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Holiday Foods for Health and Smarts

Today, I am getting ready for Thanksgiving. Everyone here in the United States, especially if they are the cook for their family or friends is doing the same. So, today, I’m re-running my episode on great, basic, traditional foods that help health for body and brains.

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20 Brain Foods That Will Boost Your Focus & Productivity


Recently, I heard someone who seemed bright and even-handed talk about human parts that were used as food additives. Oh my God! Dear, Lord, save us! After the past 2 years, I tend to believe that this could happen.

While I do not know about that, I do know that most processed food has problems. Artificial dyes created hyper-activity or attention problems in 80% of the population. I know that the most common ingredients in face soap and shampoo creates skin problems for me, and is used in industry for widely different uses. Do you want the same chemical used for stripping off ship’s deck varnish for taking off your makeup?

But organic vegetables have a hard time to find any critics.


So, I commend to you the basic, traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas foods. Sweet potatoes are some of the most nutritious foods around. Wash, bake, and serve with free range butter. Nothing better! (Do not, do not, use canned potatoes, the poorest around, and then glop up with the worst sugary stuff around!)  Then, make some apple pies, with pie apples and fresh flour and butter. How about some greens with nut gravy? How about some salad with mandarin orange slices? How about some mixed nuts instead of my old favorite: Texas Trash. Notice where the recipe came from? The cereal companies. Read the ingredients there and forget it. Get some lightly salted mixed nuts.

Have fun. And while you are snacking, talk to your family, play games with them, and lay off too much screens. If you do screen, share the big one from far away.  Okay?

The first step in helping learning disabilities is to prevent them! Food has got to be part of the equation.


Let’s Pray Right Now!

Does it seem to you that things are finally quiet? Or are you waiting for the next shoe to drop in the election? Are you waiting for a cataclysmic return of Trump? Are you just used to a news roar?

Look, we really are in a crisis. The foundations of good, truth, health, and prosperity are being shaken. Look back and see that for generations, it has been creeping up on us. It has happened before that people strayed from God, and then they were given a choice, and then, based on that choice, there were consequences. You can read about the history of ancient Israel right there in you Bible.

Unless you think you are just SO much smarter than anyone else that was previous to you. Right. Not as strong. Don’t see as well. Don’t run as well. Don’t read as well. And for sure, don’t think as well. Sorry, fact.

So, let’s start praying! Pray for our children: for salvation body soul spirit — in all ways — great shalom. Let’s pray for those who teach that they not be deceived, that they be strong and kind.  Pray for our leaders: that they repent and get on the right track or are removed. Let’s pray for our law enforcement: that they enforce rather than try to be the law.  Let’s pray for the elections to be fair.  Let’s pray for the courts: that judgment once again be founded on justice. Pray for ourselves. Repentance for straying.  Thanksgiving for the mercy and grace of God!

Let’s pray right now!


Today, hear the extremely inspiring story of Marta Silva’s one woman revival in schools by reaching out to parents. With nothing more than the mandate from God, Marta went to schools in her area (northeastern US), reached out to parents, held a meeting, told them the problems, and inspired them to an active revival.  It is an inspiring story! One woman caused a parent revival that addressed the problems of their children in schools.

I met Marta at Calvary Pentecostal Campground one summer on what for me what a worship retreat and reconnoiter. Marta was the bright spot, so full of energy and faith. She told me what she was doing, just as a woman and a mother — but full of faith and Spirit. She was going to various school surroundings, door to door, asking parents to a meeting, sometimes at the school depending upon the administration, telling parents the problems, and getting revival and mobilization for reform.

Hear her story. Be patient with the sound. Then, go and do thou likewise!