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Holiday Activities to do with Your Children 2023

Happy, faith-filled, educative, fun activities for your children. This is important for students with “learning disabiities” just to have some enjoyable, joyful experiences! This is important for all children, to engage in the faith of the family. This is important to your family to pass along traditions. This is important for all of society, to pass along values, skills, traditions — culture.

Ideas include gifts to make, greeting cards, crafts and arts that depict your faith. Whether your family celebrates Christmas, the Hanukah miracle of the oil, or the history of the Macabees, make it meaningful.

Holiday Ideas to Do with Children

Since episodes on ideas of things to do with children are popular, this year again, we have one on holiday crafts. Whether you celebrate Christmas or Chanukah, we have ideas for you.

Ideas include giving, crafts, and stories. Of course, I am sure your family, like mind, gathers around to hear the story of Jesus’ birth read from the Gospel of Luke.  This year, it would be especially relevant to read or tell the story of the Maccabees. While I don’t go into that in this episode, here is the story told by Prager U kids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfjNM_Qbyts

Today: a number of craft ideas. Most of these were sparked by my grandchildren decorating and discovering in the process crafts their mother had done when she was little. What a wonderful time. Families are really wonderful, aren’t they?  Holidays were created by God especially to pass down the family values, that which is of value, through sharing God’s history of redemption with our children and grandchildren.

Making holiday crafts is a way to do that. It is also a way to be happy, and to exercise skills of creativity and craftsmanship that children don’t often get to use during school time. Thus, it is especially helpful for those children who have been labeled “learning disabled.” Offer a way to learn that is fun and affirming, through crafts at this wonderful godly, holiday time. Celebrate the “holy days”!

Pattern of Satan Attacking Children — Means to be Encouraged

Wow! I’m getting new things to share with you, with some encouragement. We already have made the announcement that we are going to do some re-branding, but wanted to squeeze this in. This is Bible revelation. And surely it speaks to moms and educators who are helping children with learning problems.

People I respect, Pastors Mahesh and Bonne Chavda say that they learned from their mentors that when Satan is attacking the most, that is the time to look up, that Satan sees what you may not: God is about to move. Kevin Zadai, also, talks about demons seeing angelic activity that humans may not. Same result.

Now I’ve seen a pattern in the Bible. Satan attacks children when he thinks a deliverer is about to come. We see attacks on children. Not saying your kid will be the messiah. Not agreeing with the New Age doctrine that came out oh in the lat 1990s that all the disabled children were blue children. No. What I am saying, is that in these times of great attacks, God has a plan, God wins, and so be encouraged.

It is time that we intentionally work on love, intentionally turn our hearts to our children, turn our hearts to God. Do not lose heart! Look up! God has the whole thing written beforehand. YAY! God is good. God cares a lot about children. And your ministry as a mom, as an educator, is vital. Perhaps the most important ever.

Hear more.

Don’t be Robbed of Your Best Christmas Gift!

Of course we take precautions so that our Christmas gifts are not all stolen. But we are being robbed of the very best one.
What is the best Christmas gift of all time? ?The Lord, Emmanuel, God with us. And it has been given to each one of us? Yes. Jesus promised never to leave us or to forsake us.
But do we go around aware of the presence of the Lord? Few could say so. Let’s throw out stories that make us feel good about not accepting the gifts we are given.
If joy, peace, life, health, and success are in the Spirit, let us draw nearer.
And yes, this is exactly what will help with learning problems! We must assure ourselves of this. For it is another story to think that God can help only in religious ways; God helps find the right ideas too. Let us lay hold of whatever it takes.

That is what this broadcast has always been about.

Not everyone has gotten the idea immediately, however, so I am announcing a rebranding. It will be the same podcast, but will have a new name. This will encourage more people to hear us, to get their problems solves. It will reduce the confusion of people coming to the cast thinking they are getting a Jewish or Hebrew roots ‘cast, when that is not exactly what we are.

Do you know the story about how I got the name, from the Scripture verse Isa 54:13? I will relate the story.

Hope it adds to your hope this holiday season. Merry Christmas, and prosperous new year. Many blessings.