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False Choice of Communist Versus Fascist – Know What You Are Talking About


In our world today, we talk a lot about Left versus Right politically. We call one kind of extremism “communist” and the other kind “fascist.”  It is abundantly clear, however, that we need some definitions.  These historical parties are a mix of both political and economic ideas or ideologies. They do not include the full spectrum of ideas and reality is not on a 2 dimensional spectrum.

Socialism is centralized government and redistribution of wealth. They coined the term “capitalism” which does not adequately define “free trade” of all kinds. Communism is merely authoritarian socialism. Fascism is centralized government while retaining private ownership of the means of production. Authoritarian government can partner with private industry and still be tyrannous. Democracy is rule by the majority. Republicanism (when used by American founders) meant representative democratic government under the rule of law, rather than of men.

In fact, communists and fascists are more alike than different. But, yes, they like to hate one another. Fascists, specifically the Nazis, were socialists, just like their Bolshevik and Trotsky-ite cousins. Both were authoritarian. Communists of the day like to call everyone they hated, a Nazi. Mao, Gramsci and others had their own twists, but all were based on increasing conflict toward revolution and top-down control afterwards.

What we really want, I think is liberty with some charity. I don’t think very many people want tyranny — except those few on top. They have been fairly successful at fooling all the rest of us.  Get definitions before you go out and fight for idea, some promise, (especially one that has always lost out, been fake, and stolen lives.)


In this week’s news, hilariously, a government and specifically the Prime Minister of that government who like to make slurs against his opponents by calling them “fascists” and “Nazis”  (because he is a communist and the government there has long leaned socialist) actually invited an real Nazi, a fascist who fought for Hitler, into their official meeting and gave him a standing ovation — twice. They were thinking about the current conflict in Ukraine. However, they have many citizens who fought against Nazism, many from Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, and many from Poland who well remember World War II.  They took great exception to the Parliament’s invitation and honoring a Nazi. The international press noticed too. Canada’s government is in a scandal. More importantly, the government has been thrice caught in tyrannous policies, violating their own Charter Rights. This may end the PM’s career and I would expect an election to be called, or at the very least a shuffle in the Parliament. The Speaker resigned with apologies.


We could not have know about this drama when we made this episode several weeks ago. Dear listener, dear reader, feel good that you are ahead of many by learning. Please show us the love for how we have taught so selflessly for so long. Please send a thank you donation, share with your friends, and talk about these issues in civil ways. Thanks for your response.

Let’s Visit the Library Together With the Children

As I mentioned  last episode, let’s talk about going to the library. Of course, going to the library on hot summer days is standard, just like going to the pool. Today, one would never ever just drop the children off. So, let’s talk about how to take the children safely to the library.

Read to them, selected, classic books. Check to be sure that they are the original story and not somehow rewritten to make a different point — or at least not one diametrically opposed to your values. Yes, it is tricky these days.


A few years ago my younger friends were quite worried about the witchcraft in books. They led me to realize it was an important issue. Beyond that, ask how adults are portrayed. Notice in the Harry Potter books, all the adults are either evil or irresponsible. Hmmm. Today, you will want to notice other language, language that subtly teaches that human judgement trumps God’s law, that government is more responsible than people, and that there is nothing ever to be grateful about — or that we should hate ourselves.


Be careful, too, of the iron law of woke projection. There are indeed racists — about oh probably less than 1% of American society. But watch out for those who call themselves anti-racists. As you read book, teach your children to notice language. What do these words mean? How does that make you feel? Why does someone want to make you feel that way? Is the claim objectively true? Notice, this last question is normally more important that “how does that make you feel?” Especially if that is the only question, and only used as a spur to weaponize… you… for someone else’s aim.


Help your child learn how to choose a good book. That means being able to tell quickly which are the better books.

Don’t stop the library lessons just because a child learns to read! Keep it up. Practice argumentation with your teens. Reason, inform, even expose them to the elders’ pontification. Indeed, I learned so much from my father’s discussions about history etc after dinner. I was amazed by the time I was in 6th grade or so that many of my classmates didn’t even know what their fathers did for a living. They were impoverished then, from having a window into the adult world.

