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Vaccine Stories Your Were Never Told is a movie put out by Epoch Times, the most trust non-partisan news source in the country. When a person is tested in the fires of Tianemen Square and CCP attempted murder, then one is a hardened steel  sword of truth in the USA.

On the other hand, when a source or platform consistently censors truthful, important material, yet permits violence, hatefulness, silliness, etc, one must wonder about their integrity and usefulness.

If you are tired and inundated, and working on providing a clean food supply to your family, fine. But if you are newer to this discussion, please don’t miss watching this. You are invited to post your summary,and reasoned analysis.

Design of the covid “v$xx”

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Now, Your Children Can See How to Achieve!

Eyesight, or more properly, being able to see well, is foundational for academic achievement. You may think you know that and say to me that schools always screen for vision. Well, they do screen, but those screenings do not even look for some foundational problems relating to reading. They, may, however, screen for ESP! according to Texas law! Yikes! However, pervasively, what happens next is often counterproductive.

Then, even if you have your child seen by an eye doctor, Irlen syndrome is not screened. Further, in some cases, the prescriptions are not helpful at all. I explain this from my own experience.

In no case will conventional measures offer actual help in seeing better (once again, no cure, only lifetime payments). Is this accommodation rather than remediation…AGAiN?

There is good news. Beyond miracles, health measures can work wonders. Even screening for Irlen and getting an eye doctor familiar with Irlen syndrome may help immensely.

Hear my story and find clue to what you can do for your child.

Vision for Life (2nd Edition)


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