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Thinking better… or worse?

Tucker Carlson interview doctor who says constant fear damages the brain. I think we knew that — for acute cases.
We knew that children who suffer abuse often are damaged. We knew that teaching based on fear rather than compassion works less well.
But now, after so much turmoil, knowing that it can cause Alzheimer’s like symptoms… we need to rethink.
Faith will prove to be ever more important.
Thank God we have a God who is all love. None other are.
Thank God we have a God who forgives. None like Him.
Thank God we have a God who holds the future, told us about it, and we know… wins. LOL How could the Creator not win?
So, let’s protect out brains and that of our children, by guarding our minds.
Oh, my!

What the Bible Says About Healing — Exactly

We unpack the Hebrew of Isaiah 53. Translated into theological language, we will discover that healing is in the atonement. This is great news.

Testimonies of Miraculous Healings – Betty and Melanie

Please let these gals increase your faith. They are being very reserved.. because they were afraid of being on the radio and because I threatened them not to glorify me. It is all true. They were healed. For sure. We were all there. Me, them, other people.

Your children can be healed. The trick is to seek God, to get lost in God. Alternatively, sometimes, when it is a learning problem, you just have faith and look for a way to do it. A door or a window will open. Sometimes it is press through. Sometimes it is just relax into it.

Do not ask why, because in that accusatory state, you are not in the right vibe to receive. You may be told why later, when you are listening better. Get out of anger. Get out of resentment. Get out of accusatory. Get into love, joy, and peace. Really, this is really important.

Remember that Jesus said we must forgive or God wont’ forgive us? Just believe it and do it. It is not making the persecutor/criminals right. It is just letting go of hate or attachment to the suffering. Remember the doctor that came on the show years ago? He said you are all one state of the other. Hate and sick or love and well. You can’t be a piece of both. Just amazing. And worth thinking about.

So believing that God loves you and going forward on that basis just works. We are learning about that. We are also working on some episodes for you. I’ve been holding one until we are ready. It will be great. And then we are going to do some praying for our children. How would you like that? We will pray together. Answers and prayers and blessings. We will learn how to love by receiving God’s love. That is what it is all about.