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Upcoming Series on the Podcast and Holiday Blessings

Today I just announced plans for next year. I am planning 3 upcoming series on the podcast.  1) How to Tell what is True, 2) Nutrition and 3) Miraculous Healing from the Bible. Somehow, I want to get in that the Bible’s miraculous healing and practical health measures go together. I do mention that in this episode. I am learning so much about how to teach, too, that I might end up talking about that. Great, amazing revelations that come round to common sense, and some mighty unveiling about the nonsense going on in government schools.

Here are the links I mentioned:

Life Extensions Protocol that is “the atom bomb for the flu” is on this site, to to the GSB4Grans page and scroll down.

Lost Herbs has had more than one recent article:

Lost Herbs natural anti-biotic:

Lost Herbs: Common herbs to combat the most common virus :

“How to Make Pencillin Soup”  (but not really; no one wants to eat black break mold; really it is about a much better tasting anti-viral: chicken soup! )

And btw, completely off topic, look here: someone wants to sell you anti-EMF cloth. I don’t know that this would work in furniture and I am pretty sure that 2 pieces won’t protect your car. A Faraday cage has to go around an object entirely. I bring it up, however,because the assumption is that you know that too much emf can harm you. Wow, was I ever punished by unsubscribes 15 years ago when I mention emf poisoning at my radio show. LOL Anyway, for your research:


Please consider that we can celebrate the God of the Universe coming down to us, to help us, to lead us, to save us. That is very much worth celebrating. Take some time to rest. Take some time to celebrate. Enjoy the glitter. Be kind to your family. Try to be the thermometer; speak kind words; overlook the less desirable behavior. Be blessed. When regrets around shortcomings arise, substitute the gratefulness for the blessings.  I bless  you in the Name of Jesus, Yashua HaMessiach; may you delight like a child in the beauty and even the kitsch; may you be able to savor some of the holiday with loved ones;  may you connect with the Great God and Savior.

PsyOp Death and Faith to Overcome Learning Disabilities

We have been learning many new things. The headlines are mesmerizing. Isn’t that so? Now we have all discovered and had confirmed what we had suspected in the area where we were: the evil has taken over the industry, the sector of society. Whether it is doctors going along with killing patients rather than helping them, or military focusing on not winning a war, or teachers being willing to hurt children — it is all the social structure that few are willing to contravene. But right to conscience based on the Judeo-Christian faith in something more than this here and now is what made our world great. And that hope continues. That God still reaches out his hand. Those who take hope, exercise faith, can overcome all the evil in the world.

My listeners, mostly mothers, but parents, grandparents and educators want to find solution to the learning problems their children have. Apply yourself here. Apply these solutions. Rather than being paralyzed by the word curses, the language that tells you that your child is hopeless and you must resign yourself. NO! These are not “disabilities” but “learning problems.”  Learning problems have solutions, even if we must learn what they are. Diagnoses should not be death knells but instead, guidance to parents and educators how to help the child. TM

You can pay someone any amount of money, hope for the best, feel like you did what you could, and resign yourself that it was impossible if it doesn’t work. Or, you could to a little investing, very little, and give it some application, and find your answer. Get the book, Learn at Home for Great Shalom at  Unique, it shows you how to consider what you child needs to learn and how to best deliver it. Then, get our *Celebrate the Victory* year long process. For sale this month only,  half price the already ridiculously low price, compared to what “providers” would charge you. Go to shop.

Labeling is Real : Identify it and Overcome it

Thomas Scheff and David Rosenhans, among other sociologists and psychologists, have explained to us how labeling hurts people. People tend to live down to the labels they are given. Nowhere is this more true than among children who are labeled “stupid” or “bad” in school when they are young.

I explain the science just a little, give you some stories of children that I have seen, and give you a great technique that overcomes labeling.

More on What are Learning “Disabilities?”

Following our discussion of “learning disabilities” are — and are not , I continue giving you my read on what happens with “learning disabilities” in private schools and in homeschooling. I try to give you a peek into what it is like in the student’s mind. For this, see an old film called “How Difficult Can it Be?’ from F.A.T. City — widely available, link below. Then I also give you my best tips.


Diagnoses, because of the dynamics of labeling can be really deadly.  They are often resisted because parents see them as death knells. They should be used as guidance to the educators. We have given you some idea of the process in public schools. Private purchases can get higher quality, but still there is often a gap of understanding. The best tests come out in reports that need to be translated into educational plans, and then those plans need to be followed. Perhaps refined.

Private schooling can avoid labels, give hope & motivation — and sometimes give individualized help. Homeschooling has the superior advantage of truly individualized programming. A child can be taught in the way she or he best learns. These students can be advanced dramatically in their areas of strength and still have time to catch up skills in another area. Stigma, labeling, and time pressure is eliminated. Often it is ideal, IF the mother/father/ or hired tutor has the vision, creativity and motivation to help the student excel.


Use strengths to overcome weaknesses. Notice, what are called “disabilities” often are only weaknesses. These children CAN learn. Remediate weaknesses, but not to the point of failing to build up strengths. And be sure the child has a decent life!. Do not accept negative prophecies, but realize that not all students must be scholars. They do, however all need to be literate, get through school, and be able to choose a career.

This can be done. Faith for this is the first step. Then, there needs to be practical, innovative ideas. It is all of a piece. This broadcast is the only one that brings those two vital components together. And even as innocuous as this is, I have been suppressed. Therefore, please share with those who are interested!


How Difficult can it be by F.A.T. City

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