Dangerous Times for Parents and Educators

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Eleven tracks, with directives from God on how to teach in dangerous times like we have now. Good for both parents and educators of all kinds. Who would have thought that we would have the kind of danger we have today, from badly behaved students, misinformed adults, and a broken system ? Then, just now, it got worse. Fortunately, God foresaw it all, and left directions in the Bible. And then gave me specific direction to share it. Most of this was recorded in 2010, some of it never shared then. All of it was edited in 2021. I think you will find it up to date! It will give you guidance, help to do it, and encouragement.


Vital instructions for these dangerous times for parents and teachers. God has given us definite directives to parents and educators in these dangerous times. For sure, these are the perilous, dangerous, ungodly times the Bible mentions. Here are secrets on how to deal with the craziness in today’s youth culture, public school, and new administrations.

This is encouragement to bring calm and balance — and finally a confidence that can not be matched or torn down. The first warning was sent out on the broadcast in 2010. Today, the danger should be obvious. People want answers. Here they are!


So, how do I know? I was out in the fire ahead of most, as a parent, as an educator. I faced the craziest ideology. I faced outright persecution. I faced outright lying. Repeatedly.

Yes, it was scary and frustrating, I eventually, I realized I was prepared. My reputation, my person, and even my sanity was challenged. Only my character and Bible knowledge kept me sane.

What kind of preparation is the most helpful? The most foundational, the deepest, the most wide ranging. That would be the Word of God, wouldn’t? I break it down for you. I repeat so you have time to change you methods. This may be necessary today. Change, but not to be like evil. LOL Because good wins in the end. You knew that, right?

While I make certain comments to parents and others to teachers, the principles work in both cases. Also, it is high time that one group hears what the others is told!


Want a taste? First, don’t quarrel; it is satan’s trick to suck you into a bad spirit. Lastly, expect persecution for being righteous but expect a reward for it.

Stick it out in the battle is you have a calling to be there. When you have done your best, and you can do no more, then leave with no regrets. Worst case scenario is if they turn you to be like them. Then, you regret it whether you stay or leave.


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