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Vaccine Safety

Today, posted on Twitter, was the claim that all the covid jabs were tested on animals and thus safe; that the stories that animal trials were halted was a conspiracy theory started on social media. Actually, the first time I heard that the animals trials were halted because too many animals were dying was from my MD, who had just the second before told me that he had really spent some time studying the mRNA. I think we all know they weren’t not safety tested; that is why the government cleared them, in face of what seemed a disastrous possible pandemic, as emergency use. If they had been safety tested, they would have been cleared as such.

Since then, we have seen a lot of humans die, both directly within 48 hours even if under-reported and many die from “other causes” — 40% according to the first reported actuaries.

I was flabberghasted at the bald face lie. I saw this only on Twitter; no where else.

But I did see this, on the same day:

Andrew Wakefield, world class researcher in internal medicine, decries the new attempt to put the covid antigens in with the combo MMR and chickenpox vaccine. Let him explain.

And please, no one put that he has been discredited. There were attempts; he was exonerated. BTW world-class means world class. He had papers co-authored with other illustrious researchers, published around the world, long before he risked himself to help parents who came to him with children having problems, autism, after being vaccinated. Yes, someone didn’t like his research after that.  Yes, and some people took to social media to say he hurt children. How does a researcher hurt children? I wondered if the gal I spoke to on Twitter back then was paid or just wildly stupid. Anyway, she didn’t have anything to say after I asked her that question.


Yes, and evidently, I am risking my podcast here and maybe other things to let you know. Use the sacrifice; don’t waste it.


Tell What is True by Using Math

This episode, on How to tell what is true, using math — and why it is a civic responsibility to do so — is a rerun.  First aired in June 2021. It is part of our pandemic packet. Would you like more on this? It is unimaginable to me that some people are still pushing the narrative… obviously fake narrative.

Would you go to a doctor who couldn’t pass Biology 101? Would you go to a doctor who had killed 40% of his patients? You would have known had this been posed toyou in 1800 in a little village. But now. Apparently, many do. Because they are mesmerized by TV reports.

Let’s do a little thinking. Let’s reason together, shall we? Teach your children.

Even the expert can be fooled. So, what I am saying is to learn and teach independent real thinking. BTW, it goes along with faith. No one smart, well-meaning urges blind faith. Jesus didn’t. Jesus healed people. God even said at one point: try me. (That was Malachi, btw.) Reasoning and faith go together. For now:  focusing on how to tell what is true.. by reasoning.

Soon, we will be talking once again about faith, healing, and miracles. We believe in them.


Doctor Says It is an Emergency : We need to protect our children from the covid vax

Based on a large Israeli study, covid does not cause myocarditis.

However, the covid vax does — hundreds of thousands of cases.

Kids are less likely to die from covid than from the flu. There are many readily available cures.   Not true that the vax prevents transmission or infection. Any time the data becomes inconvenient, they stop giving to us.. Says Canadian doctork, Francis Christian.

Without basis of science or ethics, children are now afraid that they can kill their grandparents.

Doctor urges not to use google or bing. Rather, use European search engines.  or credible websites such as frontlinedoctors.

it is a therapy not a vaccine, based on original definitions. “Corrupt. Criminal.” All cause mortality is increased in the vaccinated. The shots on infants is a scandal in itself. Do no harm would clearly indicated that the shots should be stopped, especially for children.


The lawyer points out that censorship itself is a red flag; misinformation is reduced by discourse. Why then, repression of professional opinion?

Thge government promised that the vax would prevent vaccination and any one who questioned this was a conspiracy theory. Now, even the manufacturers say that it does not. Now the government says everyone must get a jab every 9 months.

Punitive damages will be sought against the Canadian governments. The courts will allow information from a variety of scientists and doctors and professors.

How is it possible that people are still willing to have themselves vaxxed? Well, says the doctor, we have a medical emergency; we must protect our children.

Of course, it is happening in the US, as well!  Dr. Mary Bowden is suing Methodist Hospital for $45 million because they pushed the covid “vax.” She could see that patients who were “vaxxed” were more likely to have covid. (Which of course stands to reason once you understand what the “vax” does.)

Doctor Fights Back! Sues Vax Pushing Hospital For $25 Million [VIDEO]

Expect more lawsuits, when families discover so many of their loved ones have died from the “vax.”  Then, expect that the medical industry, doctors, big pharma and legacy media will further lose standing since they so egregiously broke trust. And politicians also.

What is a child’s life worth? A life disabled by a vax? Knowingly. I know that the pharma companies have tried to shield themselves from legal liability. Let’s see what the courts say. Let’s see what the court of public opinion says, once it is actually informed. Eventually, we will also see what God says.