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Breastfeeding and What if A Mother Can Not?

Breastfeeding is best. We do know this. Best for health; best for baby’s brain.
But what if a mother can not breastfeed for some real reason? Back in Spring 2022, remember, we had a baby formula crisis. We seem to have recurrent “crisis” around food — let’s hold that idea. Remember, you couldn’t get that formula. But… did you ever want it? Have you read what is in commercial formula? Is there a better substitute? A professional lactation specialists is not permitted to tell you, but … I found a friend.

So, a great friend, wonderful mother, and inspiring woman let us know about her situation and how she makes formula. Not surprisingly, she got some information from the Weston-Price Foundation.

Weston-Price Foundation recommends healthier food. Have you heard all the claims that commercial food is being tainted or will be tainted with dangerous mRNA or bugs? Someone asked Robert Barnes, Constitutional Lawyer extraordinaire how it is that elites would taint food, since wouldn’t they kill themselves thereby. Barnes averred that elites tend not to eat commercial food. I have heard that King Charles has long invested in organic gardens on his property and that garden supplies his tables. So, Barnes’ observation on that point may be correct, and this questioner’s assumption might fail. At any rate, I and GSB have long held that it is best to eat food like God made it. It is our faith; and it has worked for us.

If you are not at the breastfedding stage, you may wish to check into the extent to which cow or goat or sheep milk is good for your child. I think you may be surprised to find out that while necessary measures in commercial process may reduce nutrition. Thus, raw milk, if you can get it, from a trust source, might be the best option. Check out our handout, which is indebted to the Weston-Price Foundation. See the sidebar to the right.

Doc Pete Chambers, who coordinated relief to West Texas ranchers, suggested that pattern analysis may indicate that intentional targeting of food production may have been the cause of the blaze. › v4gnoxx-texas-fire-situation-report-with-doc-pete-chambers-live-from-tx.html
TEXAS FIRE – Situation Report With Doc Pete Chambers Live From TX – Rumble
Mar 1, 2024INSPIRED Mar 1, 2024 TEXAS FIRE – Situation Report With Doc Pete Chambers Live From TX Gundry MD – Watch this eye-opening … › article › lliquid-nitrogen-leak-georgia-plant-34698174274717f4ec84b6964782e9fe
Liquid nitrogen leak at Georgia poultry plant kills 6 | AP News
Published 7:29 PM PDT, January 28, 2021. GAINESVILLE, Ga, (AP) — A liquid nitrogen leak at a northeast Georgia poultry plant killed six people Thursday and sent 11 others to the hospital, officials said. At least three of those injured at the Foundation Food Group plant in Gainesville were reported in critical condition. › us › texas-chicken-farm-engulfed-hours-massive-blaze
Texas chicken farm erupted into flames on Monday night | Fox News
Jan 31, 2024The Bryan Fire Department shared images of the fire, which showed huge flames and a giant plume of smoke at Feather Crest Chicken Farm, which is owned by MPS Egg Farms. The sheriff’s office said … › news › massive-fire-destroys-buildings-holding-up-to-80000-chickens-at-dade-city-farm
Dade City poultry farm fire likely killed 250,000 chickens, officials say
DADE CITY, Fla. – Fire crews in Pasco County said a massive fire likely killed as many as 250,000 chickens at a Dade City chicken farm after flames tore through three barns with thousands of chickens inside. Farmhands living at Cal-Maine Foods in Dade City called 911 to report the growing fire. When The Amos Miller case is paragimatic of the food freedom concern. Check out legal documents, and actual truth, on the 1776 Law Center site. Most conventional news outlets are predictably being stenographers for the flagrant over-reach of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. There does seem to be a coordinated attack on the Amish in general. Imagine: a movie about Amish as the mob. Right. They are pacificists. They don’t even understand the concept of lying. So, guess who is lying… again.

Get right with God… no way to argue we are not in the end times when this sort of thing going on: bioweapons mandated and advertised by the government who also censor critics. Then, not just conservative Christians in politics (who for instance pray outside of abortion clinic they see as baby killing factories) but now… Amish… for selling foods entirely lawfully. This does match the woes in the book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Why STEAM education is Dangerous

STEM is science, technology, engineering and math. It was heralded as a step forward, after low American scores. More recently art was added. So STEAM is all the rage. Wait. What? While we are celebrating, now for years, something we did very badly, and still do even worse…. what is missing. What is being hidden? Watch out.

This is dangerous. See why. Come to your own conclusions. Join me through a few stories for a fun ride. With an ending realization that History and Civics, done well of course, should be the center of education. That is what is being left out.

Why has History been so very neglected? What has been the result? If there is an intention behind it, what would that be?

How can you correct it?
For more on the history of Homeschooling judicial decisions in Texas, see the Texas Homeschooling Coalition

Also: Hot News: World History Institute, inspired by the work of Marshall Foster to show how the Bible, the Reformation, and good history line up for a better world today, is working on High School curricula. I’m sure it will be great. In the meantime, get *The American Covenant* as reading or curricula, in either newer or older version.


Thinking better… or worse?

Tucker Carlson interview doctor who says constant fear damages the brain. I think we knew that — for acute cases.
We knew that children who suffer abuse often are damaged. We knew that teaching based on fear rather than compassion works less well.
But now, after so much turmoil, knowing that it can cause Alzheimer’s like symptoms… we need to rethink.
Faith will prove to be ever more important.
Thank God we have a God who is all love. None other are.
Thank God we have a God who forgives. None like Him.
Thank God we have a God who holds the future, told us about it, and we know… wins. LOL How could the Creator not win?
So, let’s protect out brains and that of our children, by guarding our minds.
Oh, my!

Importance of Washing Hands and of NOT getting sticky with….

Another rerun from back in 2009 when we were on the radio. Dr. Ensign, a chiropractor, interested in health, came to share best ideas for mothers.However, he didn’t recommend using that sticky alchohol stuff. It will kill some germs, but the rest are given a nice home.

Lots of the best preschools in the land make handwashing a standard routine for their little ones. Indeed, in order to keep the handwashing going, the alphabet song is encouraged, in order time the washing. Try out such ideas to make handwashing fun and regular.

In introductory Biology in high school, we learned that germs don’t grow on clean surfaces. That is why gyms would have towels to wipe off the equipment: so germs couldn’t grow in the wet. However, now, go into any gymn, (if you can stand the soup of chemicals in the air) and check to see if the equipment is not sticky. Besides, no one is considering what chemicals they are regularly putting in their body through their skin.

Fear makes you do all sorts of silly things.  Instead, think.

Washing hands, with soap and water, prevents a lot of diseases. Studies show that children who wash their hands,and scrub their names miss less time from school, and (maybe therefore) have better grades. So much for what sociologists and epidemiologists can measure. The point is, being healthy is a good idea for being smart. And, okay fine, the argument for reverse causation could be made. Still, the point is: wash those hands.

This post seems to be timely, because Dr. Stella Immanuel has put out a new product to prepare for hemmorhagic fevers like ebola and Marburg. I saw in another social media post that someone is now claiming that ebola also came out of a lab.  Look, I do not know about that claim. What I do know is that washing hands is a good idea. So is being healthy. Further, I have found great benefit (both in terms of health and budget) in herbal preparations and vitamins. Check it out for yourself. Also, see my GSB4Grans tab, where I pass long some info from people whom I trust (Enlows) and an organization that cites peer reviewed journals (Life Extension.)