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Understanding Testing for Grades, Placement, Aptitude, and College Entrance

Today we talk about Testing for Grades, Placement, Aptitude, and College Entrance. I find that many people don’t understand the difference between criterion based and norm-based testing. In this way, they do not understand the scores.

Also, almost no one understands how random and arbitrary grades are. Even the standardized tests (either criterion or norm-based) have been re-centered much lower. No one has much motivation to talk about this, however.

Secrets revealed on how to find placement tests for purchasing homeschool curricula. Explanations given to allay concerns of homeschooling parent about their children being behind or being competitive in college entrance. Of course, it is helpful to understand how these tests work, but in general, home educated students are far ahead. And most college admissions clerks know that by now.

Intractable Learning Problems? See Lindamood-Bell

Mrs. Jennifer Sangave, from Lindamood-Bell in Austin, gave us an inspiring interview. She says they have statistics and claim a high success rate, even when children who have not done well in other programs. An individualized plan is the key. Hear what she has to say.


Here are 3 books all by James Popham, top consultant to public schools on testing.

The Truth About Testing

Testing! Testing! Testing!

Test Better, Teach Better

For study skills, please see Sharon Sarles’ How to Win the Game of School.

The 3 hours per lecture hour is for college not for public school! Students who are habituated to not havingh to study at all, find this amount of rigor in college shocking. Grades are not given away in college, as they are in some cases today in public schools. (States, schools, and teachers do vary.)