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Things to Watch for If Your Child Got the Jab — and other articles

Australian Researchers Call for Pause on Gene-Based COVID-19 Vaccines Amid Spike in Excess Deaths – reported in Epoch Times

COVID-19 Vaccines Can Potentially Worsen Cancer: Review – Epoch Times headline — ah, we knew last year that the jab caused a more than 300% spike in deaths from cancer alone

4th Vaccine Dose Showed Negative Relative Vaccine Efficacy Against COVID Death: Stud translated: if you get a 4th dose, you are more likely to get covid, not less

Give the Gift of Water – For Learning and for Life

Today, a long awaited discussion of water filtration. Why hydration is important. Why Americans tend to be somewhat dehydrated (and that goes especially for the dry areas and cities). Possible attacks on municipal water supplies and certain pollution. The possible benefits of alkaline water.

Do check on your mineral level, depending upon your method of water filtration.

Some solutions for water filtration: from very inexpensive to my fave deluxe. For that, click thru to the GSB4Gran tab and it is right there.

For the 12 month process for helping a child with learning problems (cheapest way I can get help to you beside these free episodes) go to the SHOP tab and it is right there. Yes, it might be better than an expensive professional who will sell you what they sell. At any rate, it is a good plan to do what you can, as mom. Check it out.

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When People Lie, People Die – curated comments, news


Worship Service from Pastor Artur Pawlowski “When People Lie, People Die: Be Careful Who You Listen to.

I have been curating this info. For you. Because it matters for your children. Yet, it is clear that even at this late date, I risk by economic future, likely my health, and possibly my life to be doing it. I would like to hear from you that you value it. Email me. Do you care? Is this valuable? info @

Brigadier General introduces this video “our biggest challenge since WWII”

Europeans preparing the next one


Very clear if “causal”‘ not “correlated”  : 17 millions deaths — so far

Disturbing V^xxn move reported

US: Not a booster. If you got stuff before, no value.

Canada: New c0v(d shot is NOT a booster:

Lancet says mRNA found in breast milk, European authorities. NY says it is about improving for next time. Europeans find it in the brain. Other research say exosomes circulating at least 4 months afterwards.


Remember Michele Bachmann calling Rick Perry out on this? India had already banned the shot after 6 girls had died.

Study shows unsettling results in children that were v’d. (Even tho very unlikely they would have ever been harmed by “c.”

Did you realize that c-sections are often elective? For the benefit of the doctor’s pocketbook at the risk of future children?

Undeniable severe injuries after HPV

Proven Cures that Were Taboo

Doctors Talk about Cancer Uptick

Life stories after rolling up their sleeves – full-length documentary

US Marine speaks out after being denied religious exemption — and imprisoned!



Exercise may be most important against Covid-19

Even the pro-vaccine doctors are calling authorities into question. Canada

Odessa, Texas bans masks & mandates.9/13/2023

California passed a law against doctors sharing info contrary to the current politics, but recently quietly repealed it.


In January 1841, the Supreme Court ruled that “it was the ultimate right of all human beings in extreme cases to resist oppression and to apply force against ruinous injustice.”

Controversy about origins in US House

Remember that scientists in France and India independently put out a statement in Spring 2020 that covid could not have been natural; that it had to be mand-made. However, also consider that reality is not necessarily 2D. Since it has not been replicated in a lab, other possibilities exist beyond the mere wet maket v. W. lab. OF these 2, the lab leak is more credible, especially since Fall 2023 has exposed CIA writing that it was bat virus in the wetmarket. Stew Peter has passed along Dr. Ardis’ conclusion that it is a concoction of snake venom in water. It could be both and neither. We do know that someone is lying and that we have man-made origins. We know that some pharm companies made a great deal of money because “no alternatives” were *recognized* or better *permitted.*  We also know that some very powerful people wish to see de-population.

I don’t intend to sort everything out here. I only hope to curate enough info that families can protect their children and elders.