Great News! We Have Turned the Corner!

Given that this broadcast is focused on overcoming learning problems, and those often are rooted in lack of health, and given that I have mothers listening to care about their families’ health, and given that initially there was little to no good information being published, I felt it was my duty to curate info on the jabs. Finally, things have changed. The guilty, the collaborators, and the timid are now known. The criminals continue to attack, but as the saying goes, “the Truth will Out.”

Certainly, I have received an avalanche of negative rewards al my life, precisely for doing the right things, almost always for failing to deny the Truth. So, even though clearly this ‘cast has been shadow banned, nevertheless, I continued to curate, once I broke silence.

It would be helpful if you, my listeners, would encourage truth tellers. It would help if you amplified those. First, be sure you know where the truth is coming from. There are a few, still, who are confused. And it matters. It matters alot.

Estimate is that 17 million have been murdered by this jab. Many lost their livelihoods. It is not clear to me that any one lost their lives from covid, rather than from hospital protocols.

In this last round, it was the jab that was the more serious bioweapon. Do not assume that to be true next time. Take precautions. Be the health expert and the health prepper for your family.

At this point, I think maybe it is time for GSB:OLP to focus more on its central mission. It is time now that if you want to, you can find out info on your own on the topic of covid/jab/mandates. They were never rooted on science. They were never lawful. You were lied to, with the aim of if not killing you and your children, then at least sterilizing. There are claims that the shedding is not only viral but also nano-technology. So, yes, this could be the Mark of the Beast or a pre-cursor to it. You have to make your own mind up about that.

In any case, while it is today, there is time for repentance. God does do healing miracles. Seek God.


Finally! Someone in Canada is calling out the lawlessness. We saw in Jan/Feb 2021 that the federal executive was entirely lawless and corrupt and more tyrannous than some Eastern European governments from which many now Canadians had fled.  Let’s now see if the Canadian Court System is honest and law abiding and just.

Although, they have a way to go:


Here in the USA, the military is being called to account. New Year’s Day saw the publication of the Declaration of Accountability, signed by 231 officers, calling on others to remember their oath, and naming treasonous flag and general officers. That letter, styled on the Declaration of Independence (but not calling for separation but instead for lawful engagement) has since been signed on to by 18,000 service personell and veterans. It took a few days for this to be reported on, of course only by the independent/MAGA media. Here are some examples, with various levels of explanations, from which, you can find more:


And then, for those who want to deep dive:

I am rejoicing in the efforts, but follow closely, notice we are in dire straits. Take care of your children first. And pray like hell is descending upon you, because it is — still. Do NOT retreat into your eschatalogical hopes. Of course, God wins in the end. When that end comes, and you are judged, and your works are judged, will you be “wicked servant, you did nothing”?

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