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School Choice : History, Yes & No

Today, I am embarking on adding information to the conversation about school choice. It seems to be a hot topic. Indeed, it is about overcoming learning problems in our day. Many of my listeners will be interested.  I am going to give you a little bit of the history of this discussion from my own personal history. Then I will tell you what seems good about school choice, the yes, and then what seems bad, the no.

There is a history to this discussion. It has gone on in Canada and in other states. Knowing that, we should look into what has happened previously.

Then, I offer this resource: Vouchers: Shekels with Shackles, published by Christian Education Initiative. My understanding is that this pdf is for wide distribution. Please read. Here is the origin:    Next week, I will give you a little more sample from the authors’ essays given in this booklet. Please take, read, think through, and share.

CDC Adds Covid “Vaxx” To Recommended List


Given that we have known that children almost never get covid since before the jabs were out,

Given that we know that the jabs never were safety tested,

Given that we know since Spring of 2021 that many are falling over dead, that cancer, deadly blot clots, strokes, and myocarditis have risen exponetiaLly because of the jabs,

Given that many women are now disabled because of reproductive issues, many children have been aborted, and men are affected also, in short that the toxic affect of the jabs go disproportionately to the gonads,

WHY would anyone do this?



We recommend Texans for Vaccine Choice as a moderate but effective method to talk to legislative representatives to get this to stop immediately.

Because so many of our community has had serious problems related to health and learning because of actual vaccines that were at least partially safety tests, it seems appropriate that GSB would particularly take on this global health crisis/genocide. Please be a responsible citizen.


Bill Gates’ Global Agenda and How We Can Resist His War on Life

Robert Malone MD, inventor of the MnRNA gene therapy

Dr. Peter McCullough, interviewed by Alex Newman , long time advocate for children and freedom

May 7, 2021 … Dr. Peter McCullough, in a 32-minute interview with journalist Alex Newman, said if this were any other vaccine it would have been pulled …

Dr. TenPenny “Vaccines are Not Safe or Effective”

Dr. Naomi Wolf

Dr. Naomi Wolf is an American feminist author and journalist who joins Jeremy Stalnecker on this episode of Situation Report to share her perspective on …

Funeral Director: Mass Vaccine Deaths, Child Danger, COVID Camps, Genocide Planned: With Stew Peters, John O’Looney.

Sep 3, 2021 … FULL SHOW! September 3, 2021 “The Stew Peters Show” welcomes:Bobby Piton: Expected “leaks” coming from GOP may be intended to derail the …..

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.   on Stew Peters

R F Kennedy Jr’s book on the Real Anthony Fauci

Andrew Wakefield, undeniably a world-class researcher, gastrointerologist, and now early whistle-blower on vaccines, makes rare comment on covid jab :

May 5, 2020 … The new push by Andrew Wakefield, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and other activists worries vaccination proponents, who are already contending with …

Alex Newman :

Nov 25, 2022 … Alex Newman The collapse of the Covid injection narrative is accelerating and has now burst through the censorship into mainstream …

People are saying, “Why didn’t you tell us!?!” Doctors risked their practices and their lives to do so. There are suits against censorship everywhere. Notice, there is still a great deal of suppression. Pubmed is online and you can look things up. Try “spike protein.”

Yes, there are still “fact-checkers” and there are links to old, but now discredited “scientific” studies that lied. Newer actual science studies, along with just plain observation, should tell you. For instance, a hospital in one town I know of normally had 1 to 2 strokes a week. By May 2021, they were having 5-7 a week. Why? I can tell you that the nurses I know in that town surely wouldn’t take the jab. They knew. Older friends who watched the news would tell me that the hospital was over-run, but driving by, you saw an empty parking lot. If I told them, they would deny I was telling them the truth. They would then change the story and say that was in the larger town. But reports there were the same: empty parking lots. Covid was not as bad as reported. But now, the situation is reversed. Check out SCI’s stock. Three great quarters. Why? SCI is the largest holder of crematoriums and funeral homes in the country.

Remember who gave you info — and how good it was — evaluate and remember.

Respect Between the Sexes

As mentioned in our homeschool foundations, I am touching on the topic of respect between the sexes. I know I covered this in an episode, but couldn’t find it. Maybe it is in my Manners series? (Well, I will post that as a series, since it is connected.) Since I couldn’t find what I did earlier, I made an entirely new episode on why there should be respect between the sexes.

I also give some advice on seeking a spouse.


Maybe respect between the sexes is not THE foundation for home education, perhaps. However, it might be a good foundation for life. And a good home education will probably result in a much better respect between the sexes than a government education. Government schools are teaching all kinds of crazy things right now having to do with sex and gender. Nothing is worse than sexually traumatizing young children with topics that are not appropriate for adults and certainly not developmentally appropriate. No communist country, no dictator country and no democratic country would permit it. But it seems to be adamantly, if often covertly, pushed today in our government schools.


In contrast to that, the traditional family depends upon respect for what each brings, order, duty and rights. Sociologists note that every society has a method of regularizing sexual relationships in a way that children get reared in what is optimal, or considered optimal, for that particular economy. Traditionalists would say that strong people come from strong families, that build strong communities. People in the Jewish and Christian tradition would point out that the family is supposed to represent a loving and just God.  Bible scholars will point out that the history of the children of Israel and the history of the early church suggests that women had far far more rights and more protection than did their counterparts in neighboring cultures.


We’ve talked about the Kingdom way of self-governance, encultured by an orderly and godly family. Thus, very little external government is needed. A great deal of learning the way to proceed is obviously learned in the family. Sociology would say that the family is the primary agent of socialization. (We see that communists would have it the other way around, but those experiments have to date all failed.)

In a godly home, with orderly and respectful relationships, it is likely that the lifeway of respect between the sexes will be caught. Given that most of us are striving to return to or get to a godly life, repenting of one that is less so, probably it is a good idea to directly teach respect between the sexes. We take care of each other; we do not hurt each other. Teach your children this. Help them make homes in which this is the case.

Of course, this is in contradistinction with “the strong take from the weak and glorify themselves because of it” which is true of unconscious capitalism and lying communism and devlish religious/spiritual systems.


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