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Nuclear Fallout? Blast?

Many are worried about nuclear fallout. I do not know if this is a justified worry, given that most of what we are hearing about the conflict in Ukraine are lies. (Reflect and you will realize that you know that every war is a failure of diplomacy and every government in time of war resorts to propaganda to whip up support for their side. ) I recommend you seek information from colleagues, missionaries and families who are there. You will find that reports differ by region, and that the history is more complicated than we know. Indeed, our own leadership’s recent involvement is more complicated than most of us can follow. Witness the Biden laptop.

Notice, The Great Shalom is not weighing in, but is relaying what we can in terms of training in how to figure out what is true. Now, back to the health worry.

In case you feel it is prudent to prepare for nuclear fallout, there are things that can be done.

  1. There are supplements that provide some protection, according to the FDA.
  2. My understanding is that seaweed and miso offer the same protection. it is reported that Japanese monks whose livelihood it was to make miso and who ate seaweed did not experience the same negative effects of the nuclear bomb detonated in Japan in World War II.
  3. It is possible to build a fallout shelter.  The best ones have sophisticated air filtering systems. There are some that are cheap and home-made that offer some protection.  Will try to get you links.I have no direct knowledge of any of these companies. I do not see the company I found a year ago. will see, they are expensive. The best would have a shower at the door and a sophisticated air vent system. Without this, you could be in trouble. Most are underground and hidden.


Underground Bomb Shelters For Sale For Fallout Survival

Bomb Shelters For Sale

The Lost Herbs/ Ask a Prepper company does have a digital/book that shows how to dig a shelter, and make a entry way that reduces the contamination coming in. I think you still need a ventilation system.


Where To Hide In Case of A Nuclear Attack

Salt mine under Houston or Detroit? What?

What Happens If You Eat Food From The Civil Defense Emergency Kit?


Summary: Don’t panic, do prepare for general disaster

U.S. Nuclear Target Map (Do You Live In a Death Zone?)

Welcome Back Update

Today, “welcome back” has a new meaning. We overcame our technical problem. You should now be receiving your podcast through your normal method. Because we had this glitch many of you missed the last episode that answered your 3 biggest questions on homeschooling. (Will also help anyone having trouble with reading/writing.) Please check it out.

Then, I give you some updates about what is coming. Please answer the poll that is pinned to the top of the front page on our website, Please also email me with your questions and so forth. Please let me know if you want to be on any announcement list.

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A Major in the Canadian Armed Forces has a Word to Say to Military & Police

A senior officer and educated in political science, from a country rooted in the same philosophy as the US and other British related countries summarizes the situation. Makes a clear call to military and police personnel.

In related news, Steve Turley Ph.D. relates success of Canadian trucker convoy — not only in Canada but around the world.

BTW, it is rumored that a convoy is planned for the USA toward the end of February. Why did Canada have a jump on the States in this case? Perhaps because Canada has more than its share of Poles, Czechs, Estonians, Latvians and Ukrainians, who have stood against both Fascisim and Communism before. Indeed, truck convoys have made head of states in those countries resign. Indeed, perhaps the first such protest was Lech Walensa in Poland, shutting down the shipping yards.

The workers of the world united against an elite who was using communism to enslave and impoverish the people. Neither Soviet style nor Maoist style communism has ever worked. Only Cuba and North Korea and China to some extent still claim to be communist. China is including both state capitalism and more traditional values. Japan could similarly be called state capitalism, but it is democratic instead of authoritarian. This observation puts the lie to hiding behind “government charity” in order to disenfranchise, enslave people.

If Canadians can rouse them from this deception, surely the USA should be able to do so. Looks like perhaps we are. See Turley quoting Democrat leaders saying that the Democrat party is facing extinction. So is the Social Democrat Party in Europe.

But don’t forget your friends who failed to do their research, who wouldn’t learn, who went along with repressive measures. Don’t forget doctors who went along with mask mandartes that anyone who passed basic college biology would know were silly. Don’t forget politicians and corporations who colluded with genocide.  For sure don’t go to hospitals who murdered people.

Oh dear — are still murdering people!  If you are in a prayer group, I’m sure you have prayer requests about people who went into the hospital now with unrelated problems who have been snatched into the covid ward, never to be seen again. It is time for everyone to do something. Do anything. Be free by choosing to do right.