We didn’t do like the Kennedys and have recitation after dinner. Watch that movie and see how the sons had to answer questions and recite. Good training for leadership. It is a tradition for us, though, for the children to put on presentations such as sing a few Christmas carols on Christmas day or put on a play some summer day. Read *Little Women* and notice that putting on family plays and shows really was common in the days before television.  It all starts with taking the little ones to the library.


If you find inappropriate material in the children’s section, just kindly, sweetly bring it to the Children’s Librarian or Head Librarian, saying you are sure it was a mistake. You wouldn’t expect that they would shelve something that is developmentally inappropriate in the children’s section. You wouldn’t expect them to disobey the law.   If she or he gives you a curt or worse response, don’t argue. Certainly don’t threaten; only possibly say that you hope they see the light. Or that you will pray for them. Say it sweetly – not with a smile that could be construed as menacing. Then,  have a chat with your city council member. Make an appointment, sit down, and explain what happened. Don’t accuse. They probably didn’t know. But they do have budgetary oversight. If they give you an inappropriate response, don’t argue.  Say, “I see.” Then sign up for helping their opponent in the next election. And do let those who are influential and care about politics know what is up. Find others and join together.

If you have time, join the library board, advisory committee, etc. Don’t be conflictual, but do be sweetly persistent. They know what they are doing. But they are fewer. Get some of your retired friends to volunteer too.


As you know, there have been drag queen storytime hour, promoting what traditionally has been considered grooming for deviant behavior. Now Brave Books, led by Kurt Cameron, is attempting to have storytime hour that promotes good character and traditional morality or family values. (Notice how these last terms are now  considered bad.) Here is the website for Brave books

In my area Citizens for Defending Freedom    

is organizing book readings and possibly demonstrations. CCDF is far from being in every county and country, but there may be another organization with a similar plan in your area.

Notice that Advance Publishing has been publishing for elementary school aged children with library quality binding, promoting good character from a Christian perspective while not mentioning any religious or God language, so that their books would be suitable to give to a public school library. We had Carl Sommers on the broadcast too. Their website:

See you at the library!


last minute: Looks like mother’s interest and latest news coincide today:

American Library Association (to which virtually ever public librarian belongs) is trying to “queer the catalog” AND be sure that traditional Christian values are excluded. See report from Brave books.

More Curated Real Info, Real Science, on Vaccines of all Kinds

The Great Shalom has taken an enormous hit for curating information on vaccines. After having become very sick right after being in a small room with lots of people who had taken the covid vax, I stopped posting for a while. I was in bed while I saw the withdrawal from Afghanistan. I was scared. Eventually, I started up again, but then with posting – although not putting the info in social media or on the podcast itself. This resulted in hundred of hits going down to tens or ones.

However, if I am going to help you overcome your children’s learning problems, I am going to have to admit things that harm learning ability. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I would rather prevent learning problems, learning disabilities, than have to solve them, or heavens, be told I must cope with them!  Let’s stop making learning disabilities, are you with me?

Some of you will have knee jerk reactions to this topic, but that is what teaching attempts to overcome. Watch this video, and then come back to this post, and think through my questions. Learn what science is, how it works, and how to tell what is true.

Doug shares an interview with RJK, Jr, who is answering  in a hostile interview about what the sicence actually says about vaccines. Like Andrew Wakelfeild, world class gastroenterologist, he comes down saying we need safety testing. Wow. For that, he is being attacked. THINK!

Further, given that every ministry and truth-telling journalist or commentator has mentioned shadow banning, cancellation, de-platforming, and/lawfare, please do what you can to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Like, share, and participate with those who are helping you rather than colluding against you, lying to you, and — to be frank – attempting to kill you. Be wise, be prudent, but be courageous. Be a  real Christian; be a real patriot. Stand up, appropriately, for what is right. Otherwise, the tyranny of lies will overtake you and your children.


