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How to Build Better Personalites Thru Better Books

A daughter had a rude attitude. Why? Her mother discovered that it was the books from school: low literary value, focusing on rude, shallow, sexualized behavior. What did the mom do? Started a book company. Read all about it.


Story in video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhRVahnkWc4&feature=youtu.be

Company website: https://www.goodandbeautiful.com/

The Blessing Economy

Finishing up our series on The Blessing, on May 27, 2012, I am running the episode from 2008 on the economy of blessing. I unpack the Scriptures on how we should model, train and invest in teaching our children about financial stewardship.

I mentioned the book by David Walsh entitled NO. Here is a link to it: No: Why Kids–of All Ages–Need to Hear It and Ways Parents Can Say It

Please pray about investing in children through supporting The Great Shalom. We need rebranding, reformating, a new professional website, audio editing, and air time money. This ministry offers something vital and unique. Can you see the vision? Most young people will not, unless it comes in a more professional package and over more airwaves. More than 50% of the children today are broken in some way, 43% of them are born in families with no father, and een families with 2 parents are often very strapped financially. Can you see to help? This is the most needful mission field. Yet, GSB is not supported by any denomination, congregation, or larger ministry. I do not make emotional appeals, pressure or cry. I am trusting God. But God is relying on you. The hour is late. Please act on the prompting of the Holy Spirit. — Thanks, Sharon Sarles