Healing Prayer

I have been asked, and have been meaning to, post more about healing prayer. It is always needed. Mom always care about their children who are hurting. Some of us are tempted to be freaked out about the widespread serious injuries from the … youknowwhat.

At this point, we know we also need some healing prayers for our nation.

Let’s pray.

Now is the Time to Apply for Vaccine Exemption

Texans for Vaccine Choice is reminding everyone who is sending their children to government school or daycare that NOW is the time to get the application form for vaccine exemption and begin the process.

It is your Constitutionally guaranteed right. Each state should make the application form available. Texas has it on a website, which is increasingly hard to find. Your school OUGHT to have forms available also, but probably only the private school will do this. Print it, fill it out, and send it in Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested.

If your post office is failing to deliver your RR mail, try another post office. Often small towns are best. Other carriers will work but cost more money.

Legally, a religious exemption should not need a doctor’s signature. There are several law firms in the country that provide help for religious and Constitutional challenges. Alternatively, both Texas Home School Coalition and Home School Legal Defense Fund offer legal help to homeschooling members.

Good luck and blessings.

Think Better by Looking for and Evaluating Evidence

Think better by looking for and evaluating evidence.

A lot of people don’t even give you evidence, but just emotional slogans. Watch out for this! You are being deceived, tricked, and led around by the nose. Slow it down, and remember to look for evidence.

Other people refuse to consider what I have to say, because it contravenes “what they know” but they fail to hear out the evidence. Remember to slow down and hear the evidence.

In other cases, people do give you evidence, but it is faulty or fragmentary. Remember to evaluate the evidence. Is it strong?

Hear more about how you — and your children– can think better by demanding and evaluating evidence.

Also, check out my “How to Tell What is True” series in “The Store.” at www.overcominglearningproblems.org