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False Choice of Communist Versus Fascist – Know What You Are Talking About


In our world today, we talk a lot about Left versus Right politically. We call one kind of extremism “communist” and the other kind “fascist.”  It is abundantly clear, however, that we need some definitions.  These historical parties are a mix of both political and economic ideas or ideologies. They do not include the full spectrum of ideas and reality is not on a 2 dimensional spectrum.

Socialism is centralized government and redistribution of wealth. They coined the term “capitalism” which does not adequately define “free trade” of all kinds. Communism is merely authoritarian socialism. Fascism is centralized government while retaining private ownership of the means of production. Authoritarian government can partner with private industry and still be tyrannous. Democracy is rule by the majority. Republicanism (when used by American founders) meant representative democratic government under the rule of law, rather than of men.

In fact, communists and fascists are more alike than different. But, yes, they like to hate one another. Fascists, specifically the Nazis, were socialists, just like their Bolshevik and Trotsky-ite cousins. Both were authoritarian. Communists of the day like to call everyone they hated, a Nazi. Mao, Gramsci and others had their own twists, but all were based on increasing conflict toward revolution and top-down control afterwards.

What we really want, I think is liberty with some charity. I don’t think very many people want tyranny — except those few on top. They have been fairly successful at fooling all the rest of us.  Get definitions before you go out and fight for idea, some promise, (especially one that has always lost out, been fake, and stolen lives.)


In this week’s news, hilariously, a government and specifically the Prime Minister of that government who like to make slurs against his opponents by calling them “fascists” and “Nazis”  (because he is a communist and the government there has long leaned socialist) actually invited an real Nazi, a fascist who fought for Hitler, into their official meeting and gave him a standing ovation — twice. They were thinking about the current conflict in Ukraine. However, they have many citizens who fought against Nazism, many from Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, and many from Poland who well remember World War II.  They took great exception to the Parliament’s invitation and honoring a Nazi. The international press noticed too. Canada’s government is in a scandal. More importantly, the government has been thrice caught in tyrannous policies, violating their own Charter Rights. This may end the PM’s career and I would expect an election to be called, or at the very least a shuffle in the Parliament. The Speaker resigned with apologies.


We could not have know about this drama when we made this episode several weeks ago. Dear listener, dear reader, feel good that you are ahead of many by learning. Please show us the love for how we have taught so selflessly for so long. Please send a thank you donation, share with your friends, and talk about these issues in civil ways. Thanks for your response.

How to Get and Stay Free

Revival is here. Healings are shown. Governments break the law to enslave people. One pastor refuses to be closed down. Because he understands communists and Nazis. Because he is from Poland. He and black, white, and hispanic pastors tells us how to get free and how to stay free.
Notice, also, citation of some real science.

Thanks to the GoVictory network. Flashpoint is their news/commentary broadcast, T & Th evenings. Getting political is NOT quenching the Spirit. Rather the reverse. The “Black Robed Regiment” is rising up. Oppose tyranny. It is fundamentally Christian to do so. Bring order and moral to society. Because Jesus went about doing good and freeing all those who were oppressed by the devil.

Explaining Political Correctness

We have heard now for 20 years the term “political correctness.”  We know that liberals promote speech that is politically correct. We know that conservatives say the term with disdain. Liberals hear that and sort of shake their heads, thinking; right. you should be correct. That is what we are talking about. It is a clash of values, I think people know that but no one really understands the other side.  Here I am going to try to explain to both sides so that there can be progress.

Conservative, the liberal is promoting what they think is right, correct. So, what you need to realize is that what you are promoting as right is not comprehensible to the liberal. Either on one point, you have been lumped together with others incorrectly. For instance, they think you beat your wife and discriminate against women and so your calling God He sounds to them like promoting that. If that is not true, you need to clarify. However, on some points it is exactly what you ARE suggesting, you just have not made yourself clear. Why, for instance, is it better for society and for homosexal people that they refrain from sexuality. They have not heard you make a reasoned argument and think it is YOU who is closed minded.

Liberal, when the conservative Christian (and obviously not all conservatives are Christians and not all Christians are consevative politically) say “political correctness” with disdain, it is derisive because it is unimaginable to them how some modern upstart could suggest that their values, newly innovated and untested  — or tested with bad results — could be imposed upon other people over and above the ancient, wholesome values given by God, the majority religion and founding religion in this country — and often from all religions.  The hubris is beyond comprehension.

It is even unimaginable politically. In a democracy, let along a republic, how is it that a handful of intelligensia on one far side of the political spectrum impose their will on the rest? Without reasoned discussion?

When the elite oppress others for very long, eventually the rabble get restive. Then the elite suggest the rabble are only animals. This is what the liberals are doing. It is just that they don’t see it. They have no mirror. Conservatives are not communicating well. And of course, it is pretty hard, given that the media normally choose the worst, silliest  representative. Equal time went out the window a long time ago.  Narrow casting, now on steriods, has taken over.

So it is time that each of us become an agologist — giving a reasoned or impassioned — answer for the hope within us. It is difficult, I know.  We have faced so much discrimination in the workplace, in education, in the marketplace, in the media, and often in our family for so many decades. But freedom costs lives. Just as grandparents went to war in a literal way, and just as our brothers and sisters are decapitated across the globe, it is time to stand and speak and face the giant, the furnace — and our Lord standing up from His throne to greet us.