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Okay folks, the problems are bad enough that it is time — well not to worry — but to act. Act now. Given the problems, and given the pervasiveness of the problems, you need to be educating your children at home. Three safety issues are each grave: sexual depredation, gun violence, and cognitive restructuring substituted for learning. After briefly pointing out the problems, I tell you how to go about solving by educating at home. Don’t go off, do things incorrectly or in the wrong order and get into trouble. I give you a short, practical list of what to do, in order. You can. You must.


No matter how many smiley faces in send in lunchboxes, or how many texts you send of “I love you” … if you let your child be sexually groomed for depredation, shot in a situation where it will predictably happen, or manipulated through deceptive language and marxist pedagogy in a way that ensure that he or she will never be able to think for themselves or have the skills to have a successful life… if you do this… she or he  will eventually figure out that you care more about convenience and money than you did about him or her.


James Lindsay’s Marxification of Education  T

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Introducing The Marxification of Education

James Lindsay: The Marxification of education

Marxification of Education – Dr. James Lindsay


Kevin Kookogey’s  An Apology for Liberty


Sarles Learn at Home for Great Shalom    in paperback or ebook format

Dr. Marlene MacMillan speaks on the Dialectic Process — or how language is used deceptively throughout society to bring bondage

Look for her book, Mountains of Deceit.



Minor Teach-in

Canadian attorney unpacks the UK history of covid injection history.

We need to know what science is. We need to know what the facts are. We need to make prudent decisions.

The best method of overcoming learning disabilities or any such problems is avoid them. Death or not being born is the worst of all.

Actual Science Related to Covid Prevention

I am SO perplexed when I hear people confidently teaching others the most stupid things. Standing in a line at a senior citizen center in Fall 2022, someone is telling people they should get vaxxed for covid. WHAT? Can you not see that the people saying this are barely alive? Have you not seen science and obvious fact widely known disprove this?

Here are a couple of more recent reports:

Neither N95 masks nor universal vaxxing stops covid.

Obvious investment tip: SCI — the biggest funeral home owner in the US. Notice its earnings over the past 2 quarters. Mega church pastors, if you didn’t tell you people to avoid the clot shot, then hire someone else to do funerals in your church.

Everyone else: learn what science is and how to tell when someone is lying to you. Now, I am not posting covid related stuff anymore, and haven’t for a long time because I figured that anyone who wanted to know, knew. But I see people with grossly dirty masks on, sitting behind registers at Wal-Mart. I pity kids like this. I see old people hardly able to drag themselves into a place, STILL urging people to vax. These are people who are not capable of surfing the net and depend upon television.  Every one around can see that they are dying.

People still say, “Well I know someone who died of covid.” I am beginning to wonder. Did they die of covid or of inappropriate hospital protocols. Never heard of anyone dying of covid outside of a hospital. But I can see numbers. I saw the numbers from the Diamond Princess. I saw definitions change. Get a grip.