Too much emf

French regulators ask Apple to fix their iPhone 12 because it emits too much radiation.

This is the first time I have seen this issue in a major media source. But we reported it here in 2009. At that time there was no episode for which I was more punished. Lots of people dropped their subscription. They were fools.

We have always known that there was some limit to how much radiation a person could healthfully take. Men in the military who were radio operators, even in wartime, had “duty cycles” means only so many hours they could serve on the radio.

Of course, how much is too much is controversial. And perhaps personal. Some people can feel an electrical appliance just a few feet away. Others, don’t even understand this assertion. Purveyors of course think the worry is insignificant. Until they are asked about it and then they may lie. It is incontrovertible that in Europe most countries ban cell phone towers within 2 or 3 miles of homes. Not so in the US.

When I asked about the cellphone towers yards from my house, lots of folks wanted to lie. The city lied to me. The phone company disclaimed ownership. A retired NASA engineer checked out my hours, wrote a report (including who owned the towers) and suggested I move. Since I had just bought the house and didn’t want to move, I looked for other options. I found that I had a friend who had a new siding for sale that by the way cut down emf. I could have bought special paint. I added certain emf reducing curtains.

Maybe I should get an affiliate link to some purveyors of products that lessen emf. At the very least, I should not be punished with lower subscriptions. Here are some tips:

Don’t wear your cell phone on your body.

Put it in a emf reducing case.

Don’t sleep with your phone next to you.

Don’t put your router next to your desk.

Turn your router off at night (this can happen automatically and it can automatically turn on again when a device asks for the internet.)

If you are sick and you don’t know why, try going for a vacation where there is little or no electronics and electricity and see if you feel better. If so, and if you can’t move to a place like that, there are clothing and construction and computer shielding materials to buy.

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