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Update on Covid Jab Conversation

Here is the conversation in Europe: “You lied. You killed. Time for prosecution.”

UK doctor calls out his colleagues by name : “You must resign!” Some have already left.

Gen Dr. Steve Piecznik  calls for arrests, doesn’t edit comments from 11/2020  :


Now, news media is reporting what Dr. Wakefield said more than a year ago, and we passed along to you: deaths from covid jab equal three times as many as deaths from all other vaccines recorded

More on covid vax deaths :


I saw a meme that looks something like this:  2.9 million deaths from flue in 2018, and 2.8 million deaths from covid 2020 and no deaths from flu. Can anyone confirm?


Judge in US declares vax mandates unconstitutuional

Given that it took decades for the conversation to come around that learning disabilities might possibly be from the environment, that while there is considerable consensus there is still official denial that vaccines caused the autism spike, no wonder that 2 years out we are just now beginning to realize we had governmental mandated genocide.

You might wonder if this podcast and this website has been suppressed. I give you free info. You might want to share — in case you want free speech, actual facts, safety and smarts for children.


Woman in Plano Texas narrowly escapes a planned death. She gives her story step by step. She was not dying when she went in. She asked for normal treatments and was denied. She wasn’t allowed to see her family The law was violated. She wasn’t able to change doctors. He, they, all of them colluded to insure her death. She escaped.

I personally know a family who had this happen to them — the hospital killed a man– last year, in another state.  He went in for something else. He was given a PCR test. He had no symptons. At any time. He was given covid protocols. Including no water and a ventilator. He died because of them. the hospital refused to honor the medical power of attorney. The hospital killed him. The family could do nothing. The community took the complaint to their state legislature, who made sure not to hear the doctors who were flown in to testify about it. Representative there get large payoffs from hospitals.

Appalled that this happened in Texas in 2022! Please inform yourself and get active in politics. It might be your last opportunity to act. Or even to hear news about this pattern.



CDC Admits It Was Wrong on Covid Guidance

In face of mounting evidence of genocide and investigations by the World Court based on Nuremburg codes, the CDC walks back most of its “covid” guidance. For instance, the emphasis on asymptomatic testing, discrimination against unvaccinated, and social distancing. It is now admitted that the vaxxed do not have less chance of getting or spreading covid-19, since there is abundant evident to the reverse. It is further admitted that herd immunity can not be obtained thru these injections. It is now admitted that natural immunity is superior.

Scientists, even employed by the CDC, had given recent interviews admitting that much was known about the dangers of the injections before they were mandated.

“This is two years too late, but it’s a good step,” Bhattacharya added. (This from the Epoch Times article cited above, but also look in new media for interviews for Bhattacharya. )

Dr. Birx has admitted that it was known that the injections did not prevent infection or spread and that people should never have had to relinquish their jobs under threat.

Trump’s COV Coordinator Dr. Birx Admits to Lying & Manipulating Data

Five doctors, all under 50 years of age,  in Canada fell dead unexpectedly within the past two weeks. Canadian doctors are therefore now asking questions about the safety of the covid “vaccine.”  Somewhat late to the party!

Canadian doctor sounds alarm over 13 ‘sudden’ deaths among physicians since COVID jab rollout

By contrast, others who were politically maligned and attacked with lawfare, have been vindicated. For instance, a small school system that went back in session while most of the state continued in heavy lockdown, running afoul of the leftist state government, had zero cases of covid. Further, their number grew ten fold since that time.

Pastors who stood strong, keeping their churches open not only have been vindicated in court but have seen membership, monies, and reputation rise enormously.

The science, of course, has not changed. Much of the cant of the legacy media has not changed. Given the poor hunched down masked people  in central leftist cities….. apparently some of personal opinions have not change. What has? Many are dead.  More are dying.

An even greater number of children who might have been born some time in the future …. surely will not be.

Beloved businesses… are gone.  The number of hurt relationship is incalculable.

Why the change now?

On the other hand, why was their such submission to such tyranny all along?

It has begun: Criminal charges of violating Nuremberg Code filed against Fauci, Gates, CEO’s of Moderna and Pfizer, Klaus Schwab, et al

International Criminal Court Accepts Claim of Violating Nuremberg Code by Israeli Govt