Upcoming Series on the Podcast and Holiday Blessings

Today I just announced plans for next year. I am planning 3 upcoming series on the podcast.  1) How to Tell what is True, 2) Nutrition and 3) Miraculous Healing from the Bible. Somehow, I want to get in that the Bible’s miraculous healing and practical health measures go together. I do mention that in this episode. I am learning so much about how to teach, too, that I might end up talking about that. Great, amazing revelations that come round to common sense, and some mighty unveiling about the nonsense going on in government schools.

Here are the links I mentioned:

Life Extensions Protocol that is “the atom bomb for the flu” is on this site, to to the GSB4Grans page and scroll down.

Lost Herbs has had more than one recent article:

Lost Herbs natural anti-biotic: https://thelostherbs.com/natures-amoxicillin/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=TLH

Lost Herbs: Common herbs to combat the most common virus : https://thelostherbs.com/10-herbal-remedies-to-combat-the-most-common-viruses/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=TLH

“How to Make Pencillin Soup”  (but not really; no one wants to eat black break mold; really it is about a much better tasting anti-viral: chicken soup! ) https://thelostherbs.com/how-to-make-penicillin-soup/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=TLH

And btw, completely off topic, look here: someone wants to sell you anti-EMF cloth. I don’t know that this would work in furniture and I am pretty sure that 2 pieces won’t protect your car. A Faraday cage has to go around an object entirely. I bring it up, however,because the assumption is that you know that too much emf can harm you. Wow, was I ever punished by unsubscribes 15 years ago when I mention emf poisoning at my radio show. LOL Anyway, for your research: https://www.askaprepper.com/better-than-a-faraday-cage/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=AAP


Please consider that we can celebrate the God of the Universe coming down to us, to help us, to lead us, to save us. That is very much worth celebrating. Take some time to rest. Take some time to celebrate. Enjoy the glitter. Be kind to your family. Try to be the thermometer; speak kind words; overlook the less desirable behavior. Be blessed. When regrets around shortcomings arise, substitute the gratefulness for the blessings.  I bless  you in the Name of Jesus, Yashua HaMessiach; may you delight like a child in the beauty and even the kitsch; may you be able to savor some of the holiday with loved ones;  may you connect with the Great God and Savior.

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