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Overcoming Trauma

Dr. Lendell Braud, PhD in Pyschology, shares with us her method for helping children and teens overcome trauma. This is exceptional because she had data, over decades, of this actually working with the majority of her clients.
It is open to all comers; does NOT require giving up the Christian faith, nor using any religious language. It is God who heals people. I think that what this does is help people listen for God’s healing words. See what you think. Take what works for you. It is God who heals and delivers and makes new. Evil masquerades and lies, but never offers a better life.

Here is Dr. Braud’s website:

For a seed of any amount, I will send you a digital copy of a picture like those of Dr. Braud’s participants. For a seed of over $100, I will send you a handmade, prophetic picture of like kind: a picture of transition to newness of life. This offer good only in 2020.

How to Pick a Counselor

A counselor can do great harm as well as great good. Do not go down the tubes with the pervasive idea that as long as you are talking and paying, it is all good, because they have no more responsibility than to sit in the chair while you talk. Further, don’t let the pervasive subtle hints of the philosophy that you also have no responsibility, that you shouldn’t be hard on yourself, and that “musts” and “shoulds” are unacceptable. These ideas have no basis in science, but are slopping beyond Clinical Psychology into the church. Here are my thoughts on how to improve the situation if you think getting a counselor might be helpful.

Agree, Sleep, and Stop Crazy the Screen Addiction — and everything becomes better

Practical Parenting… So Kids Stay Grounded In A Spinning World — Keith McCurdy

Dr. Keith McCurdy gives near panacea advice to families, youth : parents must agree, kids get 10 hours of sleep, and kids must do a social media fast… and then we can deal with whatever problems remain. Amazing. Rings true.
So, whether the problem is anxiety, ADD/ADHD, rebellion, mental illness or whatever else, if we start with a healthy baseline, then the problems reduce… and can be addressed.
Parental agreement (just on how to proceed in this instance rather than on everything) , sleep, and stopping the spinning crisis world of screens… yes, that looks exactly like the key to me.
McCurdy is a pyschologist and is interviewed by the Base Camp Live podcast, which centers on classical education. Everyone will profit.

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