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Bart Once Was Non-Sighted; Now he Sees

Finishing up our 3 part series on miraculous healing, we hear the history of “Blind Bartimeus” — or Blind Bart or today maybe Bart who used to be non-sighted. Well, Bart was once non-sighted, but now he sees. He heard that Jesus the Miracle Worker was coming to town. He positioned himself. Then he started calling out — loudly.

Look at the dynamics, because they are typical. He positioned himself and he started calling out, toward where he had heard Jesus was coming. People around him told him to stop. Typical!!!  But Jesus did hear him and called him. Then, the people around him changed their tune and were telling him to go.

He threw off his beggar’s cloak, the label that permitted him to get his beggar’s pittance. Jesus healed him. He walked away, seeing. This throwing off was a faith statement. Jesus said more than once to someone, “You faith has made you whole/well/saved.” (It is all the same word in Greek: sozo.)

Go thou and do likewise. Meaning: position yourself, call out, ignore contradictions, have faith, and walk away victorious. That is the way it works.

It might be easier to learn how to read, how to do algebra, and how to understand philosophy than to believe for sight if you have never seen. So, go for what you need. And by all means, throw off the label!

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Healing Scriptures from the New Testament to Overcome Learning Problems

Today, I just read healing scriptures from the New Testament. Last episode, I read healing Scriptures from the Old Testament. Indeed, I start with the NT quoting Isaiah 53! (Don’t forget to get the product where I delve into the Hebrew of Isaiah 53! and I go on to Isa 54 — where our foundational scripture is found! )

Today, more healing scriptures, especially selected for people believing for overcoming learning problems. Scriptures about healing, yes, but also Scriptures themselves have a healing property because God’s Word does not go forth void.

There are so very many concocted stories in the church why not healing; so, how about just listening to the Scriptures itself? So many lies have been exposed in recent years: in government, in media, in schools. Lies are also in the church. Let’s forget about all that for the moment, and focus on The Word of God. It was the Word of God that created all things, that came among us, and it will be the Word of God, believed, that will heal us.


And of course, email me your/your children’s  testimonies.

Healing Applies to Learning Problems, too

Today, as promised, we talk about how healing applies to learning problems. If you missed last episodes, where we laid out our plans, go hear it now too.

Everyone likes to pray for healing for themselves, but few are brave enough, or informed enough to say they believe it. Some even concoct stories contrary to the bible they say they believe in and teach it confidently!  That is who you do not want to be.

Most of us hope. Okay, but let’s see what the Scriptures say, okay?  By the way, it is good news!

A Child Raises Someone From the Dead – Eye witness account

This is a rerun of our interview with Simon Okwayo in summer 2009. If you heard last week’s episode, you know what he is up to today! This says a lot about what children can do. This should dramatically increase your faith. Especially for your children.

Dr. Apostle Simon Okwayo, Healing Evangelistic Ministries Foundation,

Children were held to a much higher standard in the past. When people graduated from the 8th grade,they knew a lot. Then, they went to work or college. This was true in the Revolutionary War period. John Quincy Adams was given an Congressional appointment to be the interpreter for the ambassadorial mission to the court of Catherine the Great at 14 years old. Why? Because he had mastered several languages and already had experience of being the secretary to his father as an ambassador to France during the war for Independence. Look forward to what young people are doing these days to prepare to serve their community and country.