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MnRNA “gene therapy” Admitted to be Anti-Fertility

Project Veritas sends spys and gets bad guys or political opponents to “spill the beans” on tape. This is the head of Pfizer R&D admitting that the jab gives menstrual problems. He says he hopes the affects don’t stay in the system, but that is disingenous because mNRNA has to stay in the system: because RNA is part of DNA.  This jab is killing lots of people. Further, it meant to not permit babies to be born.

I saw this post on social media, but with a headline that was misleading. Check this out thoroughly yourself. Here the tape. It is out there.  If you don’t trust Lifesite, then go to Project Veritas. Check it out. Consider.

My neighbor knew this early on. Certainly by Thanksgiving 2021. My guess is maybe she knew it from the Alex Jones Infowars. Most of us just assumed it, based on knowing about the Mark of the Beast in The Revelation (last book in the Bible.)  The first doctor I questioned, March 2020, told me, with real concern and emphasis that the mNRNA vax was very dangerous and to take it under no circumstances.  He said that animal trials were stopped because they were so dangerous it was considered wrong to continue research on animals. He said this to me in early March 2020, before the shut down. And yet, still people are discovering this?

I curate info for you. I do this are great peril to myself and this ‘cast. Since I put this stuff up, my numbers have gone down. Just like the other ministries and newscasters say they get throttled. I don’t think there are “community standards” to be manipulated on my basic podcast or server — but I do know that the technocrats have biases. Please help get the word out.

You, know I heard someone quoted as saying, “Why didn’t the unvaxxed tell us?”  Quoted with exasperation. We did. We were blocked, ridiculed, threatened — and still are. Find out the truth!

I have posted here curated news. I have posted series on how to tell what is true. I can make more courses. Do the work of finding out what is true. Do the work of protecting your children. Do the work of supporting those who support you.


Curated news on vax, death, stats, context

None other than Malone explains to you the dangers  (1:15:38) : 

Dr. Naomi Wolfe explains the dangers

Dr. Naomi Wolfe relays : 4,070% increase in miscarriages

Dr. McCullough, whom we all love very much for his willingness to help people in the plague, disregarding his own safety :

Another reputable doctor explains to you the stats on damage from  the vax  (53:15):

Dr. Kulldorf not surprised about being censored

Denial of dangers and damage is dangerous


More on Spike proteins :

I deduce from this that it is dangerous to be around people who have been vaxxed and are therefore shedding.

Reputable report of nano-tech in food, but unlabeled

Remember when our leaders said they admired China’s covid measures? The propaganda is breaking down even in China. This is the most reputable source on China, because it is from Chinese publisher with Chinese sources.

Is Big Pharma deliberately making your sick? It goes way beyond the jab.

The Final War Documentary

Please let me know if you prefer the more readable method in which you don’t see the link info OR the more informative method, where you see where the info came from.

Minor Teach-in

Canadian attorney unpacks the UK history of covid injection history.

We need to know what science is. We need to know what the facts are. We need to make prudent decisions.

The best method of overcoming learning disabilities or any such problems is avoid them. Death or not being born is the worst of all.