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Grandmothers’ Prayer Tool

Wrapping up our Grandmothers’ prayer campaign that we were running this summer. Encouraging prayer always, of course. Explanation of the progress of prayer through the ages and how a prayer tool like this fits in. I cover several of the most popular scriptures to pray and several options for continued prayer.

Fortunately, we know that if we pray in the will of God, we will have our answers. And we do know that God wants total well-being for all children! Yay! HalleluJah!

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Grandmother Prayer Campaign

This is the 5th post in our summer campaign.  I hope I have encouraged everyone to pray for their progeny – and for the children of the society.

Here are the links I promised:

  1. Dr. Stella Immanuel MD  prayer and strategy book
  2. Ed Silvoso’s book *Prayer Evangelism*
  3. Dutch Sheets’ *Give Him 15*

Grandmother Prayer Project

This is the 4th post in our grandmothers’  prayer project. Let’s get her done before school starts … well maybe the project finished before school starts in the North. LOL

Please send testimonies and prayer requests.

Thanks for the bump up in numbers on the website. This is one of the ways that I know that I have plenty of the grand generation: I have a high percentage that listen via browser rather than by podcast. Unusual, but welcome.

We all go through some sacrifice for doing right. My numbers plummeted during covid, partially because I stopped casting for a while but even more probably because of the info I was curating on my website. They couldn’t kick me off a platform, but they could shadow ban me. Please share, both electronically and word of mouth. It is the only way we can help more people.

Grandmother’s Prayer Army Encouragement

Next installment.

I recounted in a full episode a meeting of an old friend of this broadcast, Simon Okwayo, and his burden for American children and youth. Hear that. Then, I announced a prayer campaign: pray 10 minutes a day first for your offspring and then for the neighbors and finally for the nation’s children and youth. Since then, the movie “Sound of Freedom” came out. More has come out. This week, we will go to the library: mom and the kids. For now, more encouragement and specific ideas for your prayer campaign.

Invite others, won’t you?

Send for our free, full color, brochure on how to pray for your children by sending us an email to We will send you a link.