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Upcoming Series on the Podcast and Holiday Blessings

Today I just announced plans for next year. I am planning 3 upcoming series on the podcast.  1) How to Tell what is True, 2) Nutrition and 3) Miraculous Healing from the Bible. Somehow, I want to get in that the Bible’s miraculous healing and practical health measures go together. I do mention that in this episode. I am learning so much about how to teach, too, that I might end up talking about that. Great, amazing revelations that come round to common sense, and some mighty unveiling about the nonsense going on in government schools.

Here are the links I mentioned:

Life Extensions Protocol that is “the atom bomb for the flu” is on this site, to to the GSB4Grans page and scroll down.

Lost Herbs has had more than one recent article:

Lost Herbs natural anti-biotic:

Lost Herbs: Common herbs to combat the most common virus :

“How to Make Pencillin Soup”  (but not really; no one wants to eat black break mold; really it is about a much better tasting anti-viral: chicken soup! )

And btw, completely off topic, look here: someone wants to sell you anti-EMF cloth. I don’t know that this would work in furniture and I am pretty sure that 2 pieces won’t protect your car. A Faraday cage has to go around an object entirely. I bring it up, however,because the assumption is that you know that too much emf can harm you. Wow, was I ever punished by unsubscribes 15 years ago when I mention emf poisoning at my radio show. LOL Anyway, for your research:


Please consider that we can celebrate the God of the Universe coming down to us, to help us, to lead us, to save us. That is very much worth celebrating. Take some time to rest. Take some time to celebrate. Enjoy the glitter. Be kind to your family. Try to be the thermometer; speak kind words; overlook the less desirable behavior. Be blessed. When regrets around shortcomings arise, substitute the gratefulness for the blessings.  I bless  you in the Name of Jesus, Yashua HaMessiach; may you delight like a child in the beauty and even the kitsch; may you be able to savor some of the holiday with loved ones;  may you connect with the Great God and Savior.



Driving around, I am shocked to see advertisements for Covid-19 testing, for covid-19 vaxxes, etc. What? Covid-19 left with Omicron. It did. Vaxxes are now widely known to have killed more  people, even immediately after taking it than covid did.  There is a concerted pushback from all quarters of society, even in the delayed and slow court system. And the courts are belatedly siding with the citizens. How is it, then, that some corporations are still advertising these things? Are there really some people so benighted that they are still participating? Is there profit in in some way? Or is the corruption money still flowing? Yikes. Protect yourself. And your children.


Well, yes, people are still dying in hospital from covid treatments. Please try to think straight. From covid treatments, not from covid. I know of a man who never had any covid symptoms and is now dead from the treatment.  Medical power of attorney was not honored. Several cases around the country are reported, and more are being litigated. Here is help.

check Rodney Howard Browne’s words about the near future, based on knowledge, at, during Sunday evening services.

BTW, there are many stores I no longer shop in. I am finding that this is very beneficial, as I now patronize local businesses more.

OTHER EVEN MORE UNBELIEVABLE —  REPORTED BY MORE THAN ONE SOURCE  (Also entitled “How to Avoid the Mark of the Beast.)

DISCOVERING  Recent ANTI PARENTAL MOVES by Government Colluding with Medical Industry

I am hearing repeated moves by elites, through the government, to take over the ownership of children in contradistinction to parental rights, to abuse them, and to endanger their health. There is so much news, it is hard to see patterns, but there is a definite pattern of aggression against the safety of children and the denigration of parental rights.

First, we are discovering that there is child sex trade to a level that has never been before. The regular police don’t even try to address it. Finally, some independent ctiizens are addressing it. Covert reports suggest moves against covert trade. We do know from conventional news that there was official action in the Trump administration and is the Abbot administration.  At the national level, however, the efforts were stopped with the new administration. We also know from conventional news sosurse that a new influx of immigrants, including many unaccompanied children, that have come in … and disappeared. i worry.

Now, I am hearing, as are you, even in the most conservative states, citizens having to struggle against fait d’accompli of legal destruction of parental rights.

3 Republicans Sneak In Vaccination Without Parental Consent Amendment (Update 4.1.22)

Mother testifies about her family’s experience at about minute 45…-the-truth-parental-rights-and-hunters-laptop-paul-cr.html


The Great Shalom has never been political. I even tried to restrain the Patriot Academy having the one word “conservative” when they came on in 2009.  We are focused on overcoming learning problems of children. However, that is inevitably connected with health and safety. Notice what happened to the founder of Focus on the Family?


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(And btw, a number of the videos I was going to post here are now labeled private or unavailable.)

I would also gratefully take donations. As I give work, word, and encouragement to you, sharing money with me — especially so I might be able to hire some tech help to get more goodies to you — would be a good thing.

Above all, please share with any who would listen. You will be saving lives. Apparently, some people still don’t know. Have mercy on those who can’t think well, for whatever reason.

Welcome Back Update

Today, “welcome back” has a new meaning. We overcame our technical problem. You should now be receiving your podcast through your normal method. Because we had this glitch many of you missed the last episode that answered your 3 biggest questions on homeschooling. (Will also help anyone having trouble with reading/writing.) Please check it out.

Then, I give you some updates about what is coming. Please answer the poll that is pinned to the top of the front page on our website, Please also email me with your questions and so forth. Please let me know if you want to be on any announcement list.

Please notice that I have some sales running on related packets in the “store.” Half price! on Dangerous Times for Parents and Educators. Half price on “When Reading Gets Rocky.” Just go to store and get a digital product right away.

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Speaking of Amazon: here is a sneak peak. I have Bible Study curriculum coming out for upper elementary kids. A friend ask me to create something for her daughter because there was so very little that was not either babyish or adultish. You got it. Coming.

Dangerous Times but the Lionesses Have a Pride

Obviously, we are in dangerous times. I share some of the dangerous times I faced as an educator. Then share the help that I found. So, this is a pointer to help for parents and teachers in these dangerous times. This along with some important announcements here at “Great Shalom Broadcast” or “Overcoming Learning Problems.

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Another view on changing situation in public schools: Epoch Times, owned by Chinese American, ran a series on a communist conspiracy to subvert American education. Here is a more recent article on changing History curricula. More on Kinsey and teaching “sex-ed” in the schools.