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How to Build Confidence in the Student with LDs

Great topic for back to school! Confidence for overcoming school challenges is a vital issue for the student who has some sort of learning problem. First, one must start with the right identity or self concept. Then one must say, enunciate positive confessions (both good self-talk and appropriate words in social context.) This is fundamental. Almost always, the process of diagnosis and the school situation gives the bright student the idea that he or she is stupid. From that perspective, they do not find the solutions for overcoming that they need. Faith, here, finds the grace available. The first — and last word — for helping the student with LD/learning problems.

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Martin Seligman Raising Optimistic Kids Scientific book that shows how building self-esteem really works — in contrast to the counterproductive, psuedo-scientific ideas taught for decades. Many other books on well-being, being happy, etc.

Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence

How to Build Better Personalites Thru Better Books

A daughter had a rude attitude. Why? Her mother discovered that it was the books from school: low literary value, focusing on rude, shallow, sexualized behavior. What did the mom do? Started a book company. Read all about it.


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Join Homeschooling Tripling

Homeschooling has tripled in the US. It is an increasing movement. Some join because of the chaos of the “pandemic.” Some join because of the curricula that is increasingly anti-academic. Traditionally, the majority joined because they felt the school system was ungodly, but all felt that the public school simply was not educating well. The movement is only gaining steam.

Please share this ‘cast with those who are interested. There are many questions about home education, asked with increasing shrillness. These questions belie the real interest. Who cares more for children? the State or their parents? who more wants children to be educated to have a happy, healthy, holy…. and prosperous life? Who is better able to socialize a child? Handpicked, competent adults? Or students of the same age? Or some impersonal system?

Or, let’s ask an even simpler question. In which method do student score higher on standardized tests? The answer is clear, robust, replicated. Homeschooled children outperfoRm. And have since the 1980s.


Especially those children who have some learning problem, challenge, or “disability,” home education produces a tremendous outperformance. First, the learning methods can be taylor-made for the child, rather than running a child through a factory like atmosphere, that treats any difference as if it were a defective product. Secondly, the public system does not intend to remediate so much as accommodate. Thirdly, the public system tends to enforce self-fulfilling prophecies. Social research shows that most teachers and certainly other staff tend to see LD as if it were MR, or in other words all learning challenges as a sign of low IQ. Thus, not only academically, but also socially, the children are pushed down. Fourthly, what has been shown to be the single biggest predictor of academic success is: the expectation of the adults around the child. Parent, especially those who give up a place in the workforce and focus their family on home education, are much more likely to have high academic expectations than employees in a large system, with ever lower goals, at best meant for the masses.