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Why STEAM education is Dangerous

STEM is science, technology, engineering and math. It was heralded as a step forward, after low American scores. More recently art was added. So STEAM is all the rage. Wait. What? While we are celebrating, now for years, something we did very badly, and still do even worse…. what is missing. What is being hidden? Watch out.

This is dangerous. See why. Come to your own conclusions. Join me through a few stories for a fun ride. With an ending realization that History and Civics, done well of course, should be the center of education. That is what is being left out.

Why has History been so very neglected? What has been the result? If there is an intention behind it, what would that be?

How can you correct it?
For more on the history of Homeschooling judicial decisions in Texas, see the Texas Homeschooling Coalition

Also: Hot News: World History Institute, inspired by the work of Marshall Foster to show how the Bible, the Reformation, and good history line up for a better world today, is working on High School curricula. I’m sure it will be great. In the meantime, get *The American Covenant* as reading or curricula, in either newer or older version.


Happy Independence Day!


For this holiday . we are going to play a rerun from back in 2009 when a young person from Rick Green’s Patriot Academy was interviewed with us on the radio. Patriot Academy takes a few good students ever year (many more now than in the past), teaches them about how our the structure of our government works, and lets them get some real hands on experience both in “moot legislature” and at the Texas capitol. It was great to have this gal. Have a listen.

For Patriot Academy :


Another year, I was so taken with the influence of the New England primer, that I made my own “primer” — which of course was very different. It is more like a basic civics discussion for children rather than a Biblically based first grade reader. I hope you like it, though. It is in the “shop.”

Please consider this: this thoroughly Biblical foundation for education was used from the 1600s through the 1930s. People still had doctrinal differences, but everyone agreed on the 10 Commandments; everyone agreed on teaching reading, everyone agreed that children should get moral teaching and Bible knowledge along with the ABCs. And the nation was much happier!


Also, let me alert you to the wonderful books that David and Tim Barton are providing. They do an awesome job of relaying real historical information, based on original sources, that means a whole lot both for a foundation to understanding our nation but also in terms of the current political structure.  And wow! they now have a museum. Imagine, seeing a real Geneva Bible, or holding a gun from the Barbary Wars, or seeing a letter than a president signed with his own hand. If you have a group, make an appointment for a tour. It is in Irving on Royal Road. I recommend it highly.

And if you are a history teacher, please please, apply for the summer teacher training. It is like drinking out of a fire hose. Great fun. A good many teachers from around the nation arrive for a 2 1/2 day seminar in Irving/Los Colinas. David and Tim talk to you directly. And let you have a hands on experience with lots of artifacts. It can’t be beat!

it was refreshing to see well researched history, and get it in a non-polemic way. However, if you did need to answer in one of those hot, confrontative situations, you will want to know the actual facts. The presentation was helpful in that regard. It will very much furnish a teacher with ideas to enliven the classroom.  It certainly is a necessary corrective for anyone who had to endure the poverty of what history the government schools taught and the counter-productive fiction that some are now teaching.


I couldn’t help but buying some books. I bought 2 primers to give to my grandsons! Ha! But now I am trying to memorize the Shorter Cathecism out of it.  Most classical schools do break it down and help the grammar school children learn it. But David pointed out that it being in a question and answer format was probably purposive: teaching students to ask for definitions and for evidence, and for meanings. How refreshing. Different from merely “question authority” as being cynical and rebellious, this is more like “testing all things and holing to what is good.”  Sounds like a great topic of discussion or even a project, while we endure some hot weather.


Thanksgiving 2020

Wow! Can we be thankful this year? The Spirit moved me to thank God for the upheaval. I was surprised. In this episode I ask where the Thanksgiving decorations are. Time to bring them back. Overcome bad curricula at home. Think about forming children with joy, aspirations, altruism, and self-restraint.

The Puritans were escaping a tyrannical government, desiring religious freedom and convenanted together to create a better place. They celebrated thanksgiving with a diverse people who also had a history of giving thanks and feasting. And we think we are so great that we take celebrating the good part away from our children?

Offered are some ideas of how to make Thanksgiving better: books, art, developmentally appropriate story.

Since I posted this, I have heard a couple of other messages that also encouraged the celebration of Thanksgiving, particularly at this time.
Pastor Bonnie Chavda, who had a special anointing to work on healing race relations, spoke on honoring the history of Thanksgiving :

And Kevin Zadai speaks on the importance of celebrating God and with our family.

Lance Wallnau

Rewriting History

Explanation of how history is being rewritten and why. Necessary for a parent to know real history, how to detect the problem, and the options about what to do are obvious, once the true facts are uncovered.