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Holiday Activities to do with Your Children 2023

Happy, faith-filled, educative, fun activities for your children. This is important for students with “learning disabiities” just to have some enjoyable, joyful experiences! This is important for all children, to engage in the faith of the family. This is important to your family to pass along traditions. This is important for all of society, to pass along values, skills, traditions — culture.

Ideas include gifts to make, greeting cards, crafts and arts that depict your faith. Whether your family celebrates Christmas, the Hanukah miracle of the oil, or the history of the Macabees, make it meaningful.

The Incarnation’s Wonder

As we believe for our own children, let’s be inspired by the great wonder and gift of the incarnation of the Christ child. Think about it: God came down to be a human… baby! This is what we celebrate at Christmas.

Kids’ Problems? Nothing is Impossible

Unpacking the angel’s words to Mary, we see that with God, nothing is impossible. This is good news to a mother who is worried about her child. We find a secret or two about how to receive an answer to prayer.
Merry Christmas.

Surprises in Christmas Carols

I hope you and your family are having a wonderful Christmas season. Any time is a fine time to celebrate the awesome, amazing, great news that God Almighty incarnated as a baby to live among us, teach us, rescue us, and bring us to glory.

I love the old Christmas songs. There are treasures hidden in them. Today we will find a few of those treasures.

For those of you who want something new, do check out our last couple of broadcasts, where I introduced you to Michael Tyrell’s Wholetones Healing Music. He has a DVD Christmas Album that is healing too. Link in the sidebar widget or in the posts.