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God Heals — Isaiah 53

Again, we are getting very dismaying news about another couple of young adult athletes who fell dead. And we are supposed to believe it was natural causes. A new natural or unknown cause called “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.” And yet, still, amazingly, I am also getting reports of people still urging to jab children! It is beyond belief.

But, God! God’s word is immortal, incorruptible. It didn’t change because  the devil got worse, or people more perfectly partnered with the devil. Ha ha. God’s promises are real. So, whatever the problem might be, let’s open the Word of God and find Truth.

Don’t look to the right or the left. Just look at the Word. Don’t say something against it; just speak the Scripture. That is your prescription. That is your script.

And break off disappointment. Do not let a failure to understand, to receive or whatever, to cause another failure to receive. Just let’s look at the Word.


Miraculous Healing

A couple of friends came in the studio to testify of miraculous healings they had experienced under my ministry. I threatened them not to talk about me! LOL But they did talk about their healings.

this is so very important, because the number one reason peolpe don’t see healing is because they don’t think it exists. People resign themselves to whatever the problem is. Worse, they use it for an excuse to get other things they want, so the very problem is a treasure to them.

This is abundantly true in learning disabilities at this time. Children learn to be work avoidant victim controllers rather than overcomers, successful and happy.  Teacher learn to have ever lower expectations and predictably get those expectations.  Teachers college which for so long denied that learning disbilities existed now train people to see them as disabilities that need to be encouraged and coddled, rather than overcome.

The whole public school system appears to be set up to ensure a dumbing down of the population. Just when it seemed that it couldn’t get worse, there is a new law that gives more money to for the school for every child identified with LD. That sounds good, except the “services” were never helpful.  Labeling theory explains how the label fixes and makes permanent the problem. This is trebly true when “services” means that the children will get less of the regular education, and more of the labeling behavior.

Hear Betty and Melanie and apply that hope and faith to your situation.


Therapy for Kids w Trauma

David Rubin was just going to the dentist with his 3 year old son in the backseat. Terrorists shot at him. Miraculously, the damaged car started and got them to the hospital. The bullet just missed the toddler’s brain stem. From this experience, David Rubin started a children’s therapy center in his town, Shiloh, Israel. They take children from either side, regardless of ethnicity or religion. They help children.

The offer a variety of modalities of therapy for kids with trauma. Yes, they have animals.  Yes, they have a variety of professionals.  Yes, children make friends. Yes, it is in Shiloh, Israel.

Unfortunately, now, we have more children who have trauma from a variety of traumatic experiences. We might learn a few things from David Rubin. You might want to support his work too.


Given the ominous, repeated, news posts from Israel and region, it seems like we need to pray for peace. Yes, it is possible to visit Shiloh, the heartland of Israel, right where Samuel ministered to the Lord.