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Let’s Pray Right Now!

Does it seem to you that things are finally quiet? Or are you waiting for the next shoe to drop in the election? Are you waiting for a cataclysmic return of Trump? Are you just used to a news roar?

Look, we really are in a crisis. The foundations of good, truth, health, and prosperity are being shaken. Look back and see that for generations, it has been creeping up on us. It has happened before that people strayed from God, and then they were given a choice, and then, based on that choice, there were consequences. You can read about the history of ancient Israel right there in you Bible.

Unless you think you are just SO much smarter than anyone else that was previous to you. Right. Not as strong. Don’t see as well. Don’t run as well. Don’t read as well. And for sure, don’t think as well. Sorry, fact.

So, let’s start praying! Pray for our children: for salvation body soul spirit — in all ways — great shalom. Let’s pray for those who teach that they not be deceived, that they be strong and kind.  Pray for our leaders: that they repent and get on the right track or are removed. Let’s pray for our law enforcement: that they enforce rather than try to be the law.  Let’s pray for the elections to be fair.  Let’s pray for the courts: that judgment once again be founded on justice. Pray for ourselves. Repentance for straying.  Thanksgiving for the mercy and grace of God!

Let’s pray right now!

Miraculous Healing

A couple of friends came in the studio to testify of miraculous healings they had experienced under my ministry. I threatened them not to talk about me! LOL But they did talk about their healings.

this is so very important, because the number one reason peolpe don’t see healing is because they don’t think it exists. People resign themselves to whatever the problem is. Worse, they use it for an excuse to get other things they want, so the very problem is a treasure to them.

This is abundantly true in learning disabilities at this time. Children learn to be work avoidant victim controllers rather than overcomers, successful and happy.  Teacher learn to have ever lower expectations and predictably get those expectations.  Teachers college which for so long denied that learning disbilities existed now train people to see them as disabilities that need to be encouraged and coddled, rather than overcome.

The whole public school system appears to be set up to ensure a dumbing down of the population. Just when it seemed that it couldn’t get worse, there is a new law that gives more money to for the school for every child identified with LD. That sounds good, except the “services” were never helpful.  Labeling theory explains how the label fixes and makes permanent the problem. This is trebly true when “services” means that the children will get less of the regular education, and more of the labeling behavior.

Hear Betty and Melanie and apply that hope and faith to your situation.



Today, hear the extremely inspiring story of Marta Silva’s one woman revival in schools by reaching out to parents. With nothing more than the mandate from God, Marta went to schools in her area (northeastern US), reached out to parents, held a meeting, told them the problems, and inspired them to an active revival.  It is an inspiring story! One woman caused a parent revival that addressed the problems of their children in schools.

I met Marta at Calvary Pentecostal Campground one summer on what for me what a worship retreat and reconnoiter. Marta was the bright spot, so full of energy and faith. She told me what she was doing, just as a woman and a mother — but full of faith and Spirit. She was going to various school surroundings, door to door, asking parents to a meeting, sometimes at the school depending upon the administration, telling parents the problems, and getting revival and mobilization for reform.

Hear her story. Be patient with the sound. Then, go and do thou likewise!