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Okay folks, the problems are bad enough that it is time — well not to worry — but to act. Act now. Given the problems, and given the pervasiveness of the problems, you need to be educating your children at home. Three safety issues are each grave: sexual depredation, gun violence, and cognitive restructuring substituted for learning. After briefly pointing out the problems, I tell you how to go about solving by educating at home. Don’t go off, do things incorrectly or in the wrong order and get into trouble. I give you a short, practical list of what to do, in order. You can. You must.


No matter how many smiley faces in send in lunchboxes, or how many texts you send of “I love you” … if you let your child be sexually groomed for depredation, shot in a situation where it will predictably happen, or manipulated through deceptive language and marxist pedagogy in a way that ensure that he or she will never be able to think for themselves or have the skills to have a successful life… if you do this… she or he  will eventually figure out that you care more about convenience and money than you did about him or her.


James Lindsay’s Marxification of Education  T

to buy book on Amazon :


Introducing The Marxification of Education

James Lindsay: The Marxification of education

Marxification of Education – Dr. James Lindsay


Kevin Kookogey’s  An Apology for Liberty


Sarles Learn at Home for Great Shalom    in paperback or ebook format

Dr. Marlene MacMillan speaks on the Dialectic Process — or how language is used deceptively throughout society to bring bondage

Look for her book, Mountains of Deceit.



Lying… What God Says: Don’t Lie

Concluding our series on how to tell what is true, I felt to open up Bible wisdom about lying. God mentions it. God says not to lie, generally…. and there are bad consequences for those who do. Lying is so very well accepted in our culture, that any remonstrance is met with questions about exceptions, even from seemingly good people. So then, it becomes accepted in business, and then in church, and…. as we have seen… to an appalling extent in media and government.

Let’s see what God says. This will help us sort out what is true and what is false. And the point is: Don’t Lie.

Then, let’s apply God’s wisdom to our own lives. It really matters.

Oh…. I don’t think you heard this very clearly. Let me underline by telling you something esle: Do you know why Gandhi was so sure that no one or no thing would hurt him? Because he was nonviolent. My guess is that he based this understanding on a verse from Pantanjali… but there is truth in it. Call it sowing and reaping, if you will. Your own adherence to truth will help you identify to avoid falsehood coming at you.

As well as later judgment for being on the wrong side of the flow. You see,you get caught up in the flow, the river you stand in. Then you end up where that river takes you: the mystery of iniquity going to destruction or the mystery of righteousness going to glory.

So, don’t lie, and you can better see the truth. Don’t lie, and you can better detect when others are lying to you. Don’t lie, don’t deceive others, and you will less likely be deceived.Yes, I know that we have an experience of maturing where we have to grow out of naivete, but real spiritual maturity is called “second naivete” by theologians. Don’t lie.

Lance Wallnau recently on on 2 Timothy 3: Podcast 737

How To Tell What is True by Evaluating DATA

In our series on how to tell what is true, after suggesting you get numbers, now let’s consider how to evaluate the data. Is this good data? What does it mean? Can you even tell? Another way to tell if a claim is true, is to drill down to see how good the data is.  For that, you have to know how the data was collected, how the data was analyzed, and how the data was presented. All these are the steps in the scientific method.


People like to say “figures don’t lie; but liars figure.”  Well, that is true. Here are a few simple steps to see how good the data is. And to see if what you have is actually science or nonsense.

How needed this is! I just saw a sign that said “science is real.”  But, the trouble is, people who put those signs in their yards typically are arguing for things that are NOT scientific. “Kindness is everything,” they say, supporting chaotic, illegal violence. And even yet, the worse possible, outed liars are still making bold to say THEY are the ones restraining dis-information. Notice “dis-information.”  Remember, check definitions. “Misinformation” is mistaken and wrong. “Dis-information” is propaganda injected by a foreign power. Do you know what “projection” means in Psychology? LOL


Okay, look, we all need to know who to sort out truth from falsehood, fact from lies, and science from nonsense. Our children must be taught how to do it. None have more trouble than those who are struggling with what is often call “learning disabilities.”

Please share this episode. Maybe it is not a funny or as sensational as some other listening options. However, few are as useful. Or timely.


Viva Frei on Fake News — reasons through how a “fact checker” actually spun or mis-construed a scientific claim. Well worth watching. Also see other episodes for examples of legal reasoning.

Dr. Lee Merritt with Dr. Poornima Wagh Virology is Nonsense

Example of a site that has academic type articles that might not be published in the better known peer reviewed journals. Here is an article from Africa.

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