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It is a good time of year for a lesson in manners

It is a good time of year for a lesson in manners. Manners would go a long way to making family holidays more pleasant. Manners would go along way to being a life skills that would support making a good living. Manners is the way to go a step up the socio-economic ladder. Yet, as a culture, we threw them out. They are neither taught nor modeled in public/government schools. Often even church leaders and Christian school faculty as short of their own lessons. It is worth some real study.

Btw, “social skills” is now beginning to be taught, given the crying need. Manners are part of social skills, often taught if at all in a disconnected way from character. Manners without reality, without a foundation in good character is at best fake. Don’t fall for this substitute.

Here is a past episode, one of a series that you can get, on manners. Feel free to contribute your own ideas. One of the challenges is that different communities have different rules. But there is a common rule set, found in many published manner books. Knowing these can really help.

Holiday Activities to do with Your Children 2023

Happy, faith-filled, educative, fun activities for your children. This is important for students with “learning disabiities” just to have some enjoyable, joyful experiences! This is important for all children, to engage in the faith of the family. This is important to your family to pass along traditions. This is important for all of society, to pass along values, skills, traditions — culture.

Ideas include gifts to make, greeting cards, crafts and arts that depict your faith. Whether your family celebrates Christmas, the Hanukah miracle of the oil, or the history of the Macabees, make it meaningful.

Have Fun with your Children this Thanksgiving

We are reposting an older Thanksgiving post. From 2020 but sadly, current today. I did hope to find one with activities; I know you like that.

One idea, right up front: find out the difference between the Pilgrims and the Puritans. And search to find a televised parade from Plymouth. It may be this weekend rather than next. Pilgrims would be a great theme for lessons and artwork and play.

Have fun this holiday. Do things with your children.  It IS important, more important than your job ,career or your activism;  it is your most important ministry.

Btw, they are not “kids.”  That was a term that was once considered to be endearing, saying how children act like little goats. Do not curse them in that way. Say: children.

Our whole culture needs to repent and start valuing children. So obvious. Will happen. The sooner the better. Turning the hearts of the parents to the children and the heart of the children to the parents.

Btw, you may enjoy the *Chosen* series. You can watch this free in one way or another. I just saw Matthew going to reconcile with his father, after hearing Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Touching. But that was beginning Season 3 and Season 4 is coming out. Enjoy.