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LD Study Skills

Finally! perhaps the most valuable topic ever: actual practical idea for students having learning problems, or problems with their school work — problems we hate to call “learning disabilities.” I cam back from a conference and just had to add in my takeaways from one of the sessions I attended.

it was the Repairing the Ruins Conference from ACCS – Association of Classical Christian Schools. The breakout presenter was Susan Maher from Regents, Austin. All of the credit to her and any blame of mistakes to me.


I wanted to emphasize that the best schools, if they can afford it, do deal with “l;earning disabilities.”  Only brighter than average students will get this designation. So, once again, do not let stigma stop you from getting help. Labeling is an issue, and I will take that up very soon, but the idea of a school or educator or parent failing to get help for these kind of learning problems is itself part of the labeling issue.  This episode, mere points out my surprise that Regents, the very most elite and exclusive, offers this help.


Wanted to correct or add to my words about remediation rather than accommodation. At Regents they say “accommodation not modification.”  We actually agree in practice, but I wanted to convey the vocabulary and the ideas to you.


Lastly, I wanted to relay 3 good ideas for expanding study skills in a way that many students with learning problems will be able to apply helpfully to their school work. Using memnonic devices of SQ3R, LISAN, and SLOWER, these students can be helped to better read textbooks, note-take, and write papers.

Please hear the episode and then feel free to add any similar study skills techniques you may know about.



What ARE “Learning Disabilities” Anyway?

What are “learning disabilities”? In practical life? In the Law? In Public School?

What does it mean for a student to find that she or he has a “learning disability”?  Are these true disabilities? Is this labeling? Is labeling necessary? Are there any such thing at all?

So, a child has problems in school. What kind of problems fit in this category? What can be done?

We will answer those questions today, and more like them next time what happens in private schools, in homeschooling, and what are the most important tips on  how to proceed so that your child can experience a successful life.

Here are the links I promised:

  1. IDEA Act  Government promulgated fact sheet website  LDs are not mental retardation, now Down’s Syndrome, and not remediated by SEL Social and Emotional Learning. These are entirely separate discussions, but you might be misled by a single glance at this website!

Statute and Regulations

  1. Statute language as far as I can tell  This is USC Chap 33.I remember IDEA being PS 92-142.
  2. Section 504
  3. Wright’s Law website, explanation of the law
  4.  Home School Legal Defense Fund
  5. How Difficult Can it Be?  F>A>T> City   Recommended video  Available on Vimeo and for sale many places

How Hard Can This Be? By Richard Lavoie. In the author’s workshops, participants wind up frustrated, angry, and in tears — and finally understand …

This unique program lets viewers experience the frustration, anxiety, and tension faced by children with learning disabilities. Workshop facilitator Richard …

This unique program lets viewers experience the frustration, anxiety, and tension faced by children with learning disabilities. Workshop facilitator Richard …

This is “How Difficult Can This be? The F.A.T. City Workshop” by Reading Partners on Vimeo,and is for sale many places.

Learning Disabilities Association of Texas  Notice, the most important thing they think you need to know is that you may at any time, by law, request an evaluation for your student. Check out what they say. Remember, I said, to do it in writing, certified/return receipt requested. Then, you will get a response.


Homeschooling Triples — Encouragement to Be Part of the Movement

By very conservative estimates, homeschooling has tripled. Why do you suppose?

Whatever the reasons, there are good academic reasons. Even after the covid theater has shut down, there are safety reasons. Character and civics education is very needed. Getting away from Critical Race Theory and Marxism is not on the list.  Worldview, lifestyle, and family reasons rank highly, too.

Here is some great encouragement for you. Also, I am offering some guidance on choosing curricula and methods. First, see my book ” Learn at Home for Great Shalom.”

Also, helpful for the student in junior and senior high, and certainly before going off to college. How to Win the Game of School.