No time to quit praying

With a close election, some are bound to be disappointed. Please change your view. Did you pray? Did you pray in faith? Then thank God. And speak faith. And trust God. That means there is no place for disappointment.

Take it from me, arguing with God does not help. God “sees around corners” better than you do. So keep praying. Keep thanking God. Keep speaking positively.

Your child’s help is not ultimately dependent upon government policies. Sure, we participate. We try to help our society through participation in policy making. But for our help, we look to God. God is the source of miracles. God is the source of all things. Utlimately, then, it is God who is our help.

Be encouraged.

We will run a message on encouraing oneself this sunday on Apolgoies that we have not been able to keep up either the player or the podcasting. We have had large technical and managerial challenges.

Please let us know if you appreciate what we are doing. Please remember Galatians 6:6 “Anyone who received instruction in the Word must hare all good things with his instructor.” NIV I repent and apologize if I have not kept this before you. This is how it works. It is not me that says is, but that Creator, miracle working God. It is no good to argue or hope for something else. God plans for a flow — a circulation. Please pray about your part in this.

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