takes care of kids is still possible and still exists somewhere. Breakfast bread and answer machine are on the same table. This is happiness.

Dec 2016 A very nice roast, uneaten and left out, attracts rats.

March 2019

In a dream, I was pulling down a dead limb from a tree that was caught in other branches. I figured I ought to pull it down before it fell on someone. As I pulled, I realized that the whole tree was pretty much dead. I had made lots of the tree unstable. So I quit pulling and was looking for where my daughter was, in the field, reading with her children.

The interpretation to this is that much of the structure in which we live, including both society and church, is dead. We must take care of some of that, clean it away. However, so much is dead, that we must pay attention to where our children are. Children and their training is of first importance, before even church work. Let’s be sure our children are safe.

Maybe 2008 DREAM

I was taking a short cut through a large, modern building.It was air-conditioned, sleek, clean building. I was busy, had to walk a lot through the halls, and was going someplace as quickly as I could. I took a short cut.   I was surprised to discover that the big, ground floor room that I was using for a short cut had many children, strapped and drugged, on wheeled tables, lined up, awaiting some ??? horrendous psuedo-medical ??? something.  Obviously, I was not supposed to have found out.

Disturbed, I woke up.

At that time, I felt like this was illustrating how we figuratively abuse our children in the institutions of society. I thought it was about the educational system. Standing in 2023, of course, more nefarious interpretations could be deduced.

Early 1990s or late 1980s

I was at a lawn party of neighbors. The barbecue was very sweet. I discovered it was baby. I spat it out. Refused it. Left.

The context in which I had the dream was, that I was being pressured to make a decision. I had decided one way that was better for my daughter. Other people thought I should make a more conventional choice and not consider my child so much. While the dream confirmed my decision, I judge that it is also a societal statement. We tend, figuratively, to eat our children in our conventional decisions.