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Contact Me To Start A School

Announcement to Lioness mothers. Sometimes knotty problems call for new solutions. You won’t be the first mother who started a school to get education for your own child. Maybe you have already educated yours, but maybe now you are willing to help others. It is a mission that can pay for itself.

Here are my current thoughts about the need to start Christian schools. More coming.

Please take advantage of the products that I have provided for you: books on, mostly Bible Study.

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Sensory Integration with Nikki Branch, OT

We are hearing a lot about sensory integration problems and the discipline that is handling sensory integration problems most is Occupational Therapy. It may seem strange to have children going to occupational therapy, but Nikki will explain to us that this is about the normal tasks that occupy a persons time. LOL Anyway, here is a brief introduction, from 2010, to OT for sensory integration.

We loved Nikki, who was a graduate of Baylor and a member of what was then the fastest growing church in Austin. She worked for Milestones, but has moved away since then. However, some of what she said, related to 2010 is exactly what needs to be considered today in 2021, that we can not speak about. you will hear it, carefully said, and you will know.


From my doctor mom and preschool educator perspective lots of sensory experiences, at the child’s level is a great idea. Dr. Montessori based much of her work on sensory education. Children’s task in the first years is to explore their environment, but modern environments are often too restrictive. For instance, a child can investigate a crib or a playpen only so much. They want to feel the carpet and the grass. They wan to bang the pots and the cabinet doors. They want to feel the difference between the velvet cushion and the satin one. The Montessori classroom offers these experiences in an organized manner. Also, as a grandmother of children who had problems, I offered a lot of swinging, rocking, and dancing to one child. Another needed extra time to draw circles and boxes and learn how to use a pencil. As an educator, I have seen children with differing problems. Some great OTs really helped families who were mystified about their children’s troubles.

Please chime in and tell us what is going on for you parents and your professionals now. We love to hear from you.

Learn at Home for Great Shalom

A great resource, under-used: the book I was ordered to write! This will help you consider all the areas of your child’s life that you need to teach into. Then, it helps you consider what methods and finally what kind of curricula you might want to use. This is a much better approach than just asking a friend what curriculum she likes, and then maybe at best replicating what public school does. for the book — click through. Nothing will do better to approach children’s learning problems than teaching aimed at teaching the way they learn. This, not the public school method of “accomomdating” “learning disabilities” will work! Instead, teach innovatively, multi-sensorially, individually and with and remediate (meaning, have a good time and fix the problem).

Call to Arms to Parents 1

I preached a series from 2 Timothy about children and youth in modern times. Folks, this is a word from the Lord! It is straight out of the Bible. It was illuminated to me for you. Don’t be so tired of “calls to arms.” Don’t be so lazy. Don’t over look this. You children, grandchildren and the world you live in is at stake. Surely, this is more visible after the events of past weeks?

We need to invest in patiently teaching our children.

Full series is available at in the “store.”