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Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled — Blessed Passover/Resurrection Sunday

Wow, can we get a slow news day? What a turmoil! Jesus knew. Jesus told us. And His words prevail: “Let not your heart be troubled. Believe in God. Believe also in me.”

This year the celebrations of Passover, Resurrection Sunday, and Ramadan come together. This year, so much is happening and so much is being revealed. It is hard not to be troubled. It is imperative not to be complacent. How do we go forward? According to the Word of the Lord, we net our hearts not be troubled by believing in Him, by looking to Him, by repeating his Word.

In this episode, I go thru a number of Scriptures, touch on the times, and bring it back to 4 simple things to do to keep a peaceful, victorious life. No question. It will change your life. It will enrich the life and learning capacity of your child.

Please communicate with me. We discovered a huge batch of emails went to z-space. Apologies. I do want to hear from you.

Podcasts Available Now: We Are on Virtual Air Again

The long anticipated day has arrived. YAY! GSB will now be available in podcast format. As always, whenever I start “broadcasting” on a “new channel” I start with the testimony of my grandson’s healing. So that episode will be posted here. I will in addition put several other popular episodes on our host site, Blubrry.

Then we will continue with the weekly episode pattern, posting in time for the weekend. (Normally I upload on Thursday, but the idea is to be in time for the Friday/Saturday high useage time for social media. Originally GSB aired on Sunday morning on the Christian Teaching and Talk FM station in Austin. This is what originally set the pattern.)

So delighted to be able to reach out again. Please alert all interested parties. Remember, GSB originally aimed at encouraging parents and educators to have faith for their children’s academic success. We have branched out a bit from that. Let me know if there is more interest in The GSB 4 Grandparents. We may be able to podcast that line too.

May the Lord bless you. PLEASE SHARE!!! Tell people who need to know about this cast. Thanks very much.

How Important is Your Work? Opposition Demonstrates Importance [Encouragin]

Below is the latest post from the Christian Montessori Group. I found it so encouraging, that I thought I would share it with you. --Sharon

While the privilege of working in Christian Montessori brings reward more
than we imagined, it also brings challenges more than we bargained for.
When you embark on the ministry of Montessori (everything is a ministry if
you are doing it for God) you enter into a spiritual realm and a spiritual
arena. In this arena are competing philosophies, dimensions and realities.
When you seek to do God’s work there are antagonistic forces lined up
against you. Without being melodramatic (but real) there is an enemy of our
souls and of the precious lives that we are seeking to nurture. When things
go wrong (and they do); when days go bad (and they do); when things are
harder than they need to be – there is opposition to the eternal work
that flows out of a Christian Montessori environment.

Are you that important? Is your work that important that you merit
opposition and resistance to the spiritual labor that you are performing?
To the degree of opposition is the degree of importance. God looks at these
precious children (some days only He can see their preciousness) knowing
their eternal value and He trusts us to help them along the way. The world
really puts little value on children – they don’t vote, bring home
paychecks, cure cancer or build monuments, yet, there is something so
precious about them and their faith that God bends His ear to hear their
prayers, to instruct their angels to guard them and to put us in their life
for the brief time He allows us to help guide, protect, instruct, train and
nurture them.

If there are extreme challenges and difficulties in the ministry it is
because we are fighting a great battle in the heavenlies for the lives and
souls of these children. It may be more than we bargained for but it is an
eternal bargain for which God has every confidence in us. The greater the
battle - the greater the victory. The greater the opposition – the
greater the importance. It may be more than we bargained for but a small
price to pay “to bring many to glory.” Heb. 2:10

No time to quit praying

With a close election, some are bound to be disappointed. Please change your view. Did you pray? Did you pray in faith? Then thank God. And speak faith. And trust God. That means there is no place for disappointment.

Take it from me, arguing with God does not help. God “sees around corners” better than you do. So keep praying. Keep thanking God. Keep speaking positively.

Your child’s help is not ultimately dependent upon government policies. Sure, we participate. We try to help our society through participation in policy making. But for our help, we look to God. God is the source of miracles. God is the source of all things. Utlimately, then, it is God who is our help.

Be encouraged.

We will run a message on encouraing oneself this sunday on www.wofr.org. Apolgoies that we have not been able to keep up either the player or the podcasting. We have had large technical and managerial challenges.

Please let us know if you appreciate what we are doing. Please remember Galatians 6:6 “Anyone who received instruction in the Word must hare all good things with his instructor.” NIV I repent and apologize if I have not kept this before you. This is how it works. It is not me that says is, but that Creator, miracle working God. It is no good to argue or hope for something else. God plans for a flow — a circulation. Please pray about your part in this.