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Baby Formula Shortage Crisis – The Reporting & The Conversation

Introducing the topic to introduce the interview: Baby Formula

Just today, I am seeing headlines about a baby formula shortage crisis. I am herein just passing along the reporting and the conversation. This will introduce the interview that I recorded some weeks ago with a young mother who tells of her victory overcoming her problems with nursing. She found a recipe for baby formula. Looks a lot better to me than what I have seen as the ingredient list for commercial formula. Amazing that that episode was just waiting for the news today,

It might be helpful to hear the news altogether. Since this is a ministry about faith to overcome learning disabilities, then

  1. Learning how to learn is important. Today, that means sorting out truth from falsehood. – this episode
  2. Learning how to prevent learning problems is of great value. – the other episode

Here are the promised links to reports about Baby Formula Shortage/Crisis

 Tru News

Apr 29, 2022 … Claims online speculate that fires are being set at food processing plants in order to create a food shortage.

May 4, 2022 … Data on the number fires at food-processing plants in 2022 “does not signal anything out of the ordinary,” according to the National Fire …

Apr 14, 2022 … Firefighters contained a massive blaze at a central California food processing plant that prompted authorities to tell thousands of nearby …

Apr 14, 2022 … SALINAS, Calif. (AP) — A massive fire at a Northern California food processing plant prompted authorities to tell thousands of nearby …

Hoping that having these contrasting viewpoints side-by-side is helpful to those not familiar with the pattern. Snopes used to be the tool to swat down critical thinking.  Surprised they still exist; check them out. Largely forgotten. Then it was Facebook (aka fakebook)  factcheckers recently admitted by Z himself that they are biases.  In large legal trouble. Widely ridiculed. Point it: check out info, drill down to get real facts, hear both sides, and then make your own judgments. BTW, you might look back as see what your batting average is. The sickest people at the table shouldn’t be telling others how to manage their health. The guy in the most debt can’t teach finances to his friends who have not debt but savings.  And the one who has never heard the other side and is just going on emotion… well, you get the picture.

COLLECTION OF REPORTING – Discussion in Congress re agreed upon facts  AND another discussion of Suspicions

And Finally: Stew Peters

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Didn’t you think it was strange when Psaki, to a question about what the administration was doing about the baby formula crisis, responded that parents should see their doctor. Of course, that makes no sense. Doctors wouldn’t know better than someone else where there is formula, would they? And they certainly know little at best about nutrition. So, the response was ridiculous. Except. Today, I heard that physicians have been instructed to tell mothers not to make baby formula.

Sound just like a tiny supplement store owner who told me that just when covid started that an FDA representative visited him personally and said, “If  you suggest that you can cure or treat covid, we will shut you down.” Interesting. Why was it financially feasible to send a rep personally even to this tiny shop on an edge of a medium sized city, to insure that nothing could be said about reducing the severity of a virus?
Further, lactation consultants lose their credentials if they tell people that commercial formula is bad, unhealthy, or dangerous. They even use the word “unethical” — confusing ethical principles with the training or state credential rules. Actually, truthfulness, and allowing people autonomous, informed choice is what is ethical.

We are not ignorant of the devices of the evil one. We see patterns, don’t we? Let us stand up to represent the Son of God appropriately God wants total well-being for all children.*(

Of course, find out how someone has solved the issue here.  And please, please share. Moms and babies will thank you!



Driving around, I am shocked to see advertisements for Covid-19 testing, for covid-19 vaxxes, etc. What? Covid-19 left with Omicron. It did. Vaxxes are now widely known to have killed more  people, even immediately after taking it than covid did.  There is a concerted pushback from all quarters of society, even in the delayed and slow court system. And the courts are belatedly siding with the citizens. How is it, then, that some corporations are still advertising these things? Are there really some people so benighted that they are still participating? Is there profit in in some way? Or is the corruption money still flowing? Yikes. Protect yourself. And your children.

