Great Shalom: Overcoming Learning Problems… equipping parents and educators


I very much know the pain of having a child who has trouble. In fact, I was one of those child. They said I was “brain damaged.”

But for me it was much worse when my daughter was having trouble in school. She would cry two hours before school and an hour after. Then, we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening doing homework. We would go over and over and over the answers for a little history test and the grade came back failing. Then, the next day, she would make an “A.” So the teachers said she was talking. That was not it.

Then, when I asked for help, for testing, the principal threatened me — threatened me with that a threatening tone of voice — that is I spoke up again he would get a label for my daughter. The second grade teacher, showing me that my daughter could not read, told me that she would never learn to read. But when  that scary teacher walked away, my daughter turned to the back of the book and read the page. But fourth grade was eating our lunch. My daughter’s homework was taking more time than mine in grad school.

Eventually, we got testing. Actually, over and over.  But we never got actual help in school. One lawyer told me that to get the public school to follow the IEP, we would need an attorney walking around with my daughter in high school, from class to class. He thought maybe that money would be better spent in private school. Well, the private school told me that learning disabilities were just a way to cheat.

But then, when I started homeschooling, (and put her into Orton Gillingham language retraining) my daughter gained 2 years in academic acheivement every semester, for 4 semesters in a row. That is, she went from 4th grade to 12 grade. Based on standardized testing. On Monday, I taught study skills. Then, I read literature from my world literature anthology from college, keyed to the world history text. We got Saxon math. She was way ahead there, but the public school would not let her go ahead, Nor, would they help her fix her reading. Well….. ha ha. We did it without them. And far fewer hours invested. And no tears.

Then, when she wanted to go back to high school, for social reasons, and she went to a private school, she graduated as Valedictorian.

And me? O btw, I graduated with honors. And Highest Honors from The University of Texas at Austin. Not bad for brain damaged.

But then, there were grandchildren… and an auto accident. That story, I tell on the podcast.

We thought we were alone. But by the time I was homeschooling my daughter and having victory, we discovered that more like 30% of the population were having the same troubles. Now, the percentage is higher! Yet, the help was either non-existent or counterproductive.

Now, there is help if you can pay for it. Mostly, people sell families whatever it is that they sell. That is not very good if you don’t already know what is wrong and what would fix it. The only program I know (after interviewing for 15 years) costs $86,000! I can’t believe it! I asked them what families can do. They said: save your money. Really? To save $86K would take so long the child would be graduated. It is probably a fine program. Even that, doesn’t address everything in the world. But $86,000? Really? Yes, really.

And people are paying. That, and more, because helping your child is invaluable. What will he grow up and do or be? Any amount of money is worth it.

Here is a program, step by step, that is much less expensive. It is pretty hard to fix all problems in one fell swoop, but I think there is a mom level protocol of what to address first. I think we have it in reasonable order, and wide enough that it will catch most problems. There are times we need to purchase “help” from expensive professionals, but almost always the down-home steps come first.

But, it is fairly hard to even get the lay of the land when the challenge is so immediate. I remember how tired I was. I remembered how beleaguered I was. I remember how ill-served I was. But since I remember even now, I can help you with the progress I made. I can give you my map.  So I did.

After sharing our family’s victories, and sharing other providers’ , parents, educator’s ideas, I have put it all together. Step by step lessons for one year. This will give you an order to start with underlying problems and work through possibilities. If you need professional help, but the end of the year it will be a great deal more clear which discipline to seek. Some mothers will find that the 12 steps will be a discipline that they wish to repeat every year. A month to focus on nutrition, a month to focus on study stills, etc.

You could spend $86,000. Well, that was a few years ago. Or more. If you could find them.

You could hire me for individual consulting, and assuming we were in the same city, I would love to help. But I would have to charge some reasonable hourly rate. A rate of $240.00/hour is far less than a business consultant or a lawyer or doctor normally charges. A short program might cost $4,800 even at my low rates. That would end up to be some money. If you want to do that, great. There is nothing like personal attention. For that, go to or just email me at

But what if you need a less expensive option? And need it now? How about take the step by step protocol from a recording?

One tenth of that would be quite reasonable:   $480.00e

But I will give you a sale for just half that: $240.00.

Yes, I want this 12 part one size fits all, mom-level protocol to help “learning disabilities”

Imagine, having a map and knowing you are making ordered progress!

Imagine, that child is greatly helped, more comfortable, healthier, and finally finding victory in studies and in life.  Get the recordings now.

Get the whole protocol, all at once for half price: $240.00.

And even if you do want personal attention, or to hire another professional in any discipline, wouldn’t this be a great place to start? It is a great place to start. It would be a great yearly reminder/maintenance plan. Actually, maybe everyone, every parent who cares about education should get it. Prevent and solve learning problems.

Get the whole protocol, download 12 instruction audio files and many bonuses (mostly interviews), all at once now, for half price: $120.00.