More Curated Cxvxd V$XX news : Scientists and Doctors Analyze the Recent Past

Sixth Circuit Permits States to Ban Cross Sex Surgeries for Children

What?!?! Leprosy as an Adverse Reaction to the mRNA v$xx? !!! Study from the UK

Dr. Malone on mismatched batches;”Breakthrough Infections”

Megan Kelley on V$xx Regret

Dr. Peter McCollough – Lack of Safety Data; and Preventative Method used successful in Bangladesh
what do the VAERs data mean?
good news: ivermectin, hydroxychloriquine, iodine

Dr. Harvey Risch – Professor of medicine – suppressed cures

the politicization of medicine
natural immunity is how we are going to get out of this
a widespread manufactured pandemic of fear and very few was at risk for the disease

China’s suppression of truth and outright deception this time

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