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Rescue from the Hell of Having a Messed Up Kid

This ministry is about faith and action, for wellbeing, especially for your children. I know. I have been there. More than once. The Word works. And so can you.

Prayers for Children, Election, Nation

Hi you all! It is time to pray, isn’t it? This week I am spending our time together leading in prayer. Mostly for our children, but yes, also for the nation. One influences the other, isn’t that right? We need lots of healing, in lots of areas. Fortunately, blessedly, God has that healing for us, for our children, for our nation and for our world.

Hope you enjoy. Feel free to contact me with your prayer requests also. What should I give out as the free thing for November? Maybe a free one page sheet on how to pray for our children? Go to the tab above for that.

It is time to pray. Let’s get after it, just like Miss Clara in *The War Room.* Speaking of which, did you see “her” in Kirk Cameron’s *Revive Us*? What did you think of that? For me, besides voting and praying which of course I do and encourage, it brought up some discussion about education around history and current affairs in our country. Let’s talk about that at some time — maybe after the Answers series. Maybe after the first of the year. I think I will have some great interviews of some educators by then.

Podcasts Available Now: We Are on Virtual Air Again

The long anticipated day has arrived. YAY! GSB will now be available in podcast format. As always, whenever I start “broadcasting” on a “new channel” I start with the testimony of my grandson’s healing. So that episode will be posted here. I will in addition put several other popular episodes on our host site, Blubrry.

Then we will continue with the weekly episode pattern, posting in time for the weekend. (Normally I upload on Thursday, but the idea is to be in time for the Friday/Saturday high useage time for social media. Originally GSB aired on Sunday morning on the Christian Teaching and Talk FM station in Austin. This is what originally set the pattern.)

So delighted to be able to reach out again. Please alert all interested parties. Remember, GSB originally aimed at encouraging parents and educators to have faith for their children’s academic success. We have branched out a bit from that. Let me know if there is more interest in The GSB 4 Grandparents. We may be able to podcast that line too.

May the Lord bless you. PLEASE SHARE!!! Tell people who need to know about this cast. Thanks very much.

God is on the Move in Education: Be Part of It

We are praying in a new way, in declarative prayer. When you know what God wants, based on Scripture, and you are inspired of the Holy Spirit, why pray timidly? God wants the best for all children. Join with me as I pray for better education, blessed teachers, and blessed children.

Turnover in Education God is on the move in education and you can be part of it.