Yes, You Can Homeschool

I was asked to say something about this. I hear that there is a wave of new moms who are just bewildered about educating their children at home. I was told, “It is not like it was 10 years ago.” Okay, and surely not like 30 years ago; I get it. There is a new wave because parents are realizing that the government schools just are not doing it. But, they, unlike those few of us home schooling decades ago, have not thought about it for a long time, maybe are not as confident in their own skills as educators. Instead, they are rushed into this. Well, good news: some of us have done this before.


This episode I give you some first steps. Get in a group like Texas Home School Coalition or Homeschool Legal Defense Association that gives you and attorney. Then, get my book to help you look at your child and your goals and how best to accomplish that. Don’t just replicate what you thought school was like back in your day. That is what you remember, but that may not be the best all around for your particular student. There where things done to you that you may not even realize! And for sure, don’t just use public school curricula, online, because it is free!


There is a reason you are leaving public school. Don’t take it with you! And for sure, the best way of learning and teaching IS NOT online. Professional computer programmers know they learn best from reading; they print their manuals, read them, only then program on their screen. MINIMIZE SCREEN TIME!!!!

Here are some helpful links.


Then on see Stew Peters has a couple of episode this Spring about sex abuse in schools

Public School Exit


Labeling is Real : Identify it and Overcome it

Thomas Scheff and David Rosenhans, among other sociologists and psychologists, have explained to us how labeling hurts people. People tend to live down to the labels they are given. Nowhere is this more true than among children who are labeled “stupid” or “bad” in school when they are young.

I explain the science just a little, give you some stories of children that I have seen, and give you a great technique that overcomes labeling.

Learn at Home for Great Shalom

Many people are fleeing from government schools. Much has been unmasked. Many school systems, even in conservative counties, are finding that porn is in their classroom by decree. Teachers are leaving. Those who are looking into it are finding that communism has been creeping in for a long time. With the explicitly articulated goal of dividing children from parents, keeping real History away, keeping reading skills down, and substituting values in order to make unruly activists out of the children.

Many parents are considering educating their children at home. Others are banding together to make new schools. Either way, a new foundation must be laid. Parents tend to think that back when they went to school, things were okay. They were not. So much private education is replicating the poor government schools. Why just redo something just a little better?

This book helps a parent think through all their child needs, what the child’s strengths and weaknesses are, and what deliver methods are best. Then, with this understanding, the parents can buy curricula and make good plans. Check it out.