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Grandmothers’ Prayer Tool

Wrapping up our Grandmothers’ prayer campaign that we were running this summer. Encouraging prayer always, of course. Explanation of the progress of prayer through the ages and how a prayer tool like this fits in. I cover several of the most popular scriptures to pray and several options for continued prayer.

Fortunately, we know that if we pray in the will of God, we will have our answers. And we do know that God wants total well-being for all children! Yay! HalleluJah!

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More on What are Learning “Disabilities?”

Following our discussion of “learning disabilities” are — and are not , I continue giving you my read on what happens with “learning disabilities” in private schools and in homeschooling. I try to give you a peek into what it is like in the student’s mind. For this, see an old film called “How Difficult Can it Be?’ from F.A.T. City — widely available, link below. Then I also give you my best tips.


Diagnoses, because of the dynamics of labeling can be really deadly.  They are often resisted because parents see them as death knells. They should be used as guidance to the educators. We have given you some idea of the process in public schools. Private purchases can get higher quality, but still there is often a gap of understanding. The best tests come out in reports that need to be translated into educational plans, and then those plans need to be followed. Perhaps refined.

Private schooling can avoid labels, give hope & motivation — and sometimes give individualized help. Homeschooling has the superior advantage of truly individualized programming. A child can be taught in the way she or he best learns. These students can be advanced dramatically in their areas of strength and still have time to catch up skills in another area. Stigma, labeling, and time pressure is eliminated. Often it is ideal, IF the mother/father/ or hired tutor has the vision, creativity and motivation to help the student excel.


Use strengths to overcome weaknesses. Notice, what are called “disabilities” often are only weaknesses. These children CAN learn. Remediate weaknesses, but not to the point of failing to build up strengths. And be sure the child has a decent life!. Do not accept negative prophecies, but realize that not all students must be scholars. They do, however all need to be literate, get through school, and be able to choose a career.

This can be done. Faith for this is the first step. Then, there needs to be practical, innovative ideas. It is all of a piece. This broadcast is the only one that brings those two vital components together. And even as innocuous as this is, I have been suppressed. Therefore, please share with those who are interested!


How Difficult can it be by F.A.T. City

outline of “How Difficult…”

books related

HSLDA Home School Legal Defense Association

THSC Texaas Home School Coalition

For individual advice, homeschool coaching, or translation of Doctor’s/Psychologist’s findings, see  :

What ARE “Learning Disabilities” Anyway?

What are “learning disabilities”? In practical life? In the Law? In Public School?

What does it mean for a student to find that she or he has a “learning disability”?  Are these true disabilities? Is this labeling? Is labeling necessary? Are there any such thing at all?

So, a child has problems in school. What kind of problems fit in this category? What can be done?

We will answer those questions today, and more like them next time what happens in private schools, in homeschooling, and what are the most important tips on  how to proceed so that your child can experience a successful life.

Here are the links I promised:

  1. IDEA Act  Government promulgated fact sheet website  LDs are not mental retardation, now Down’s Syndrome, and not remediated by SEL Social and Emotional Learning. These are entirely separate discussions, but you might be misled by a single glance at this website!

Statute and Regulations

  1. Statute language as far as I can tell  This is USC Chap 33.I remember IDEA being PS 92-142.
  2. Section 504
  3. Wright’s Law website, explanation of the law
  4.  Home School Legal Defense Fund
  5. How Difficult Can it Be?  F>A>T> City   Recommended video  Available on Vimeo and for sale many places

How Hard Can This Be? By Richard Lavoie. In the author’s workshops, participants wind up frustrated, angry, and in tears — and finally understand …

This unique program lets viewers experience the frustration, anxiety, and tension faced by children with learning disabilities. Workshop facilitator Richard …

This unique program lets viewers experience the frustration, anxiety, and tension faced by children with learning disabilities. Workshop facilitator Richard …

This is “How Difficult Can This be? The F.A.T. City Workshop” by Reading Partners on Vimeo,and is for sale many places.

Learning Disabilities Association of Texas  Notice, the most important thing they think you need to know is that you may at any time, by law, request an evaluation for your student. Check out what they say. Remember, I said, to do it in writing, certified/return receipt requested. Then, you will get a response.


Other People Weigh in on Religious Exemptions

Diamond and Silk Chit Chat on 1/12/2022

Peggy Hall on Diamond and Silk weighs in on religious exemptions.

Peggy Hall interview says religious exemptions are covered under Title 12 — even if you don’t belong to any recognized religious group   See more from interview under  Warns about trap questions from employers.

Says you have the right to refuse testing and masks. No employer has the right to usurp your rights. Unless they think your beliefs are not sincere. For instance, you have talked about politics and then start suddenly talk about religion. So, the interview suggests pray and share your Bible verses, and belief.

Keep a record of every harassment, including fellow employees, and your feelings. Coerced, intimidated, undue stress?

You are not asking for  permission, but notifying the employer of conflict, who is required to accommodate your religious exemption.They must try every possible option. They may not reject it out of hand. which is what they are doing.

there is more — look on Frank, Rumble or possibly other platforms.