It is a good time of year for a lesson in manners

It is a good time of year for a lesson in manners. Manners would go a long way to making family holidays more pleasant. Manners would go along way to being a life skills that would support making a good living. Manners is the way to go a step up the socio-economic ladder. Yet, as a culture, we threw them out. They are neither taught nor modeled in public/government schools. Often even church leaders and Christian school faculty as short of their own lessons. It is worth some real study.

Btw, “social skills” is now beginning to be taught, given the crying need. Manners are part of social skills, often taught if at all in a disconnected way from character. Manners without reality, without a foundation in good character is at best fake. Don’t fall for this substitute.

Here is a past episode, one of a series that you can get, on manners. Feel free to contribute your own ideas. One of the challenges is that different communities have different rules. But there is a common rule set, found in many published manner books. Knowing these can really help.

Nature’s Anti-biotic! Home-made

Amazing news that one can make an anti-biotic at home from kitchen items. Just think! no more of those stomahc upsets and health setbacks that inevitably come from the expensive store bought anti-biotics. You pay a doctor, then you pay the pharmacists, and then, if you are wise, you pay the health food store to restore your stomach flora. Commerical anti-biotics kills all the stomach flora or “biotics” both good and bad, in your belly.

This is what made Jordan Rubin so sick when he was 18, even though his family was very much into healthy lifestyle. So, when he found the solution, he began a wondereful career as a Biblical health coach. He sells pro pbiotics.

Many people now know this. But imagine. Why would we have ever started making synthetic drugs? Well, maybe they are stronger. They certainly do make a lot of money. But, really, folks, we are not more healthy than the population was 3 generations ago. IQ has gone down. Life expectancy is now going down. Obesity is up. Expectations are plummeting.

Time to take matters into our own hands. Cook. Real food. And start learning what I cal “doctor mom” things. We may not replace the professional wellness providers, but everyone agrees that a smart mom can take care of many if not most of the problems. Health first. Food as medicine next. Medicine — only rarely — and only with great caution. In the meantime, I think you will love this recipe for you and yours.

More Bad News About nRNA, Vaccines, Jabs

Unbelievable and very regrettable news about Methodist Hospital. Once a trusted hosptial in Texas only somewhat after the Texas legislatrue made it illegal for them to mandate the jab, did they permit their employees who wisely refused to take the “covid vaccine” (actually not a vaccine and not against covid). They actually were a leader in the move and continue to be in a highly publixezed lawsuit against a doctor who was one of the first whistleblowers. Incredibly, they continue to promote taking teh vaccine.

Now, what employee, who veing in the meial feild would know of a certainty that people who took the jab shed covid and have other health problems, including much higher risk of dying, and perhaps can share that risk, — knowing this=– why would the want to return to Methodist Hospital to work? After what, about 3 years?  And why o why would anyone go to Methodist Hospital as a patient. They knowingly participated and forced others to participate in what clearly was dangerous for many reasons and proved in the end to be greatest genocide on the planet. Incredible. And the greatest violation of the US Constitution, as well.

They wanted us to get boosters for a reason. People are not. Thank God. Death rates are up. Invest in SCI, the biggest owner of funeral home. Consider why, then, would anyone take a jab that was even stronger along the very lines of the most dangerous part of the jab?

Thank  you to Epoch Times for reporting. As a youth, the publisher faced the Maoist regime by reporting news. Most of his employees were murdered for it. Amazingly, thank God, he was spared and came to the US. Similar pattern. Please share.