Public Info! If under 18, you are 51 times more likely to die from vaccine than Covid… more numbers by age


Well, yes, people are still dying in hospital from covid treatments. Please try to think straight. From covid treatments, not from covid. I know of a man who never had any covid symptoms and is now dead from the treatment.  Medical power of attorney was not honored. Several cases around the country are reported, and more are being litigated. Here is help.

check Rodney Howard Browne’s words about the near future, based on knowledge, at, during Sunday evening services.

BTW, there are many stores I no longer shop in. I am finding that this is very beneficial, as I now patronize local businesses more.

OTHER EVEN MORE UNBELIEVABLE —  REPORTED BY MORE THAN ONE SOURCE  (Also entitled “How to Avoid the Mark of the Beast.)

DISCOVERING  Recent ANTI PARENTAL MOVES by Government Colluding with Medical Industry

I am hearing repeated moves by elites, through the government, to take over the ownership of children in contradistinction to parental rights, to abuse them, and to endanger their health. There is so much news, it is hard to see patterns, but there is a definite pattern of aggression against the safety of children and the denigration of parental rights.

First, we are discovering that there is child sex trade to a level that has never been before. The regular police don’t even try to address it. Finally, some independent ctiizens are addressing it. Covert reports suggest moves against covert trade. We do know from conventional news that there was official action in the Trump administration and is the Abbot administration.  At the national level, however, the efforts were stopped with the new administration. We also know from conventional news sosurse that a new influx of immigrants, including many unaccompanied children, that have come in … and disappeared. i worry.

Now, I am hearing, as are you, even in the most conservative states, citizens having to struggle against fait d’accompli of legal destruction of parental rights.

3 Republicans Sneak In Vaccination Without Parental Consent Amendment (Update 4.1.22)

Mother testifies about her family’s experience at about minute 45…-the-truth-parental-rights-and-hunters-laptop-paul-cr.html


The Great Shalom has never been political. I even tried to restrain the Patriot Academy having the one word “conservative” when they came on in 2009.  We are focused on overcoming learning problems of children. However, that is inevitably connected with health and safety. Notice what happened to the founder of Focus on the Family?


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Above all, please share with any who would listen. You will be saving lives. Apparently, some people still don’t know. Have mercy on those who can’t think well, for whatever reason.

Should Children Get the Jab?

Here is what the world’s expert on the jab says: THINK TWICE.   Dr. Malone is the one who invented the mRNA vax.

“He pointed to information compiled on his website, which includes a list of peer-reviewed studies related to COVID-19 vaccine adverse events in children, the main one being myocarditis. The website also includes a collection of adverse events reports as well as death reports in the pediatric community, submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).” Epoch Times ibid.

Here is what Dr. Mercola has to say on the matter: NO! More likely to face long-term health risks from the jab than from the disease it purports to address. Mercola says jab bad for children.

Mercola is a well known wellness expert of long standing — rather than a conventional doctor on big pharma or government payroll.

Notice, it is based on the VAERS the official list of adverse affects. I have heard it reported that the VAERS are low; that nurses have been told not to report. I heard Dr. Wakefield says that the adverse affects of this jab are higher than all the adverse affects of all immunizations heretofore recorded.

Notice that there is an typographical error in the Epoch Times article. It says “no previous ideology”, when it means “no previous etiology”. Pretty hilarious under the circumstances.


The CDC says otherwise. But comb thru the article. Do they have evidence? Is Covid-19 dangerous for children? If death rate is less than .001 for adults? With over reporting?  If nearly everyone one who dies has a co-morbidity factor? If proper treatment was denied? Is there any evidence at all about children? Certainly there are no safety trials for kids if not for the vax for adults! Learn to figure out which claims are true.

The only hope to ending the pandemic? Who would be so irresponsible to say such a thing? Someone on a payroll, who didn’t have any knowledge of viruses, who didn’t care who they killed. Notice dates too. After Omicron, does a dangerous vax for the original virus make sense? (And you do know about Farr’s Law.  you do know how effective the flu vax is. You do know how safe other vaxxes have been — and they did have at least some safety testing.) THINK!

Any addressing of the hug spike in menses dis-regulation?

Look for scientific data, not mere comforting assertions! Be worried when you find deception. No-do-overs.


1/20/22 Here is what the chief scientist for the UN says: