Celebrate the Victory : One Size Fits All Process


Twelve episodes in order to overcome learning problems with your child. Many bonuses of interviews with experts. Books recommended.

Be sure you have set aside enough time to download all of the files at once. Understand that 12 times 4 is 48… so, there are more than 48 files to download. You will want to have enough time, internet connection and space on your computer to get it all.  Just fyi.


I meet people who are desperate. Then, I have 10 minutes with them. I do what I can. A lot happens in 10 minutes: a little hope and knowing a next step. They can find the podcast. But the episode might not be just the right one for them on that day. They could find many. So, how can I help more? I can make a process that should hit most people, in order, and show everyone what is next.

This program puts you through a program, starting with hope and faith and getting a prepared life and then attacking the problem, finding the right answers.

Way more cost effective than going first to a professional. Way more effective than attacking the one problem directly in a one-pointed way. The best we can do so far. Please email me questions and suggestions or testimonies.

Testimonies and good ideas can be posted on the website, too, if it goes with an episode.


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