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The Largest Health Scandal in the History of our Nation

Because the bulk of my listenership are mothers and educators that care about the health of children, I have done what I could to curate info on the “c*v*-19/jab/bioweapon” conflict.


Robert Barnes, counsel for the Plaintiff, explains some major points about the case of Children’s Health Defense Fund against the FDA. “standing,” discovery, how many deaths and adverse events are there and how do we know?

Highlights of his comments:

  • Redefinition of “vaccine” was illegal labeling because it led people to believe that the jab was an inoculation or immunization, which it was not, Pfizer admitted they hardly tested for that.
  • Standing was invented by the Supreme Court some years ago, against the Right to Plea to the Government for Redress, the number one reason for this Nation separating from Great Britain
  • Probably 17 million deaths from the jab
  • extremely high disability
  • Yes, Nuremburg Code might apply but discussion of this means that we have judicial hostility
  • Whether or not the judiciary does their job, the court of public opinion has reached the point that million of lives of children will be saved

Barnes’ comments on Rumble

EPOCH TIMES reports  https://www.theepochtimes.com/health/fda-launches-fresh-bid-to-toss-out-high-profile-ivermectin-case-5566009?utm_source=Goodevening&src_src=Goodevening&utm_campaign=gv-01-15-2024&src_cmp=gv-01-15-2024&utm_medium=email&est=3Vw%2Fl%2B8B0pK2%2Fo9xgo2TBMnZltVmoY4isP5LNNACMk3KLUa9F4ZIVjgvqQfvaBbCuNM%3D


Obviously, there would be another side, but a) they haven’t posted their pleadings that I know of and b) there seems to be some lack of truthfulness and straitghtforwardness about that side, and c) that side seems to be in control of the conventional media. Thus, I feel it would not be necessary or useful to try to hunt it down. If you have info to this level of quality, you may post.

Show cause as to why Nuremburg Code might apply


posting decisions from Amarillo  Maybe available only to members of Locals: https://media3.locals.com/content/documents/2024-01-14/47656/47656_170525650865a4263cd5e35.pdf?signToken=st=1705277813~exp=3410728426~acl=/content/documents/2024-01-14/47656/47656_170525650865a4263cd5e35.pdf*~hmac=c6e96164dcab9ad2e44e6ee5cb5d27e442ac327aeaa77fa4425ba59c05b87213

Posting plea from Brooke Jackson v Pfizer


Whether or not the judiciary does their jobe, the court of public opinion has reached the point that maillion of lives of children will be saved.