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Design of the covid “v$xx”

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Brain Damage Alledged Intended

From the UK, analysis of results, both health and political, of the “jabs.”

The Covid Jabs Have Created Millions of Zombies

For a single pithy comment, at the end of an erudite talk, check out Tennessee Stands, this week, with Catherine Austin Fitts. She understands the money system. She tells us, in the end of the interview, in clear language where it is going. When you hear it from her, you will know whether it is true. And fortunately too, she tells you some practical things to do. Listen to the end. Yes, the” j*bs”  and the centralized digital currency are connected — just as some of you suspected  — but like me, just couldn’t believe.

Horrific, Catastrophic…. Unequivocal Data

Dr. Asseem Malhotra, expert in evidence=based medicine, widely published, and consultant on cardiac medicine

interviewed by Viva Frei’s David Frei

says we have unequivocal evidence that the xyz mandates caused…. what is not being published.

Where did the CDC’s spokesperson’s public info come from? Check this out.

“10%…. up to 4 months and beyond…to heart, brain, kidney — not good”

if you had any questions, listen.

Unequivocal evidence of harm. Double blind controlled study: more likely to die from xyz than be hospitalized for the ancestral wuhan strain which was strongest.

“From autopsies, I see that after several months after the xyz comes the heart attack death.”

If you have people who are still saying “you reduce your likelihood of getting very sick”  — well, they deserved to be kicked and gagged  but instead — send them to this video where the Doctor answers with numbers, granularly. That means “in detail.”