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Explanation of CRT Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory is a “conflict theory” or in other words, an analysis of society based on Marxist philosophy, only substituting “white” and “of color” for capital and labor because those categories did not raise enough conflict in the US. People in the USA nearly always classify themselves as “middle class” and workers also own at least part of the means of production, so that analysis failed.

Marx wrote in Das Kapital that he did not care about founding his social analysis on science, but rather felt it was better to simply increase conflict. We see the history of his followers has done exactly that. While the change from Tsar to communist that we call “The Bolshevik” revolution was accompllshed with few deaths — mostly those of the elite, thereafter, a bloodbath followed. Even revolutionaries found themselves in prison or executed for not being of the right party.

Epoch Times, a newspaper started in communist China, reports on the fundamental characteristic of eliminating the middle in order to create conflict between the extremes. We certainly have seen that for years in the United States of America — and I always figured that someone was directly profiting from that. The leaders of our two major political parties, for instance, gave half a story to their followers, demonized the other side, saying “energize the base. ”  Thus, they got citizens fighting with each other, while the leaders, the elite, walked away with the lion’s share of the productivity. The conflict was a smoke screen in order to steal.

We could have had a dialog and worked toward smarter decisions that embraced the insights of both sides. That is not what the leaders wanted to do. We did not use the techniques of dialog or facilitated meetings. Instead, they “energized the base” and spun news reports and made narrow casting.

Now, the situation is worse. We have obvious propaganda channels constantly promoting emotion, on top of pervasive censorship of the best most scientific sources, on top of a longstanding pervasively poor educational system at all levels. Now we have mass intimidation of professionals. The elite are willing to risk a total breakdown of economics in order to enforce, illegally and unconstitutionally, something that makes not one whit of health sense. Reports from Australia and Canada, where gun rights are not embraced, are horrific.

Check out this article from Epoch Times, about how communist takeovers work.

As We Celebrate Our National Heritage, Let’s Also Spark a Legacy in our Children

We are coming up to our Independence Day Celebration, July the 4th.

Given the severe trials our nation is undergoing, it is a good time to consider our national heritage in godliness. Not just the founders, but leading clergy and thinkers for the next century said that they didn’t think that a democratic republic would stand without having first stood on the virtuous character created by Biblical godliness. This is clearly controversial today. The controversy demonstrates its truth.

This year, let’s celebrate with more gusto. Let’s add prayers of repentance and thanksgiving to our usual celebration. This, not fireworks, were the center of the celebration during the founders’ time. Let’s pray in faith and eat cake!

Let\s be sure we also consider our children. Let’s take time to talk about our nation with our children. While we are waiting for those awesome firework, let’s talk about what we are celebrating. What we fear and what we hope for. Much of our problem stems from lack of conversation between the generations – and lack of responsibility, as economic pressure has encouraged us to leave our children to the care of others.

Today we will re-air a popular episode on how we, not the government, are the village that children need. of course, God planned for a mother and a father to rear children. But an extended family and a congregation help, too, don’t they? In Mayberry, the whole city might help, but no one hopes for that today. so, let’s work to make our extended families and congregations work. And maybe, just maybe, we could extend ourselves to helping those children who don’t have parents, much family, or a congregation — yet.

As we celebrate our national heritage, let’s also spark a legacy in our children.

How to Help Your Child Build a Successful Life

We all want a good life for our children, but all too often we don’t even define it. Sharon unpacks the ingredients, gets to the bottom of this, and makes it easy. Busts some myths along the way.