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Labeling is Real : Identify it and Overcome it

Thomas Scheff and David Rosenhans, among other sociologists and psychologists, have explained to us how labeling hurts people. People tend to live down to the labels they are given. Nowhere is this more true than among children who are labeled “stupid” or “bad” in school when they are young.

I explain the science just a little, give you some stories of children that I have seen, and give you a great technique that overcomes labeling.


Concluding out series on the hot topic of “school choice” actually meaning “vouchers.” Like so many other issues, the words used are used in order to deceive. Styled as educational freedom, this is an attempted takeover of all private education, even homeschooling, by the very government that ruined public education. The shekels come with shackels.

Heather Hall uses her principle approach to unpack the situation. Dr. Max Lyons suggests an alternative: congregations providing scholarships. And Keven Novak concludes the series with the warning that if we think this will be increased freedom, we need to think again.

This is only a taste of what they have to say. I strongly encourage you to get the full document: Vouchers: Shekels with Shackles.  It is available in pdf format to download right now if you sign up on our announcement list. Or, you may get it at the publishers: Front Line Ministries. Please get it and share it.

The Discussion at the State Capitol

I am seeing more discussion about this on social media and even with postcards coming to my home. Largely they appear to be the leftists being against it, charging that the conservatives just want more money for themselves, for private schools.  They argue that public money should not go to fund religion. Hmm. And then, I see politicians smiling broadly at how they are increasing freedom. That, in itself, should give you pause.

If you weren’t informed: rights come from God. Then we, as free people, agreed to let government have some duties, limited duties, to protect us, basically. Anytime a politician claims to give you rights, they are off the path of American political philosophy and are enslaving  you. If that was not taught and underlined in your elementary schooling, that in itself shows the degradation of education and the danger in our current society. You very much need to read this little compilation –please.

Find the Authors


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Dr. Max Lyons

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Dr. Marlene McMillan Why Liberty Matters


Yes, You Should Hope for Academic Success

Yes! You SHOULD hope for Academic Success. God wants academic success. Yes! So, go get it.

I know so many of us are bedraggled, hurt, and discouraged. The bad is manifesting all around us. The unimaginable keeps erupting. But we were told this would happen. And we have been given promises.

So, first, in your journey toward great shalom, hear this. Hear that God wants the best for you and your child. This is the starting point. This is hope. Grab it by faith. When you do, then you will be strengthened to find the answer. The enemy makes you look at one or two things that seem hopeless. But when you do that, you don’t see the answer, the fix.

So, while I work on the episodes I promised, let’s have a happy episode. Yes! Academic success is available. Maybe not the way  you expect… but that is good, something better is in the wings. And it is academic success. God wants your child to be able to learn. Satan wants  you hopeless. That is why I want to tell you “God Wants Academic Success”  for you and for your child. Because academic success IS part of GREAT SHALOM.