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Thanksgiving 2020

Wow! Can we be thankful this year? The Spirit moved me to thank God for the upheaval. I was surprised. In this episode I ask where the Thanksgiving decorations are. Time to bring them back. Overcome bad curricula at home. Think about forming children with joy, aspirations, altruism, and self-restraint.

The Puritans were escaping a tyrannical government, desiring religious freedom and convenanted together to create a better place. They celebrated thanksgiving with a diverse people who also had a history of giving thanks and feasting. And we think we are so great that we take celebrating the good part away from our children?

Offered are some ideas of how to make Thanksgiving better: books, art, developmentally appropriate story.

Since I posted this, I have heard a couple of other messages that also encouraged the celebration of Thanksgiving, particularly at this time.
Pastor Bonnie Chavda, who had a special anointing to work on healing race relations, spoke on honoring the history of Thanksgiving :

And Kevin Zadai speaks on the importance of celebrating God and with our family.

Lance Wallnau

Rewriting History

Explanation of how history is being rewritten and why. Necessary for a parent to know real history, how to detect the problem, and the options about what to do are obvious, once the true facts are uncovered.

Make a Sound in Schools

Pentecost is about empowerment. The Holy Spirit came in like the sound of a mighty rushing wind. We are not filled to speak the word. Make a sound. Let’s consider how we could make a sound in schools.

I think perhaps many people have discovered a lot about what is going on in school and not going on during our lockdown. Others might be alerted by the strange news of Marxist influence in riots or read the series about Marist influence in a series in the Epoch Times. I didn’t focus primarily on that, but there are many worrying trends. We need to do something about it. Even if we are homeschoolers, we are citizens. Even if we can isolate our children in Christian schools, they will live in the same world as the majority of children. Let’s consider what sounds we should be making.