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Back to School

It is back to school time in Texas, and will be soon in other places. Therefore, today, we are going to bring back an old episode in which we had an intercessor pray for teachers and students going back to school. It was 2008 and Bob Long came into the radio station with us to talk to us about what teachers and students could do in public school and primarily to pray for them. At that time, his ministry was leading intercessors across out metro area. After that, he spent a lot of time praying for those in our state legislature. I’ve lost track of Bob since then, but surely our parents, teachers, students…. and governmental officials need prayer now more than ever.

It is a busy time as we go about trying to meet our own needs, those of our families, and work for civic duty. It is the start of the school year here, so that is often a change of schedule. Some are going off to school Others are beginning homeschooling. I have just heard from another state, that while many were learning online, so many people are hungry for face to face interaction, that many homeschoolers are abandoning online and  starting to meet with others.

Here, many of my friends are involved in election work: door knocking, more meetings and so forth. Given what we heard at the summit this weekend in Missouri, we have a much clearer picture of the challenges before us. Facts are abundantly clear that are hilariously still disputed —  but a new and even more nefarious picture of widespread evil has emerged. This must change strategy.

For parents, protecting our children must be foremost. For those of us with enough to sustain ourselves, we are tasked with civic duty to try to bring our nation back to liberty and justice.

Clearly, it is a time for earnest prayer!  Lord, help us! Purify our hearts. Grant repentance to our land. Strengthen the hearts of the pure. Thank you for the angelic hosts.Thank you for the sons of God, willing to lay down their lives to teach and lead us.  Come, Lord, Jesus!


Praying for Kids Success

Today, we are praying for our children’s success. Success comes in many shapes and sizes; it is not all about money, of course. We all want our children to have a good life, to be happy, to do well enough in school — and most of all to succeed int he good things they dream of doing. So, we pray. I think all mothers pray for their children. Maybe someone who has studied prayer can be of assistance in praying more effectively. Maybe we can learn more about prayer, more about God, and have better results? Makes sense, although I have never ever heard anyone speak of it. So, let’s try. Let’s pray together: for our children.

Also, of course, a Christian teacher should pray for her/his students. Same prayers. A teacher may not have as great a jurisdiction as a mother, but still a teacher has jurisdiction/authority over her classroom. So, of course, let’s pray.

Please joine with me. Please let me know of your victories — comment below or email me at

Praying for Kids in Trouble

Finally! fulfilling what I said, that we would intersperse practical with spiritual, today we pray for kids in trouble. We also relay something about the Lord and his loving parent’s heart. This comes from Jesus’ parable that is often called “The Prodigal Son.” The story does have a son that is “prodigal” or in other words goes away and lives wastefully and wrongly. This son does comes back and the father receives him joyfully. So, we use it to pray for our kids to come back and live a good life.

Of course, the story does have another son, a son who follows the rules but isn’t very loving. He refuses to come into the party. The father comes out to him, too. So, the story is really about the good father.

Anyway, why don’t you come to the throne of grace with me, praying for kids. Then, we too, can go into the good Father’s party! HalleluJah!

Here is a share from some friends: Robert Henderson and sons on pastoral staff praying for prodigals not long ago.


BTw, there is breaking news about the details of the shot that many people think will protect them from some dread disease. Did anybody tell you that? Or just lead you to believe that? Did you discuss the situation with your doctor? Did you ask him or her about the safety of RNA? Are children likely to be hurt by the c*v*d-**? Then, why in the world would you subject them to a jab that thousands have died from? That many developed countries have now halted distribution (Germany France, Spain, The Netherlands….)? How many adults are dying from the plague? No…. THINK…. not the inflated and highly manipulable number of identified cases… but deaths? Are you thinking? Are you protecting your children? Are you acting on science, or fear? THINK! RESEARCH!

Btw, I am not familiar with any of these platforms/websites. I found the Daystar interview on Youtube, but am surprised it has remained up for even 4 days there. Dr. Tenpenny says that official reports are that 1,200 have died from the shots, but the true numbers is more likely to be close to 12,000.

This is my news aggregator that relayed the information that many nations have halted v-word distribution because of safety concerns.