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Doctor Speaks Plainly about Bioweapon

Just relaying the words of a courageous person who has more expertise on this topic than I do. A medical doctor, familiar with the international situation speaks clearly about a/the bioweapon.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: Criminal mRNA Injections And How They Kill

I understand that there are people who are still confused. People who have never been online or who have been restricted from getting real news. Appallingly, some people are still restricted from movement. But more worrying are people who have the intelligence, experience, and teaching who intentionally have made themselves ignorant of the situation.

But, I do have a report that a developed nation with many friend in it, friends who have dropped communication either because of fear or pride, who find themselves in a sea of anger because the population is belatedly finding themselves lied to.People are dying all around them and they have no official story about why.

Well, truth will out. It can not be hidden forever and always to all. Anyway, this doctor speaks clearly.  It is a bioweapon.

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Woman in Plano Texas narrowly escapes a planned death. She gives her story step by step. She was not dying when she went in. She asked for normal treatments and was denied. She wasn’t allowed to see her family The law was violated. She wasn’t able to change doctors. He, they, all of them colluded to insure her death. She escaped.

I personally know a family who had this happen to them — the hospital killed a man– last year, in another state.  He went in for something else. He was given a PCR test. He had no symptons. At any time. He was given covid protocols. Including no water and a ventilator. He died because of them. the hospital refused to honor the medical power of attorney. The hospital killed him. The family could do nothing. The community took the complaint to their state legislature, who made sure not to hear the doctors who were flown in to testify about it. Representative there get large payoffs from hospitals.

Appalled that this happened in Texas in 2022! Please inform yourself and get active in politics. It might be your last opportunity to act. Or even to hear news about this pattern.



Do children need the covid vax? What does Fauci say?

See start at about minute 8 — takes about 1 minutes.

do children need a covid vaccine? What does Fauci say? What did he say?

Is the risk more from covid or from the “vaccine”?

Check what these doctors say.?

How does the death rate from covid compare with the death rate from the flu?

What is the best immunity to a virus or similar disease?

How many of the checks on how to tell what is true, do you hear violated here?