It appears that the reporter and the purported doctor (not a scientist, mind you) is saying an exact opposite to what RFk Jr is saying, but that is not so. Listen carefully. A little testing of some kind is not the same as long-term, double-blind, pre-licening safety study.  Do you understand? Any purported study is not the same as a high standard real scientific study.

Is this doctor an expert because he is a doctor? No. Doctors are not scientists. They tend not to have time to follow science; they tend to follow what their professional associations tell them. 

Does RJK, Jr have higher level of information about what the CDC and the FDA say than the reporter? Listen carefully to what sources each cite.

Does the reporter’s demeanor indicate that she is trying to find the truth or that she is trying to attack?

Does it matter who does a study? Do you remember RJR Nabisco saying that there was no health problems with cigarettes? They had some studies they did that showed this throughout the sixties. Even into the 1990s there were some studies that seem to indicate that second hand smoking doesn’t harm anyone. Do you believe that finding?

How could it be? To answer that, let’s take a brief tour about what science it.

Science is defined as that which uses the scientific method: controlled, double-blind, replicated experiments. Reported in full so that they might be replicated. Science remains ever open to new findings.

Science is NOT defined as a reporter’s claim, based on marketing data. Some “science” unfortunately is “cooked.”  This means that the experiment was manipulated and/or the findings were reported incorrectly. The experiment can be done badly. For instance, a poll based  on phone numbers in 1948 reported that Dewey, not Truman would win the election. This was very embarassing the next morning with now President-elect Truman held up a newspaper with a false headline. This was poor experimental design.

RJR Nabisco’s studies were cooked.

We have a letter uncovered in old records ( 19502 and 1960s) at Stanford, asking a scientist to suppress her findings and instead report that high fat diet causes heart attacks.  She complied, and it was widely marketed that a low fat diet would reduce death from heart disease and heart attacks. Now we know that 1) fat alone does not contribute to death by heart disease

2) hydogenated fat does cause heart health problems (not saturated fat as claimed.) and 3) the effects of sugar/carbs was suppressed. While I was not able to find citation easily for that, I did find some citations to similar episodes. The point is: reporting can be false even at the origination of the science and certainly at the point of journalism, that is supported by corporate interests or now more likely owned by the same money interests.

How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat

The New York Times › Well › Eat
Sep 12, 2016 — Dr. Hegsted used his research to influence the government’s dietary recommendations, which emphasized saturated fat as a driver of heart …
Missing: suppress ‎| Must include: suppress


50 Years Ago, Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists To .

NPR › sections › thetwo-way › 2016/09/13
Sep 13, 2016 — Documents show that in the ’60s, the sugar industry funded Harvard researchers who, examining risk factors of heart disease, …

Inventing Conflicts of Interest: A History of Tobacco Industry …

National Institutes of Health (.gov) › articles › PMC3490543
by AM Brandt2012Cited by 226 — Confronted by compelling peer-reviewed scientific evidence of the harms of smoking, the tobacco industry, beginning in the 1950s, used sophisticated public …

Also, ask yourself, what are the likely motivations of various claimants? Who is sacrificing themselves, trying to help you? n Why are the various people making the claims that they are making? 

What would the downside be of each path? If you chose to trust the authorities, you might feel better, but would that decision necessarily be the safest for you or for society? If you went with the purported whistleblower, and more safety tests were demanded, would that help you, or society?

Where could you get more information, that was unbiased and competent?  Who might actually know? How can you tell?

And, finally, when asking questions or asking for more studies is seen as bad, you know immediately you have stepped out of the realm of science. This is what scientists do: they ask questions, they put forth what needs to be studied next. Tyrants don’t like questions. Guilty people really hate questions.


If you want to find out more.. well, you are on your own. You will be slandered as a conspiracy theorist, but the safety of you and your child are at stake. If you want to help, please share, like, subscribe. If you want to engage you civic right and duty, check out Texas for Vaccine Choice as a model.