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Help Children in Israel who are Traumatized

We are running an old episode in response to the current event of the demonic genocidal mass terror attack on unarmed kibutzim families and the response of the State of Israel. We were blessed many years ago with an interview from David Rubin, former mayor of Shiloh, who has established a therapeutic center for children traumatized by violence in Israel. They accept, without pay necessary, both Jewish and non-Jewish children. Yes, they accept Arab, Palestinian or other children who are injured and want help.

Mr. Rubin was in Austin years ago, sharing how he and his small child was shot by a terrorist while they were going to the dentist. They lived, somehow, miraculously. It turned out that he was the 1,000th patient in the hospital and was thus interviewed by the press.  His 2 year old child had been shot through the neck and took some years of therapy to return to optimum.  In response, he founded this center for children. He brought in doctors, psychologists, and also horses, etc. for all children in such need.


Doubtless, they will have more patients, given the current situation. Please send money directly to them, via their American arm.

I am so touched to see the outpouring of money, as posted on their website, even today.


David Rubin was born in Ohio, and moved to Israel as a young adult. There was nothing at Shiloh at that time. He joined a few other “caravans”  (what US folks call “RVs”) that began a settlement. They braved a great deal, including random shootings over the year, and have established a little city. Since Rubin’s sustaining life threatening injury, having in response established a therapy center for children, and raising funds in the US, other friends have chosen to go there and help in the harvest of grapes, apparently at Shiloh.

God knows. God rewards the good and recompenses the bad — eventually — I believe. When someone writes the “h” at the end of Shiloh, it signifies that God is involved.

Please make a generous gift. Feel free to add, in comments here, messages of cheer, love, and wellness to children.

Labeling is Real : Identify it and Overcome it

Thomas Scheff and David Rosenhans, among other sociologists and psychologists, have explained to us how labeling hurts people. People tend to live down to the labels they are given. Nowhere is this more true than among children who are labeled “stupid” or “bad” in school when they are young.

I explain the science just a little, give you some stories of children that I have seen, and give you a great technique that overcomes labeling.

School Vouchers : Ray Moore, Douglas & Hawkins, and Alex Newman Weigh In

As promised (finally!) I unpack what people are saying about “school choice” i.e. vouchers. Is this a boon? Free government money? Government money for private Christians schools? For homeschoolers? Really?

So, in the first of 3 episodes, we begin to summarize the book Vouchers: Shekels with Shacklesfrom Frontline Ministries.  You can find them at http://ChristEdu.Org/

This 50 page book includes a number of authors. In this episode, we will take the introduction and first 3 authors: Ray Moore, Diane Douglas & Richard Hawkins and Alex Newman.

Moore writes the introduction and this his own chapter: “Do No Harm.” Then Douglas and Hawkins write on “Vouchers:He Who Has the Gold Makes the Rules.”  And then Alex Newman, whom we discovered so happily on as a proponent of home education, writes the chapter, “UN Report” Use Tax Money to Control Private Education.”  Look folks, when Pinkie & The Brain publish on the internet exactly how they are going to take down your freedom and enslave you, you must Thank the Lord and pay attention — rather than just sleep and hope for the best.

Here is the form to get the downloaded book from me, School Vouchers: Shekels to Shackles. It is my understanding that the pdf is to be shared and I would like to keep in touch. I will not avalanche you and I will not share your information with others.


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School Vouchers: Shekels to Shackles

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Frontline Ministries

By Alex Newman 5 days ago As it becomes increasingly obvious that homeschoolers do significantly better than victims of government “education” Banking CPS Education LGBT Liberty Hour New World Order News Technocracy Transhumanism Video Techno Tyranny, Transhumanism & Destruction of Children and Families | Liberty Hour Ep. 22

Education Must Necessarily be Based on, Filled with the Bible – Says Sociological Epistemology

Here Steve Turley comments on Jordan Peterson explaining the place and importance of the Bible. “It is not that the Bible is true; it is that the Bible is the pre-condition for the manifestation of Truth.”  So, Prof. Peterson, argues based on a sociological epistemology, that the Bible is truer than true and the only basis for a society that is not tyrannous.  Joe Rogan is silent, awestruck.

I immediately think of Vishal Mangalwadi’s *The Book that Made Your World.”

It is factual that the Bible is the foundation of all that is good, free,and prosperous in Western and especially English-speaking culture. It is true that the foundational story of the Exodus shows the way how a people can be without tyranny, and indeed, be a people.

Further, to date, in the history of the planet, it is the only story that offers this.

Given this, what extensions present themselves in terms of guidance for education? True education would be based on and filled with the Bible — or other sources can not be understood.  Or evaluated. While we have a government education constructed to make activists at the expense of basic literacy and numeracy, it is no surprise that the education that was always intended to make moral leaders was also the foundation of literacy and numeracy.

Did you not notice that? Literacy to the dawn of history is carried in the Toledoth, the stories in early Genesis. Joseph rose to prominence in Eqypt, as a slave, because he could do accounting. Because his father, a wandering shepherd, taught his sons to ready and calculate.

This is an extraordinary conclusion in a day of decaying and bullying religious secularism, no where more mordant and bullying than in government education. Further, it is extraordinary because the assertion was arrived at through logical deduction and not the obscurantism of dobmatism or belief or personal subjectivism. Indeed, it uses what to date has been the most virulent thrust toward post-modernism and toward Marxism: sociological epistemology. Cogent, clear, rings with truth. Evidential… because it works.