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Children in Touch with God


Searching for what to do this hot summer? Here is an inside activity that is hot hot hot! And very cool, too. This is a re-run from our radio day with Mr. Chris Wiesnhutter, often called “Weezy”. He worked in high tech, but at that time was running the Children’s Equipping Center, I believe at True Life Church in Round Rock.


This completes the thought we started with our Becky Fischer interview (of course she has curricula and events). It is high time to pay attention to the children’s ministry. We have Sunday School curricula that is informed by leftist doctrine. We have Children’s Church that is nothing but candy and games without Christian content. Then, we send our children off to schools where instead of traditional educational content, they are battered by every form of perversity.

Thank God for the exposure of the evil, if that is used to eliminate it. We must have that in a democratic republic. But we also, even more, need the banner of positive what to do. When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord raises a standard. This raises the standard.

I saw a posting on Twitter, purportedly by some pastors’ organization that seems to say that it is important to send children to government schools for the good of the whole. Is this appropriate evangelism? Or is this is lie, asking for sacrifice of children to Ba’al?


Allow children, lead children, to hear from God. Of course, they also need a strong foundation of the Bible. Here what Weezy says: they pray the Bible and share their insights. Their eyes are fixed on Jesus.

If children have adult problems, how much more should they be equipped. Jesus, even when he was here on earth, said, “Let the children come to me.”

This summer, why don’t you read Scripture with your children? Memorize some verses. Sing Bible songs. Spend some time even praying — including listening. Talk with other parents about what is happening and what should be happening in your children’s department. If you go to a house church, what is happening with the children?

Why don’t children have access to what the adults do in church?

Children love to meet with Jesus. Jesus is enough.

Include Children in Real Spirituality – with Safety — Here is How

Another repeat of a classic. Becky Fischer, Kids in Ministry, was with us in the early days when we were in the radio station studio. This summer, while you are inside, why don’t you get real with your children in terms of religion and spirituality.

We found that our children were being mis-educated in government schools, while we thought everything was fine. Did we also let our attention stray, thinking everything was fine in the children’s department at church? Nowadays when children are not in church with their parents as they were in my generation, it is doubly important that reality and real Bible is taught there. And it may not be!

Becky Fischer has a program that could be used for retreats or for Sunday School/children’s church curricula that strong informs the students of Bible content and is also very hands on/ experiential.

You also will want to implement training in character and Bible knowledge at home. It should be evident by now that 1 hour a week, even if it is not just fluff, will not be equal to the onslaught of demonic influence coming at children in school, media, libraries and everywhere else.

A Child Raises Someone From the Dead – Eye witness account

This is a rerun of our interview with Simon Okwayo in summer 2009. If you heard last week’s episode, you know what he is up to today! This says a lot about what children can do. This should dramatically increase your faith. Especially for your children.

Dr. Apostle Simon Okwayo, Healing Evangelistic Ministries Foundation,

Children were held to a much higher standard in the past. When people graduated from the 8th grade,they knew a lot. Then, they went to work or college. This was true in the Revolutionary War period. John Quincy Adams was given an Congressional appointment to be the interpreter for the ambassadorial mission to the court of Catherine the Great at 14 years old. Why? Because he had mastered several languages and already had experience of being the secretary to his father as an ambassador to France during the war for Independence. Look forward to what young people are doing these days to prepare to serve their community and country.